Made it to Hell!

Though I think I probably already passed the hardest hump in Wanikani - that is to say, when you start getting a bunch of burn reviews in addition to all the other reviews. That happened for me around level 26 or 27, though; I went down to about a month a level. Now, though, I’m at about 9 to 11 days per level.

I feel like it’s going to be pretty much this level of review burden until I finish. Am I right?


I was wrong. It got much, much worse. Haha…


I hope you make it out alive!


What? But I already hate my life!

Just read the posts from those that make it to 60…that will help! Honestly…


I’m looking at this in school and someone looked over my shoulder at the title. Out of context I guess it sounds pretty weird …

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I’ve been stuck in Hell for almost a year OTL


same but I’ve stopped caring if they see lol

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Omg! xD

I’m not that different. Just spent like two months on level 33. :expressionless: I don’t think it’s lack of motivation or anything life just got kind of cray for a while.

Welcome op! Let’s see if we’ll ever make it out of here.

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