Theres no tolerance for near-miss like this?

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This inconsistency is getting really annoying to me, especially when i can answer either “climb” or “to climb” for 上る
but “rise” not “to rise” for 上がる is somehow not accepted, and if the system determine you wrong then your level is automatically down.

I’m planning to subcribe after the 3 level but this is getting on my nerves, it also making my progress slower than it should.

All verbs are expected to be given in an infinitive form as the answer. So if you see a dictionary form verb as the question, always give an infinitive form. The fact that some are accepted without “to” likely just comes down to being right on the edge of the fuzzy match/typo tolerance.


Always giving an infinitive form is good solution and you will get used to it. But if you don’t want to, there are still 2 other ways to fix that by yourself:

  1. Use Wanikani Override userscript ([Userscript] Wanikani Override ("ignore answer button"))
  2. Add your own synonyms

Really? That shouldn’t be the case.


i see, thank you

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