Verb matching is rigid and annoying

When reviewing the meaning of verbs, we are always supposed to include the “to” otherwise it’s considered wrong. What’s the point that “to compete” is correct while “compete” is wrong? I clearly do know the meaning by answering “compete”.

Is it possible that the answer matching can be more tolerant for verbs by not demanding the “to”? So far I’m just adding my answer as alias every time and it’s getting annoying. Thanks.

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There are some verbs that also have a noun or adjective counterpart.

Correct - to correct
Study - to study
Live - to live

I can see something like 見る accepting just “see”, but then they’d have to choose which verbs accept it and which don’t.

It sounds like a lot of work to add every word as a synonym instead of just writing “to” every time you have to review a verb, but maybe that’s just me.


What Kazzeon said. Some verbs can be nouns, so accepting them without “to” would, technically, be wrong. “Correct” is not the same as “to correct,” even in the context of talking about it as a verb. Secondly, unless you type really slow, I don’t understand why adding “to” before a verb is annoying for you- it takes a second to type (if you’re worried about speed), it makes the meaning of the vocabulary clear, and it’s only two letters long.


I’m surprised the typo forgiveness didn’t allow it to pass since "to " (with a space) is only 3 letters.


They probably have the noun versions blacklisted. Although I don’t think that’s consistent for all verbs.

True, though the OP mentioned “compete”, which wouldn’t be a noun-overlap situation. Maybe that wasn’t a real example of where it was rejected.


It was a real example for me.

Edit: well technically “compete” wasn’t considered wrong, though it didn’t take that answer either, instead it prompted something like “did you missing the ‘to’ for verb” and asked me to re-submit.

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True for physical keyboard, but I’m mostly doing these on my phone via ios swipe typing. The thing with swipe typing is the shorter the word (and the less the context), the fuzzier the result, so typing “to” is something I really would like to avoid.

So after all it seems just my personal issue, and I get it if it’s decided that accuracy is considered more important than that half second of time saved in this case. Guess I will just keep adding alias lol.


EDIT: Oh, I just read in your replies that your answer did not actually get marked wrong and you did get the shake animation. In that case you can ignore my post.

Old post

This feature was added over a year ago:

I have tested it just now and it seems to work for me:

However, I also came across a case where it didn’t work: when I answered “be stormy” for 荒れる it was accepted with the message that my answer was a bit off.

It seems that there are still some bugs in this feature.


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