The WaniKani Review Conundrum

So, the reason I started this topic is basically to blow of WK Review steam, but also to gain tips for other people.

You know the feeling of hitting the ball out of the park on each review one day, but the other day you can’t seem to get even one answer right? How do you deal with this. Just shrug your shoulders and move on, make use of the override script, throw your PC/Laptop or tablet out of the window out of frustration?

Personally, I just go on and hope my review pile doesn’t get any worse. Though I some occasions I review the troublesome kanji/vocab word an extra time. Reviews can be so frustrating at times.


Sure, everyone’s been through this. Your physical and mental conditions don’t stay the same. Sometimes you’re tired, sometimes you’re fresh. Other times you’re drunk, and other times you’re sober. When you’re fresh, you’re able to concentrate and recollect things better.


Really depends on just how bad it is. Sometimes I’ll just push through and others I’ll walk away and do it later.

Really no use getting stressed about it, that’ll just make your performance even worse and set yourself up for failure the next time you attempt.

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Never done drunk reviews though. Perhaps I should give it a try. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Same thing happens with using Japanese IRL as well. Nothing you can do but push on, and remember that the more mistakes you make, the more you’re learning.

There should be a userscript that simulates the experience of doing WK reviews while doing various legal and illegal substances…



you can look at Wanikani Self Study Plus. Just add custom kanji to it and do your reviews in any state.
For complete WK feeling combine reviews with WK reviews.

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Being humble and asking others for tips will get you far!

The way I see it, the more successful you feel, the more hardcore learning method you should be using. If you’re super burned out and you need an easy win, do some memrise reviews (or some other such instantly gratifying but vaguely educational path).

Set yourself up to win.

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Whenever I have a particularly bad review I just think to myself, “Oh well, better that I mess these up now and wait another couple weeks instead of waiting a month, screwing it up, and having to wait another month.” That’s worked so far. Master → Guru 1 sucks though and I haven’t gotten the opportunity to mess up Enlightened → Guru 2 yet, but I imagine I’ll hate myself for screwing those up when they eventually come around.

But I also try to remind myself that if I override something that wasn’t a typo, I’m really only cheating myself. Sure your stats are visible to others here, but since the culture here isn’t exactly one of showmanship, who cares?

I wonder if that’s from a Robbaz video.

I think I should stop doing reviews when extremely tired. Thinking back on it, it only puts extra work for me on the long run .-.

Then again, I get stressed knowing that my queue review is not empty.

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Pff, tell me about it. Last couple of weeks were horrible. If I got back from work, there were some 200+ reviews waiting. Lucky for me, everything is under control now and I sit at an easy 50-75 when returning from work. :slight_smile:

Yeah, after a terrible night’s sleep I did my batch of reviews… I still got 80% of them correct, but those 20% included several no brainers that should have been easy and a couple of leeches I’ve been working on.

Still, it always seems like I’m getting more wrong than I actually am. As frustrating as it is, sessions like these I really am making progress.

But there are some times when I’m clearly doing more damage than I am making progress. If I get like, 5 wrong in a row, I usually just say it’s better to come back later, when I’m less tired

I find it helps to remind myself that I am learning hundred of kanji and vocab, at a much more advanced pace than I thought possible. What’s a few setbacks to that? As bad as they feel in the short term, in the long term these snags are nothing. Helps me keep motivated :smiley:

Every time I get something wrong that I should’ve gotten right, it makes the average difficulty of my future reviews easier. It’s not so bad when I think about it that way.

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