The Ultimate Feature Request?

Can you imagine if you would be able to input your own mnemonics for the radicals??

That would be wild.


What is it you want to do that you can’t do now? There is a notes section on radical pages.

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I had no idea about this. If you use the notes, do your mnemonics also come up in the kanji?

Writing your own mnemonic for a radical wouldn’t necessarily be about changing the name of the radical.

You can always answer with your own names, and use those names in your handwritten notes, but the website’s official things won’t ever reflect any of those changes directly.

You want to be able to change the name of a radical in a way that it actually changes the word used in the other places on the site?


Yes. Basically a user can choose to use the sites own mnemonic, or be encouraged to make their own. If they make their own, its available on the other places on the site.

However I wasn’t aware that I can write my own mnemonic and then have that as the correct answer…

I’m pretty sure there’s a user script that lets you create your own mnemonic and see what other people have created, although it may only be kanji. You can add extra words (dirt and soil are ones I’ve combined) but WaniKani will use the name of the radical that it was taught as.

I think it would be cool to change the name of some radicals. For example I havent burned beggar yet because I keep seeing it as a handicap sign. But then the stories created to help understand new kanji wouldn’t work as well

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yeah youre right…

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