Add Remebering the kanji radical names to wanikani?

Hey is their an automated way to make the radical names in wanikani match the radical names in Remembering the kanji or would I have to do this on my own. I scanned the api list and did not see this listed.

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There is no automated way to do this that I know of. Besides the Wanikani mnemonics depends on the radical names. If you change the radical names you break the mnemonics.


You’ll probably have to do it on your own. That aside, you’d probably have to come up with a lot of your own mnemonics too, because WK mnemonics are written using WK radical names. But I mean, writing your own mnemonics is probably going to help you remember kanji better, so it’s not necessarily a bad idea. It’s just a question of whether or not you want to use WK that way, and whether you feel like it’s worthwhile making that effort.


If you really want to go that way you can setup the radical names as a user synonym on the radical page and setup your own mnemonics as a note in the kanji pages. It is a lot of work but this way Wannikani can be used with the Remembering the Kanji radicals.


Cool thanks for the help.

Making own mnemonics is tedious enough at it is, blending in radicals in it and you’re simply masochistic. I’d either go with atleast wanikanis radicals or find another source all together.