Is there a way to change the name of radicals and Kanji?


I’m trying out Wanikani for the first time. English isn’t my first language. I can understand the names and name Mnemonics quite well, but remembering them this way takes an extra step of translation.
The name note option helps with that, since I can make my own mnemomic or just translate the given one for later use, but in the quiz i still have to answer with the english name.
Is there any way to change or translate the names of the radical/ Kanji?

On the left side, you can add synonyms - but only in review sessions, not lessons.

(There is a userscript that allows you to do it in lessons too.)


You can also find the add synonym button if you click into the individual items from the top menus on the dashboard (if you want to add a synonym before it comes up in a review session).

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Thank you! I’m trying that.