The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

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Ah crapperoni good point.

Do you mean this one, @Andyglue?

I have seen many people play Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, or even Professor Layton in Japanese. I’m currently playing Ni no Kuni in Japanese, which is also pretty effective.

Not anymore :slight_smile:


Oh! I forgot about that. I did actually see that conversation :sweat:

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Yes, that’s the George I mean. He has a series of about 90 videos on youtube. And also another series of 5 minute long vids where he explains grammar.



Does anyone uses books for speaking practice / Shadowing?
I’m using the 1st book of the series「Let’s speak Japanese! - 日本語を話そう!」and I really like it. It’s Beginner to Intermediate.
I’m not sure, which JLPT level is needed, it has a table with the old JLPT levels N4-N2, so maybe N5-N3(ish) - just in case it’s relevant for you.

I’m not used to the 2nd book, but I think it’s similar to the first one, except that the level is higher (Intermediate to Advanced).

While searching for the links I also found a 3rd book which is for interview dialogues for work, universitiy and part-time job. I don’t own this book, but I think it sounds pretty interesting.

All of the books come with CDs. You’ll listen to short dialogues and practice speaking right after the audio.
On the right page are the English, Chinese and Korean translations, in case you need one. There are also versions with Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese translations, they just have other colours.

These would fit well in the Speaking and Listening sections. Both the Speaking section and the Listening section could be combined and a Shadowing subsection could be added for resources like these.

I actually use this ones in the Japanese school I’m studing. They are a good resource for entonation and have a few other usefull expressions here and there. I wish in y school we use them in a different way. We are only repeatign the sentences and thats it. This book is very usefull if you draw you own pitch accent lines in the sentences.