The reviews for the next day... are bugged? Oo

So basically this:

Shouldn’t it say 28 reviews? O_O Since I’ll have 28 reviews in the next 24h. I mean, I literally have 24 available right now lol.

In case I’ve gone mad and these “next day reviews” are counting for the timeframe of 24-48h in the future:

I’m confused. Send help.


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Did it ever include the currently available reviews in that figure? I don’t think so


Ohh, that explains the number 4. But I think it did? :thinking: Because that’s effectively the reviews in the next day/24h. Just because they’re available, it doesn’t mean that I won’t need to get them done. I effectively have 28 reviews available in the next 24h, no matter if 24 are available now.

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I found this screenshot from 5th of April 2017 and you can see that it has not counted available reviews towards the next day figure

I think it makes sense to do it this way. You always know how many reviews you have available, and it’s more interesting to know how many more there will be, rather than the total you will (might) have to do in the next 24 hours


Ok, I thought about this… and I assumed it was always the way I was saying… but I was proven wrong xD Thanks for taking the time :v:

I still think that number is pretty useless, mainly with the timeline. Even without the timeline, I care about reviews today (before bed) and reviews tomorrow (after waking up). Not for the next 24h (aka half today half tomorrow).

Anyways, thanks for taking the time again. Moved this to feedback instead.


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