Monitor how many reviews you do each day

Does an app like this exist?

otherwise can it be done fairly easy? I’d like to see how consistent I am with my reviews considering some days I slack off and feel like I didn’t do any.

to be honest, the best thing to do is “always” do all your reviews. If you simply have too many to do them daily, hold back on lessons until you can do them all.

Personally i set myself a deadline where i want to have done all reviews, 22:45 to be more precise. After that i don’t do any more reviews until the next morning, but by 22:45 my review counter says 0. By doing this i can look at the “reviews in the next 24 hours” counter and i know how many reviews i will do the next day (not counting reviews which pop up more often than once in a single day).
Of course, when i’m not at home or have friends come over or something, then i can’t do that, hence the “”. But in these cases i’ll do all the reviews the next morning before i go to work (i got flexible work times fortunately so coming 30 minutes or an hour later than usual isn’t an issue).