The radical/kanji/vocabulary SRS progress wall

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It’s been a while since I’ve used Wanikani and the website’s layout has changed somewhat during my hiatus. As a result I can’t seem to find the sections of the website that colour-coded all the radicals, kanji and vocabulary that one has learnt so far (for all levels) by the SRS level they were on. There was grey for items not yet learnt, then pink for guru, and so on.
Would anyone know where this might be?

(The closest thing I could find were the pages that listed one’s progress level by level, rather than all the levels in one go)

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They removed them from the menus since they were resource intensive. They might add them back again if they find a more efficient way to present the items. Those pages are still accessible, however. I have a script which adds the links back into the menus, if you are interested.

Otherwise you can access them directly through these links





Hi Kumirei,
Thank you for the links! I didn’t realise that these pages were called lattices, hence the cumbersome title :sweat_smile:

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Welcome back, dude!


Thank you, that’s kind of you :smiley:

I am glad that I stumbled upon this thread. Thank you.


Hiya, welcome to the Wanikani community! The lattices are really useful for tracking your progress once you’ve learnt quite a number of things, though they would be even more useful once they’re accessible from the homepage again.

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Thank you for the welcome. I am already a fan of the lattices. The script that Kumirei posted was very easy to install. Thanks @Kumirei.