View all learned items?

I did a quick forum search but I didn’t see anything right away.

is there any function on Wanikani to see all of the items (even if just in thumbnail form) that you’ve covered so far? I’d like something more visual to track my accomplishments than just the numbers.

or is viewing the items again bad for SRS testing, and that’s why we just have numbers?

You can go to the top of the page where it says Radicals, Kanji, Vocabulary and see all items by level range, color coded for what stage they are for you. Or you can use .

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wkstats is more up to date for viewing all items.
(But the “Projections” page on v2 is not done yet, so stick with the original version for that particular information).

You can’t find it from the menu anymore, but by typing and you can find a nice visual overview on the items you’ve learned.


Nice I missed that overview

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