Progress lattices

The lattices have disappeared that showed radical, kanji and vocabulary progress. They were no longer linked and I had the pages bookmarked and checked progress occasionally but they have now vanished :frowning: Please bring them back - they were a really nice way to keep track of overall status of learning progress!


Yup, they removed the lattice pages a month or two ago. You can get essentially the same thing here:

Be sure to open the config and play with the settings.


Progress lattice? Why is this the first I’ve heard about this?

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My thoughts as well. I was thinking this was a post for a new script

When you clicked on the “Radicals”, “Kanji” and “Vocabulary” buttons on the dashboard, you used to get a page which displayed your progress as a lattice. These were un-linked from the dashboard, uh… a few years ago (?) because they put too heavy a load on the server, but they could still be accessed if you knew the URL. I’d thought they were trying to come up with a more efficient way of getting the data for the page, but apparentely not…


i never noticed but you’re right



should have taken some screenshots…

never heard of it.

Is it the table that shows % progress in different media? I always checked wkstats for that.

The pages used to look something like this:


You’d see all your items color coded to the current SRS level. The problem with the pages were that getting all that information for potentially thousands of items was an intense operation that heavily strained their servers, so they removed acces to it from the main page. They still kept the pages themselves, if you bookmarked the URLs previously you could still visit them, but it seems they removed it altogether now. Oh well, it is what it is.


In all my years of using WK, I never saw this page. Thanks for the screenshot though! Do you knew if they displayed in any particular order?

They would’ve been ordered by level if I remember correctly.

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They removed them in 2019 judging by when I made the script to add them back.

There used to be four kinds: combined, reading, meaning, and progress. Though I don’t really remember what they looked like. Radicals only had the meaning and the progress lattices, and kanji and vocab had all four


Good thing you posted this because I was going to remake it :joy:

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I just made a script that added the links back into the menu as the pages were still available. If you want to remake the pages then that is a completely different project slightly_smiling_face, so by all means, go ahead


For anyone that has used this: Were the items split into one row per level, or was it just a solid block of items? And do you remember there being any order to the items? :thinking:

It was a solid block, no spaces or dividers. I’m pretty sure it was roughly in the learned order, so probably in level order. I’d suggest just doing level order first, and unicode order (string comparison) within each level. That way it’s always in a consistent order.


They were in a block, yes, but depending on what page you had open, they were in order of right.wrong ratio, or srs bucket. beyond that I don’t rememver them being in any order relating to the level.

If anyone has an API-efficient version of this I’d love to have it.

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