Anyone else miss the page showing all the kanji you know?

There was something really satisfying seeing all the kanji or vocubulary all in one page, showing how much you’ve learnt!
Also I don’t know if I just can’t find it, but the FAQ used to have a page that went into detail with what japanese material (e.g. manga, articles, etc) you should be able to tackle according to what stage you are in wanikani, I can’t find that either and I think it was removed in the new FAQ


They are still there, hidden


Thank you! I hope this doesn’t mean they’re planning on scrapping them for good

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You been on the stats site as well? you can see a lattice type thing on there


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Huh? The burned kanji are missing, I think it’s incomplete. That’s probably why they haven’t implemented it yet in the menus :thinking:

Do you mean this page? It’s still there with the direct link.

Whoops got slowed down while responding. Been linked already I see. :+1:

They removed them from the menus since they were resource intensive. They might add them back again if they find a more efficient way to present the items. Those pages are still accessible, however. I have a script which adds the links back into the menus, if you are interested.

Otherwise you can access them directly through these links




There is also, which has a similar list


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