The price of wanikani

So I went to the subscriptions page just to see prices and all that, but when I clicked the lifetime access plan, it says that the price is “NaN USD”. I think this is because there is some form of discount saying -NaN USD. The discount says “Proration from current invoice period: (Value valid only on May 16 2021 @ 16:38 UTC) -NaN USD”. What is this?

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Can you send a screenshot?

The prices are also listed here btw:

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This should be the one!
If i go out and try again, the time changes to the new current time. (Because I live in Sweden, it’s two hours after me. So now it says 17:04)

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NaN is usually short of Not a Number, a common type of math error in web stuff. If the problem persists you should probably contact support.


So the proration part is when you already paid a subscription and want to upgrade. They will deduct the cost for the time that’s still left. But you don’t have an active subscription, so the proration should be zero. For some reason it is NaN and when you subtract a number and a NaN you get a NaN, hence the total price NaN USD.

Looks like a bug, I guess the @Mods should check it out.


You won the WK lottery, it is free (only for you)!


The big question is if this means that I get it for free…

Are you able to try to buy it?
I wouldn’t suggest doing so, but I would probably do it if I was in your situation just out of curiosity.

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I don’t have enough money on my card, but I could try…

Nah, don’t actually try it. FWIW, I don’t have NaN money either. I would like to add, 95% chance that this is just a display bug, and it will charge you the normal amount.


But if I don’t have enough money on my Debit card. You can’t go into debt or anything on Debit cards, right?

This isn’t necessarily true. Most likely yes, the transaction will just be declined and nothing will happen, but in some cases, it might actually go through.

There is something called overdraft, where the bank may allow the transaction to go through, making the account go negative and charging you an overdraft fee.

It’s probably best not to take the risk.


It didn’t work, sadly. ;-;

You could try to take an annual subscription instead. Around Christmas there is usually* a discounted lifetime offer and you get a deduction for the unused part of your annual subscription.

  • not 100% sure, but there has been the last 2-3 years.

You can overdraft the account, which may result in fees, though it depends on your bank and how much over your balance you would go over. Overdraft fees can be really nasty. It generally best to avoid them.

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At least since 2016 (and didn’t get the impression that was the first time either)
I joined shortly after it ended and paid full price in February 17 XD


The price is high…I paid the crabigator with my soul…


There’s a big difference between “free” and “priceless”


We’ll email you soon with more details, but basically on our end of the payment processor, the error is due to insufficient funds on your card.

But we’ll look into the whole NaN thing showing up in the first place.


priceless = price + less = no price = free

math checks out