The main website is not loading

It keeps timing out. Is it down for maintenance or something? I don’t know if it is my internet or what but everything else works fine.

Edit: It seems to be down for most of us in the West Coast. Situation: Wi-fi doesn’t allow access but a cellular network seems to make it work. Unfortunately that is not the most favourable situation for everyone. Hopefully this will change soon

It’s working fine for me, I just checked :thinking:

What browser are you using? Someone else just posted about Firefox not loading WK properly for them, yet other browsers were fine

@MissMisc as you can see… That is apparently a thing

Weird, I’m using Chrome too and it’s loading everything properly

I’m not too savvy in technical stuff w/ browsers but maybe try clearing your cache and cookies? Does the problem persist in incognito mode? Maybe try resetting chrome?

Well, it doesn’t work on my phone either and it kind of works on my phone if I switch it to 4G LTE but only through an app and it doesn’t let me do much. Also, incognito doesn’t work


Hmm I’m not too sure then, maybe it is an issue with your internet considering it works better when you switch to LTE on your phone

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful :no_mouth:

Hope it resolves soon!


I haven’t been able to connect for the last fifteen minutes either.

So it isn’t just me either, eh? I am on the west coast of the USA so maybe that is it?

Yeah, I’m also on the west coast.

Does mobile network work for you as well? Or is it down for everything

Mobile works as long as I’m connecting through cellular and not wifi. Maybe one of their CDNs went down or something.

Yeah because for me Wi-Fi = Nope, no access for you today but Cellular = You can use the website but no scripts

It’s not working for me either, also West coast US, using Chrome. Will try on my cell in a minute.
Edit: Yup, cell works just fine off wi-fi.

This is weird, I think it is because it is a different protocol and the main one isn’t work over here? That shouldn’t be a thing though… That or こういち isn’t happy with the West Coast right now.
@koichi :thinking:

It seems to be up now!

It seems to be working again?
Edit: GG timing, haha.

I think I just leeboed you XD

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It wasn’t working for me either for about 10 minutes earlier this morning.

Sorry, durtle in the pipes