The list of number of Kanji and Vocabulary you would know each 5 levels

So recently i just wondering how many vocab i would know each 5 levels and really wanted to track it as i level up.

I couldn’t find any post like this, and i really want to track my progress. So i decided to calculate all levels and decided to divide it into 5 levels each. So it would be more easy. After doing so, i thought maybe there is people out there who want to do it as well but never really had the time to do so.
Thus i’m gonna post it here.


Level 5: 426 words
Level 10: 1,040 words

Level 15: 1,653 words
Level 20: 2,256 words

Level 25: 2,812 words
Level 30: 3,374 words

Level 35: 3,927 words
Level 40: 4,471 words

Level 45: 5,002 words
Level 50: 5,507 words

Level 55: 5,980 words
Level 60: 6,386 words

Level 5 : 168 Kanji
Level 10 : 348 Kanji

Level 15: 525 Kanji
Level 20: 691 Kanji

Level 25: 853 Kanji
Level 30: 1,017 Kanji

Level 35: 1,186 Kanji
Level 40: 1,356 Kanji

Level 45: 1,528 Kanji
Level 50: 1,708 Kanji

Level 55: 1,883 Kanji
Level 60: 2,055 Kanji

Please tell me if there is anything wrong here.


Your level 30 seems to be the level 35 amount


30-35 are very chill levels overall


You right!
Sorry, will be fixed right away.
Thank you for noticing.
Edit: Fixed. Thank you again.

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I love stats like this thank you! :pray:


Thank you! Nice stats to look at :ok_hand:

If I might give a random suggestion: perhaps adding the variation from each previous group would be interesting if you want to quickly spot how much you’ve progressed!
For example:

And so on.
Although, in the end, the variation is probably more or less constant, so that might not be exactly very insightful lol. Suit yourself! :slight_smile:

It’s a cool summary of the progress regardless!


this was extremely helpful, thank you!

i’ve been doing the grunt work of adding each level up everytime i ask the question, not writing it down, and proceeding to do it again from scratch lol

this page is bookmarked for sure

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