Question about Vocabulary amount

Ever since I’ve gone through the Kanji/Radicals for level 10, it’s seemed like I’ve been getting an endless amount of vocab from level 10. Is this amount stagnant for the rest of the levels?

There’s usually about 100-130 vocabulary items per level. You can see what’s included in any level using the “vocabulary” pull-down menu on the dashboard. For example:

there’s about 6300 vocabulary items in total, so that’s about 100 per level on average.
The vocabulary is supposed to help you remember the meanings and readings of the kanji,
and often teach you useful words.
I highly recommend going through it. A lot of it is also repetitive and not very difficult to learn, like 2 machines, 3 machines, 5 machines, etc.
So you can spend less time on many of the vocab lessons and just blast through them and learn them through reviews.


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