The horrible truth

People only complain about the Jew and Hard Gay mnemonics because they haven’t stuck around long enough to get to the mnemonic for 跡 yet.



As I haven’t got that far I don’t know what it means…so hard to comment!

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Yeah that one was kind of useless. I associated it with traces/tracks of bloody red feet. It’s also weird how sometimes my level isn’t updated in the forum.

Savor your innoncence, you sweet summer child.

can we request wanikani to get rid of these annoying mneumonics that don’t have to do with anything (esp not the original kanji meaning) because i really don’t get what the point is besides purposefully trying to trip me up when i unlock the kanji later anyway

The point is that they work, as does the one this thread references.

You’re always welcome to supplement them with your own mnemonics incorporating actual component meanings or phonetic pieces. I do a mix of both.


陸 might be the most gruesome I’ve encountered yet.
Reminded me of that one scene in The Human Centipede 2, though on the plus side I havent got it wrong yet.

No one has ever requested that, so please go for it.

Also, they’re not in the process of overhauling the radicals and mnemonics as we speak, so it is necessary.


You mean because of the Bill Cosby reference? :rofl:

Here’s a horrible truth.

There’s a very faint blue square around the Wanikani logo, circle one. You didn’t hear it from me.

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Log off and then back in and it might get fixed :slight_smile:


honestly this isn’t on the same level as hard gay’s mnemonic any way you slice it.

Exactly, if it’s triggering an emotion then you are more likely to remember. I customize most kanji nowadays to my liking. Been a little lazy on vocab and try to use the provided mnemonic but if it’s beyond a one sentence, I won’t use it.

Probably not a good idea to combine “hard gay” and “slice” in the same sentence.

I find it extremely hard to remember their mneumonics, especially when they reference media I never have engaged in before, such as the countless Lord of the Rings references. They shouldn’t assume that these are universal experiences.

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They definitely are not in that process. It’s taken far too long for them to be in it, so I think it’s obvious by now that they’re just saying so to stop people complaining.

Yeah, I agree, this should take like 5 minutes, it’s simple.

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Leebo’s in a mood of sarcasm.


By any chance, is there some sort of public info about what the overhaul process involves and how they’re going about it and whatnot? :slight_smile:

Not 5 minutes, of course, but let’s sum up the time periods. WaniKani was launched on May 14th 2012. It left beta on September 8th 2015 - three years later. I think it’s safe to assume that rehash of radicals and descriptions isn’t a job comparable in scope to creation of the entire website - and yet we have 2018, it’s been another 3 years since the website left beta stage, about the only thing known about the planned rehash is that it’s in the works, and interaction of anyone in control of the site with the community here seems to have been reduced by a lot, compared to previous years. I think it’s much more likely that it’s in the realm of wishful thinking and in the set of things that “we know we ought to do, but it’s not really fun, and it’s much more fun to travel in Japan and hire Japanese homeless to hang out with than that”.