The horrible truth


You. Are. A MONSTER. Why would you do this to me? :weary:


If there was that would mean they’re doing it and I already established that they’re definitely not.


As a serious response, y’all might find that script handy that gives you different mnemonics.


I have absolutely no idea what anyone is talking about because I haven’t made it that far. But at least now I have motivation to find out how bad it really is.


I don’t get it. What’s bad about that mnemonic?


I don’t know… it looks quite ok to me. Of course, the immediate idea to me is that the way the kanji originally came about was that tracks were meant as a thing seen in the course of hunting, when wounded animal was leaving bloody traces on the ground or in the snow, which is why it’s a foot, and it’s red. Which is also more memorable to me. I guess it was thought not appropriate to city folks, and it was substituted with all the details of city night life.
And it’s せき because 赤’s 音読み is せき… but that’s the problem with most of the reading mnemonics - they refuse to use those self-references.


some truths have expiration dates.


Some tooth has expiration dates too!


keep calm and smile


I bet you anything they only started working on the Radical Overhaul after reading this thread.


you’re right. i bet they also have people in the white house, preparing for the takeover.

bout time they kick those heretics out and establish a proper theocracy


Somebody’s about to get caught red-footed. せきrity is already tracking their traces. — my own mnemonic version

This is why I tweak everything. I think the mnemonic for this one isn’t that bad, but it is a tad unnecessarily horrifying… Like for a sexual assault survivor. I’m not sure why it’s dancing around the red feet thing with “ink” instead of blood. Just think of the slightly less personally traumatizing possibilities of where you could go instead with that:

  • detectives & criminal activity
  • fairy dances
  • cinderella (like, the bloodiest version)
  • the 12 dancing princesses

Or, you know, just keep the full horror and make the protagonist Jessica Jones vs. Kilgrave.