Bye Bye Hard Gay. Hello Saber


From the latest update a few hours ago:

げき and せい mnemonics have been rewritten to use “Gecki the gecko” and “saber,” respectively.

Don’t think I have seen げき yet, though.


I thought they said they weren’t getting rid of Hard Gay? I’m sad


No one is immortal. Cold, hard truth.


Same, but then again, it’s extremely hard to offend me or make me legitimately mad. I kinda liked the Hard Gay mnemonics. Even if I didn’t understand them, they certainly stuck in my head!


I’m pretty sure nobody ever understood it, though :joy: It just worked


I never found it offensive as a gay person. I think getting rid of Hard Gay references is kind of jumping the gun in the name of political correctness. It was really useful for remembering せい kanji.


I love geckos!


Saber is cool too



Rin is better. I’m totally biased


Oh hey, I just realized that your profile picture is Rin :laughing:

Is she better than geckos though?


Yea, it definitely did help you remember! Now we’re probably getting Star Wars references, none of which I will ever understand because I’ve never been interested in the franchise and I don’t even really know the basic information about it…


Hard to say :thinking: close match


I never found the せい mnemonics to be useful. Though that’s probably at least partially because there’s a lot of good phonetic components with the reading せい and often I didn’t need any mnemonic.


A saber doesn’t have to be a star wars reference. It can be just a regular old saber like this


Unless they specifically always talk about star wars in the mnemonics, yeah.


facepalm. I’m trying so hard not to laugh at myself for not realizing that… And I’m failing :rofl:


My problem with it is that Hard Gay really sticks out in my head cause its such a weird concept, but saber just falls flat for me.


I would have gone with saber tooth tiger.


Still a Star Wars reference



There was a really shitty platformer on N64 about a gecko called Gex: Enter the Gecko, and I still use it to remember 月光 because I have this 007-esque image of a gecko in a suit in front of the moonlight.


Before WK I had no idea who Hard Gay was.
To be honest I was a bit bothered not because of Hard Gay himself but because we all know that countries like japan see gay people as comedy.
And people promoting this kind of behaviour is a bit…