The grand purpose behind Short Levels

As some of you may know, among the many levels of WaniKani there are those known as the Short Levels which you can complete in 4 days. For accomplishing this feat you are granted double the lessons. I know! Sounds too good to be true!

Recently completing my first Short Level (unless you count the first levels) got me thinking: what is the purpose behind them? Are they the Crabigator’s reward for His most ardent followers? A cruel joke? Or is our Lord an uncaring god and the Short Levels devoid of any meaning?


There are just less radicals in the short levels, so you end up learning and guruing >90% of the kanji in the first round

It’s just the way it happened to work out I suppose since all the radicals and kanji build on each other in the way that the WK team designed it to – that or WK team has a quota of tears that they need to meet to satisfy the Crabigator :crabigator::sparkles:


The crabigator is a loving god who lets us sell our soul for the sake of saving money on subscription (due to being able to finish levels faster).

In all seriousness, during the short levels, I still maintained 6-7 day level up times, because otherwise the reviews get crazy after a while. Also, the first short level for me was level 46 - it was only after I had passed that point, I think WK moved a radical that allowed some (or one?) of the earlier levels to also be a short level.


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