Wondering about effects of longer level weeks

I’m just wondering about how fast I have to go, because I want to take the time to learn the grammar and to write the Kanji. If I complete a level in nine or even ten days, will it only be a few months longer than if I complete the level in seven days? I am not in a huge rush, because I want to learn it thoroughly. Thanks.

Since I am in this learning Japanese thing for the long haul, I have never worried about leveling up evenly. As such I have had periods of 12 day levels, 7 day levels, and 20 day levels. But since I keep progressing in my grammar learning, calligraphy, and an overall deeper understanding of Japanese language and culture, I don’t think I need to keep a steady pace in WK. I also keep learning kanji outside of WK too, just by reading different things, like the textbook, manga, novels.


There’s sixty levels, so try multiplying the number of extra days by sixty or 59. For example, if I take 10 days per level, it’ll take me 480 days to finish since I’m level 12.

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You can enter a “hypothetical” duration for levels on wkstats.com and it will tell you the date you’ll reach each level


Here I am trying to write things, and you come, say the same thing faster, shorter, and clearer, I am speechless :laughing:


In my opinion, it’s important to get used to Wanikani’s system before thinking of days per level. Enjoy the WK experience. Build the habit of coming here to do lessons/reviews every day. After a couple of levels (say level 8-10), you’ll have a better idea of how intensive Wanikani is and you can then better find a pace that suits you.

If you haven’t, feel free to read this guide for Wanikani:


thank you, I think some of my goals are similar.

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thank you :slight_smile:

thank you, I’ll take another look :slight_smile:

You are asking a very good question!

Your worry should be how much time WK takes out of your day that could be spent doing other useful things. The lure of fast level-up times is a trap because it is easy to overload. Finding the motivation to study grammar and read as much as possible is difficult. I will say based on personal experience that I think the upper levels will become much more difficult if you are not using the lower level material regularly.


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