The dreaded 400 reviews piled up

I’m a high school senior and it’s been so long since I’ve logged on to Wanikani, much less Tobira. Senior year got me really effed up. With the college apps and SAT study sessions. I can’t even get passed the 300 review threshold. Any suggestions on how to get pass this. I was thinking of just doing it in one sitting but I think that’s suicide…


Man, I feel you. I had a baby, one thing led to another, next thing I knew I had 1400 (!) reviews piled up.

You just have to do it. Break it up into manageable chunks, maybe 100 at a time. Set aside some time each day to study. And be prepared to keep doing it because even once you get the 400 knocked down you’ll have higher review frequencies on those for a while, so it’s going to take dedication.

頑張ってください! You can do it!



Take the sum and divide it by the number of days you want to complete the reviews in. If the number is too high or too little adjust accordingly. You could also break the amount each day into 2 sessions i.e 50 in the morning/50 in the evening for 100 a day. It all depends on what you feel comfortable doing.


Just do more than you have due the next day - that should take care of the backlog eventually.

Alternately: 20 reviews every hour that you’re by the computer.

Welcome back!

Just power through it over the course of an afternoon. Realistically speaking 400 reviews is maybe ~2 hours of continuous effort.

I did 140 reviews just now and I still have 199 to go. It’ll probably back log again this week because senior year but I’ll try my best to devote an hour for WK.

You might be feeling overwhelmed now, but this was me at level 40

(bad decisions on my part tbh, the point is, you can do it sport, just power through it)


Makes me want to not get to that level, jk. Love your icon though. サダハルは可愛すぎ!

サダハルは愛、サダハルは生. But yeah, it was my bad resurrecting all my burned items at once by mistake, not really a typical experience for level 40. The point is, no matter how bad it is now, it can be a lot worse.

wait, what do you mean by resurrect burned items???

EDIT; I really don’t like to use my phone for Reviews because I always misspell vocabs and it annoys me.

You can always resurrect burned items back to apprentice level, by accessing that kanji’s page (see that resurrect button?):


ooohhh. I see. I think I did that with the ikea radical… next thing I know it’s an apprentice again and I thought “that’s weird

Yeah, well I sent a mail to Koichi asking him to resurrect everything. So I got swamped with reviews for a while.

No it’s not. Do it.



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