How do I get through 244 reviews?

So I’ve been busy for a while and now I have 244 reviews to do. How do I break it down so I can get through all of them?


There is a clock button that stops the reviews after ten remaining items. You do whatever number of reviews you feel like and stop it with this button. Repeat until done.


Pretty much what prouleau said. How many you do per day depends on how much time you have and how much you can handle in a day. I’ll give a couple examples for reference if you need them.

Example ①
Let’s say you can only do 100 reviews per day and you do your reviews at 8AM and 8PM. Simply do 50 at each time until the pile is gone.

Example ②
You can do 120 reviews in a day but you only have time to do reviews between 7PM-10PM. In this case do 40 reviews every hour so you don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s a lot easier to do reviews in multiple small batches with small breaks in between.

Example ③
You’ve got literally the entire day to do reviews. Just do between 10-20 every hour and you’ll be through it in no time.

You may also want to stop doing lessons until you get rid of the pile. Your pile is small enough that you could probably manage without stopping lessons though. Just keep in mind that the number of reviews you do in a day should be above the amount you get per day and you’ll get through it. People have overcome piles of over 1000 reviews so you can do this.

I’ll also point you to this guide in case you haven’t seen it yet. It’s got lot’s of good advice in it. My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK :open_book: )


I tend to spread my reviews throughout the day
for example: i travel quite a bit by train and so sometimes, i do like 50/100 reviews, just by travelling alone! Sometimes i also do some during the afternoon and then whether i feel like it or not i do the rest during the evening. This will make it a lot easier since you’re not looking at a big pile of components that seem like a chore, but instead by cutting it down into smaller pieces it seems to be way more forgiving!
hope this helps, goodluck !

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Get the Flaming Durtles app on your phone. Then you can do reviews whenever you get a chance. You’ll be surprised how many you can get done taking a dump.


Absolutely agree with what’s already been said :33 Just take it slow, and keep chipping away at those pesky reviews - they’ll be gone in no time. 244 reviews is much easier to get through than it seems :3

I can do reviews without the app… why do you need flaming durtles to do it?

One at a time.



You can plow through surpricingly many, especially with scripts that allows you to change your answer. But gotta have the discipline to be honest to yourself.

Well you can carry a phone anywhere…

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??? I don’t understand.
I use WK from my phone without an app. Just a regular browser works for me

I’m currently chipping away at a pile of 760. I’ve currently got it down to 474. It is totally doable in small batches. Don’t overwhelm yourself; you’ll do it in no time.

flaming durtles allows u to do reviews without internet.


I didn’t know this!

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Whenever I feel overwhelmed by reviews, I try to put myself in the most positive mindset possible and slowly work at it over the day. I use the reorder script to limit my amount by level/review type and do anywhere from 20-30 typically. I normally wait around an hour to do my next batch, but in your case I would recommend 15 minute or 30 minute intervals if you want breaks.

I’d try to work my way through them in batches of 30-50, spreading them out across several hours or an entire day. 250 reviews in a day is defo doable with the right attitude or mindset.

As you progress through WK, you’re “pain tolerance” for review workload should increase. I think I did around 250 every day around the middle levels (but I was going fast through WK mind you), at the later stages it had gone up to 300-400+ reviews and it was still tolerable somehow.

I think it’s best to be honest with yourself about the workload. What is comfortable to you? Then restrict how many lessons you do each day accordingly. Doing all lessons quickly is your gas pedal, while restricting that number is the breaks. Use that to find your study pace and you should be fine going forward. :slight_smile:

244 already at level 4? Thats about the content of two levels. There is a vacation mode, but at this level already?

I’m at level 3, it’s been a while and I’ve fallen out of the loop in terms of my schedule

Indeed! Flaming Durtles saved my daily streak when I was off grid camping. That app is awesome.

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as of posting this, I am officially down to 0 reviews. ありがとう!