The 0/0 Streak Challenge


aaand 5th level in a row. this one took quite some time and i almost feared i would break my 0/0 streak (i’m levelling up today … if i don’t mess it up, of course ^^)


Oh I don’t.
The fact that you and @Sezme keep trucking along, despite being in similar or worse situations than me, is a big inspiration to not turn on vacation mode right here, right now. :green_heart:

Can’t let y’all grab my sweet first spot. :stuck_out_tongue:


What scripts are you using cause my timeline + kanji progression does not look like that!
and I neeeed it…




Yay 22 :tada:


:sweat_smile::tada: now to tackle this avalanche of lessons while grading papers


Icanthearyoulalalaaa :hear_no_evil:

If I don’t look at my inbox, my inbox cannot see me.

But good luck! Looks like you are back on track anyway!


The life of a Naphthalene

Don’t jinx me. I am trying, though! :purple_heart:



Not a big deal because I’m still level 4… I’m just trying to maintain the routine of always clearing up lessons and reviews as they come. Since I go through lessons too quickly I tend to drop to 50% accuracy on new kanji and it takes me a couple of days to actually learn them but on the other hand it takes virtually 0 effort from my end


that would be ultimate timeline, dashboard progress plus and golden burn ^^



Leeches? I don’t see any leeches!



Fine! I did the work and I’ll enjoy the moment while it lasts.

I did figure something out while I went through the leeches (Leech Trainer script): 湖 is in its kunyomi a portmanteau of 水 and 海, which actually makes sense.


what do you use to see the leeches? I think I have a few… Every level I have 2/3 leeches that take a couple of days longer


Leech Trainer script

But it’s kind of broken currently. There’s an update available at the bottom of this page:

(Just install the second one, not the first link I provided.)


Thanks a lot!



Here’s for level 5.


The amount of vocab when reaching level 5, holy moly :sweat_smile:
It took me 3 days before I could finally start learning the radicals.

I guess without the re-order script it’s pretty tough to keep a decent pace? :thinking:


Not sure if it counts at level one, but hey.


It does! Now you just need to come back at level 2 :wink:


I’m super lucky because I have some downtime at my job (in Japan) which I can use to study Japanese. I’m grateful for that time, because my dashboard usually looks like this!