The 0/0 Streak Challenge


Oh I love Ice Bear!

You’re motto motto adorable


third level in a row. down from 111 lessons yesterday … we’ll see how smart of an idea that was :sweat_smile:


what user script do you use to display “Level 18/44%, Level 17/82%, Level 16/59%, etc” on your dashboard?


that’s the levels-by-stage userscript, with a little formatting i did myself.

(here’s a direct link to the script on greasyfork)


meh. not exceedingly smart. did hurry too much, didn’t learn intensively enough, went to sleep instead of doing the 4h review and consequently messed up pretty much every vocab, where a new (kun’yomi) reading was introduced.



Well, sleep is important too :wink: And you’re doing great (86% is not bad at all in my dictionary) :v:


This took some time. RL’s got me down :confused:


Didn’t think I was gonna make it this level. My accuracy took a hard dive after school started back up. From 85-95% to mostly around 80%. I’ve even dipped below a few times. A little demoralizing, but I’m still going.




another level up :point_up_2:t5:
*Pokémon leveling up Sound effect *

I wasn’t much motivated to do any reviews recently, wich led to my review count building up… but I fought the monster, called procrastination and beat it!! :raising_hand_man:t5:
Not really happy with my review routine over the past few days but I guess it can happen sometimes.
Glad that I made it eventually!!

Just gotta do some Kaniwani and Kitsun reviews for today and that’s it.
Good night people. :sleepy:



Level 3.
I have been through all this material before, so it is a refreshing review. Still, it is tough to keep at 0/0!


Remember to post your level too! This won’t make any sense once you’re level 60 :wink:

And now, my post makes no sense :crazy_face:


Level 32!


Sometime next week I’ll get to experience my first short level (aside from 1 and 2). Should be fun. :smiley:


Level 15!


You’ve done it again, you sly dog.


Keeping the streak =^_^=


Level 42, seven days later.
Comme du papier à musique.


Lovely new colours, @Naphthalene!


Thank you :slight_smile: