The 🤼 プロレス thread! Learning Japanese through pro wrestling

Finally finished the second half of the May 6 Korakuen show!

Next up was Mizuki & Nao vs Yuki Arai & Yuki Kamifuku, which was apparently their first time tagging? I was a bit surprised by that, though I guess with Arai’s more limited schedule and with Saki Akai taking up so much of that, it makes sense… I kept getting distracted by Kamiyu wearing literally Saki’s old gear while tagging with Saki’s former partner. Mizuki and Nao’s side of the match was also pretty entertaining, though, haha, with things not gelling particularly well with the two of them as a team… It sucks for poor Nao to eat another loss when she has so few matches left :smiling_face_with_tear:.

Yuki²’s comments:

Kamiyu’s first line gave me a bit of trouble: “勝利してくれました。荒井の優希ちゃんです.” I think the second part was maybe a play on their shared “Yuki” name? I was unsure, though.

Kamifuku: “You won for us. The Arai Yuki-chan.”

Arai: “Thank you very much. I’m glad that I could be with Kamifuku-san.”

Kamifuku: “Right? Surprisingly, this is our first time tagging just the two of us.”

This was a bit tricky: “自分的には前回の試合で藤沢のソウルメイトになれた気持ちでいるので、すごい息もあってたし、楽しみながら勝利できたんじゃないかなと思っています.”

“Personally, in the last match, I feel like you became my Fujisawa soulmate, so I think we had great chemistry, and we were able to get the win while enjoying ourselves.”

Arai: “Today was my first match after my third anniversary as a wrestler. I wanted to win because it was the start of my fourth year, and Kamifuku-san put some glitter around my eyes.”

This was also a bit tricky to translate: “そう。少しでも道連れにしたいなって気持ちなので.”

Kamifuku: “Yes. I wanted to drag her along with me even if just a little bit.”

Arai: (laughs) “I had more power than usual.”

Kamifuku: “You have nothing to say?”

Arai: “Huh? Well, I’m surprised to hear that it’s been four years. It went by so fast.”

Kamifuku: “It went by like a roller coaster, so I think everyone is looking forward to what lies ahead even more. Please shine brightly.”

(Your new gear is covered in stars)

Arai: “Yeah. The stars are just there by coincidence, but the person who makes my gear said a star pattern would be nice for the next one.”

This was a bit tricky: “(星に)意味はないんだ。星1個ずつを誰かに例えて潰していく、みたいな。そういうのじゃないんだ。(コスチュームの一部を指し)このへんに山下さんがいたり…違うの?”

Kamifuku: “(The stars) have no meaning. It’s like each star is a person, and you’re going to crush them. Isn’t it like that?” (pointing at part of the gear) “Right here is Yamashita-san, right?”

Arai: “No, no, no.” (laughs) “I don’t think it’s like that, but when Takagi-san first scouted me, he said, ‘I’m going to make you a star.’ I’m going to wear this and channel my fighting spirit and put it into becoming that star.”

Mizuki/Nao’s comments:

Kakuta: “I’m sorry. But I want to team up with Mizuki-san about three more times.”

Mizuki: “Noooooo!”

Kakuta: “I feel like something will come out of doing it. But for me personally, it feels like there’s already so few left. Arai-chan in the senbatsu, too… she’s incredible, she’s doing so much. And working so hard in pro wrestling in the midst of all of that, I think she’s seriously amazing, and I really respect her. I’m really happy and grateful that she made time to have this match with me today, even with everything else she does. I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to face her before I retired, so I’m really happy. And with Kamiyu, of course I don’t think it’ll end like this, yeah.”

This was a bit tricky: “奈穂ちゃんはごめんって言ったけど、タッグだから負けも一緒やから。だけどー、まぁ、もう組むことはないですかね。こんだけ組んでて、あんまりうまくいってないのによく組むよな.”

Mizuki: "Nao-chan said sorry, but it was a tag match, so if she loses, we lose together. But, well, I don’t think we’re gonna team together again. We’ve teamed this much, and we team up a lot even though it hasn’t gone so well.”

Kakuta: “Because I feel like we have potential.”

This was a bit tricky:


Mizuki: “No matter how much I push her away, she’ll still come regardless of the distance.”

角田「瑞希さんに対しては、ですよ? ホントにいやよいやよも…って思ってるので」

Kakuta: “I’m in opposition to Mizuki-san, huh? She really doesn’t want to do it…”

Mizuki: “Well, today it was Nao-san’s fault that I lost.”

Kakuta: “Sorry.”

Mizuki: “But the next time we team up, we’re going to win. Because we’re a team.”

Kakuta: “Together, huh? Let’s do our best in the next one!”

Mizuki: “Thank you for today!”

Kakuta: “Let’s team up again next time.” (to the camera) “Wrap it up quickly! Hurry! That’s enough!”

After that was the tag title match, Daisy Monkey vs Himawari and Wakana! Honestly, this match blew me away! My expectations are relatively high for the rookies, but they’re still, well, rookies, so I usually don’t expect them to put on a barnburner or anything, but I thought this match was legitimately really good! I had no doubt that Daisy Monkey would defend, but it still managed to keep me engaged, so good job to all of the competitors.

Daisy Monkey’s comments:

Endo: “We won! We defended our belts! The two of us did.”

This was a bit tricky: “あの2人を舐めてたわけじゃないけど、思ってた以上に…全然(すごくて)。何した? それくらい勢いが止まんねえ、チャンピオンだけど見せつけられた気がしてて.”

“Not that I’m looking down on them, but they were way more (incredible) than I thought they’d be. What did we do? With that much momentum, we couldn’t stop them, huh? We’re the champions, but I feel like they showed us up. It was frustrating, and because of that, we got fired up, too.”

Suzume: “We understand very well how the challengers’ momentum comes with high expectations, and that it further becomes a tailwind for you. I thought surely that would be what today was for the two of them, so I realized once again that we’re in the position of being chased. We didn’t give up, we didn’t give up, we didn’t give up, and then we made it to the belts. Their future is an unknown factor, so who knows where they’ll end up. But as long as they don’t give up, we’ll always take on their challenge. I want to keep protecting these belts so that they’ll always be able to do it. Let’s do it again and again!”

Endo: “We’re gonna win the next one, too.”

(How about a title match at the Aizuwakamatsu show in September?)

I wasn’t quite sure how to translate this: “全然ありですね.”

“It’s totally possible!”

Suzume: “Let’s do it!”

Endo: “We’ll take on challengers anywhere. But we’re definitely going to defend. We’ll keep the belts safe, but I don’t know what’s going to happen, though I do want to take the belt back to my hometown.”

Suzume: “You’ve been saying that this whole time.”

Endo: “I will make it happen!”

Himawari/Wakana’s comments:

HIMAWARI: “Thank you very much.”

Uehara: “Thank you very much.”

HIMAWARI: “Ah, it’s frustrating…”

This was a bit tricky: “今回、タイトルマッチ挑戦させていただいて…やっぱりタイトルマッチってすごいハードルが高いなってあらためてっていうか初めてだけど、先輩たちの強さをあらためて感じました.”

“This time, we challenged in a title match… and, as it turns out, a title match is still a very high hurdle, or rather, this was my first time, but I really felt my senpais’ strength. I’m disappointed! I thought I could win if I were with Wakana-san, but… we lost. The moment the match started and we made eye contact in the ring, they were looking at us so intensely. Even though we’re still super young, just one year into our careers, they still came at us head-on.” (to Uehara) “It was fun, huh? It was frustrating, but it made me like pro wrestling even more.”

This was a bit tricky to translate: “私もHIMAWARIちゃんとはずっとライバル関係で、組むってお客さンに言った時もみんなビックリするくらいの、そういう関係性だったけど.”

Uehara: “I’ve had a rivalry with HIMAWARI-chan the whole time, and our relationship was such a way that everyone was surprised when we told the audience that we were going to team up. But teaming up like this, I really thought that the two of us could win the belts, so I’m really disappointed. Because anyone and everyone wants to challenge for a belt. Even though we were given this incredible opportunity, we weren’t able to win, which is really disappointing. I’m going to train hard from here on out, and we’ll definitely come back for revenge. We’re not going to give up until we win the belts, so please keep supporting us!”

HIMAWARI: “Please!”

(All of your classmates were watching from ringside)

This was a bit tricky: “試合始まる前から、っていうかベルト挑戦するって私たちが発表した直後からずっと応援してくれてて。会うたびに『ベルトもうすぐだね』って言ってくれてたので、今日もホントにすごい応援の気持ちが伝わったので、余計に今日は勝ちたかったんですけど…”

Uehara: “Since before the match started—since immediately after we challenged, really—they’ve been supporting us the whole time. Every time we saw each other, they’d say, ‘you’ll have the belts soon’. So today I could really feel their support, and I wanted to win even more badly, but… I am very happy, though, that we had their support today.”

This was a bit tricky: “23年組、同期たちは今日挑戦の日だったので、これで志乃さんもやっと初勝利できて。凍雅はもちろん相手したから負けちゃったけど、でもすごいいい試合だったから。すごい…なんだろう。スッキリした顔してて。もちろん悔しいだろうけど、いい試合だったから。で、ハルも琉那も先輩たちと笑って…もちろんね、勝てるわけなかったけど.”

HIMAWARI: “For the class of ‘23, today was our title challenge, and Shino-san was also finally able to get her first win. Of course, since Toga was her opponent, she lost, but it was a great match. It was amazing… I don’t even know. She looked so relieved. Of course she must be frustrated, but it was a good match. And Haru and Runa were having fun with their senpais… of course there was no way on earth they’d win, though. But they showed just how much they’d grown. Seeing everyone else, I thought that the two of us who were designated the Next Generation forerunners, we had to do our best, too, in order to gain more momentum. And they were at ringside, cheering us on so much. Because they were showing us so much support, I really didn’t want to lose. It’s frustrating, and it made me realize once again that I wanted to get even stronger so that I could live up to the support of my peers and the audience.”

And finally, the main event! Miu vs Shoko! I thought this match was awesome! There were some really great exchanges in this, and the match really kept me on the edge of my seat. Shoko had a fantastic counter to the giant swing, and Miu also transitioned into the swing in another super cool way (how does she keep finding new ways to do it??). I was admittedly rooting for Miu, but I was still sad to see Shoko lose… You’ll get her next time, 大怪獣 :triumph:.

Here’s the post-match:

Miu: “I defended my belt! I’m so glad I got to face Nakajima-san with the belt on the line, and I’m so glad that I won… I think I have grown as a champion. People are calling it a new era, but for me, the new era means that all of the members here today are part of that new era. I think that each and every wrestler belongs to the new era. From here on out, I want to fight everyone for this belt, and I want TJPW to get bigger and bigger, and I’m going to do my best so that I can grow as the champion even more. I love TJPW so much, and I’m sure that everyone here loves it so much, they can’t help but love it, to the point where they can’t sleep at night. So I hope there will be even more people who love us, and I want to spend my whole life in this space that I love. Thank you again for today!”

Miu’s comments:

Miu: “This was my first defense after winning the belt, and I was able to successfully defend my title.”

This one was a headache trying to put it into English… “日本で最初の試合で『これ取りました~』ってワクワクした気持ちで来て負けてしまったところから、自分がチャンピオンとしていつでも先輩にだって誰にだって狙われてる立場だなっていう部分とかの認識をあらためてすることができたし.”

“When I went into my first match in Japan after winning the belt feeling giddy with excitement only to then lose, that reaffirmed my awareness that in my position as the champion, I will at all times be a target for my senpais and everyone else.”

This sentence was also hard in a classic Miu way: “中島さんは、私が努力が結果につながるんだっていうのを体で表現? 体現?してくれた先輩なので、とっても尊敬しているし.”

“Nakajima-san, for being the senpai who gave me the expression—or for being the embodiment?—that, with my body, hard work leads to results, I respect her so much. Nakajima-san had said that she’ll continue to grow the rest of her life and will become like Aja-san, and as we fought today, I realized anew that she truly has Aja-san-like lifelong strength, and if I keep going for two, three, ten, or even 50 years more, we’ll probably be able to have title matches.”

This was also a bit tricky to put into English: “こっから先も中島さんと…今回は先輩みたいな意識があってしまったんですけど。私はこの1試合で成長することができたって思いたいので、こっから中島さんと切磋琢磨できるようにもっと頑張りたいなと思いました.”

“From here on out, Nakajima-san and I… This time, I felt very conscious of her as my senpai, but I want to think that I was able to grow in this one match, so I want to work even harder so that I can cultivate a friendly rivalry with Nakajima-san from here on out.”

(Do you have anything in mind with regards to your next challenger?)

“Hmm… well, at the moment nothing comes to mind as far as who specifically I’d like to see step forward.”

I wasn’t quite sure about this: “やっぱりいままで持ってた人…瑞希さんだったり、リカさんだったりもそうですし.”

“But of course the people who’ve held the title before… Mizuki-san, Rika-san, I’d like to face them, too. And actually I think the opponent that’ll enable me to grow more might be someone I’ve never even imagined.”

This one was a question of “how do I translate this Miu-ism?” :sweat_smile: “来次第、ウェルカム…ウェルカム系です.”

“I welcome them as they come… I welcome everyone.”

(Was that a match that you could only have because you were with Nakajima?)

The rest of this was… difficult :weary:: “そうですね。お互い道場で毎日顔を合わせていて、だからこその闘い方だったり、こんなまだ新しい動きあるんだって中島さんは一生してて。中島さんを見るたびに、今日の大会名が「YES! WONDERLAND」なんですけど、なんか…(モーニング娘。の「ここにいるぜぇ!」のリズムに乗って)ボクらーは~、まだ夢の途中~、なんだなって思います(笑)。みんなみんなそうなんだ、です。ずっと成長し続けます、人は誰だって…です!”

"Yes. We see each other every day at the dojo, and so that’s why her way of fighting and such, Nakajima-san has spent her whole career still adding new moves. Whenever I see her, I feel like the name of today’s show, “YES! WONDERLAND”, it’s like… (in the rhythm of Morning Musume’s “ここにいるぜぇ!”) “I feel like we’re still in a dream.” (laughs) “Everyone here is like that. We’ll always keep growing, every single one of us!”

I didn’t know the best way to translate the “ここにいるぜぇ!”, and have also never seen Morning Musume…

Shoko’s comments:

Nakajima: “I lost! I lost, no way! I’m so frustrated! I was all like ‘I think this’ll be the last time…’ at the start, but I’m too frustrated. I have no choice but to challenge again. I’m going back on my own words, so even though I said that I’d do it with the feeling that this would be the last time, since I lost today… I’m going to be vigilant and keep building myself up so that I can grab the opportunity to challenge again.”

(How do you feel about Miu as the champion?)

This was tricky: “どうだろうな~、チャンピオンだからどうこうっていうのはもちろんあるんだろうな~。ここ一番の時もさ、心の折れないかんじとかを私はへし折ってやろうと思って最初から出し惜しみしなかったんですけど。あえて探りを入れる隙を与えずに攻めていこうと思ったから、最初からけっこう出していったんですけど…折れなかったですね.”

“Hmm… since she’s the champion, of course she has certain qualities. Even right from the getgo, I thought I’d break her spirit and was unsparing from the start. I boldly attacked without giving her time to seek out an opening, so I went pretty hard right from the beginning, but… her spirit didn’t break. I could really feel her strength.”

(You still haven’t given up on the belt?)

“I’m absolutely still aiming for it. It’s only my 10th year. I’m gonna be Aja Kong. I got at least 20 years left. I’m going to be persistent.”

And that’s it for that one!

The May 11 VOD show didn’t have comments, and the post-match was really short, so I wasn’t sure I was going to bother to do a translation, but when I actually watched it, there were a few fun language quirks haha (assuming I’m correctly interpreting what happened there) so I think maybe I’ll translate it anyway.

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Yeah I think probably it’s just slightly emphasizing the last name because of the shared first name.

Sounds fine to me. just mentioning a mildly interesting note dropped from the transcript - Kamifuku appends an “荒井ちゃんが” to the end of this, and they both laugh. I suppose what that does is flip it from a ‘we enjoyed ourselves and won’ sentence about cooperation, to ‘Arai-chan enjoyed herself and won’, more of the complimentary putting the victory on her and stepping aside.
Sounds kind of hard to translate that directly into English though.

I think the English could be cleaned up a bit to get more smoothly the sense of her joke here.

She’s deadpanning that she had interpreted the stars on Yuki Arai’s ring gear as like, a called-shot killcount tally, and is surprised to learn from Arai that they’re just meaningless stars.
So then:
意味はないんだ。 is like, “oh, there’s no meaning?” / “Oh, I see, there’s no meaning”. She (is pretending to have) thought there was an 意味, but now she has learned there isn’t one, and she’s remarking 意味はないんだ. (with the んだ giving that sense of incorporating that new information).
Then 星1個ずつを誰かに例えて潰していく、みたいな。そういうのじゃないんだ。 is the same but elaborating on the meaning that she (supposedly) thought was present in the stars. “Oh, it’s not like such-and-such? gotcha.” that kind of thing.
このへんに山下さんがいたり…違うの? would then be like “I was thinking this one around here might be Yamashita-san, and so on… that’s not it?” The idea being that here is Kamiyu is elaborating more on her assumption about the stars and you can tell she’s not really completely convinced on the ‘there’s no meaning explanation’ so she’s asking about it now.

Looking at the translation, I think that the aspect lost is all the の/んs.
意味はないんだ here should be closer to like, (over-emphasizing the ん, not trying to be a natural translation) “I just discovered that there’s no meaning”. The flat statement in the translation loses the “oh I see” sort of sense that’s a big part of the joke.
じゃないんだ should be closer to “I just discovered that it isn’t…” I don’t think this is an “isn’t it like this?” kind of じゃない. as the んだ isn’t doing the same thing as a か.
and 違うの? should be closer to “That’s wrong?” - the “right?” in the translation is slightly too confident, when the joke is that she’s just now learning her interpretation was wrong, and she’s confirming that.

Tofugu reference - the “んだ AND んですか FOR REALIZATION” section and “の AND んですか FOR SEEKING EXPLANATION” are the most relevant.
(This is another fun one where the difference is subtle enough that I feel oddly proud for apparently being able to detect it no problem and find a source aligned with my instincts)

I think the
part at the end is the transcriber guessing?
I genuinely don’t know what’s happening in the video - one of the two says… something? that I guess came out as よく in the transcript, but for the life of me I don’t even know who says it - I guess Mizuki? But it’s so weirdly loud compared to the rest of what she was saying.

The thing I do definitely hear though is it seems like she definitely ends with something like:
rather than よな
and Nao responds はい.
So I think instead of “we team up a lot even though it hasn’t gone so well” it should be more like like, “You think we can tag even though it didn’t go so well this time?”
That matches with Nao’s repsonse better.

(there’s some stuff in the video that’s hard to make out but I think does confirm she’s talking about Kakuta here - I think the から is because this is supporting a remark she made like ‘Kakuta is tenacious’ or something like that)

For この距離, in the video she actually says (while gesturing):

So the この距離 is actually emphasizing a CLOSE distance. “She’ll bounce back right up to me” or something.

Here you’ve got the wrong kind of 対して. Again - there’s that initial statement lost in the noise about Kakuta being tenacious or whatever, and Kakuta is saying, like:
“I’m only that way with you!”

The は is a contrastive は as in she’s emphasizing that she is the way Mizuki was just describing specifically when it’s 瑞希さんに対して,

and (hey! This is an old one of those ones I would grade harshly on since it’s come up a lot, isn’t it! Back again, eh? :slight_smile:) ですよ? is like “I’m making sure you know this, okay?”, not like “huh?”/“isn’t it?”
The assertive strength of the よ remains in place, the question aspect is checking that the listener is on the same page.

Now, as for this part, I believe this part is off too. I googled いやよいやよ, and it appears to be from a phrase: 嫌よ嫌よも好きのうち meaning like, “the lady doth protest too much” - about saying you don’t like someone but really you do.

So, particularly with the stuff I mentioned in the first part of this chunk, I would take Kakuta to be saying here: (roughly) “Because I think really you’re just saying all that since you do like me”

So the whole thing then is (roughly)
“I’m only that way with you, you know? Since I think really deep down you do like me.”

Watch the tense on 舐めてた - I would say “Not that I was taking them lightly, but” would be more accurate.

Similarly, tense-wise, I would say for それくらい勢いが止まんねえ, “with that much momentum, they won’t stop! / there’s no stopping them!” would be a little better. “We couldn’t stop them” would be 止められなかった, with the transitive version of the verb.

I googled the phrase and found stuff like a debate about whether it’s correct Japanese or not - sounds like it’s a relatively recent casual phrase and this seemed like the most straightforward explanation of what it means.
Sounds like it means “I’m down for that!” “Sounds good to me!”, that kind of thing.

I would probably try to tweak it a little bit more into something getting the form slightly smoother. Maybe: “and I felt again just how a hurdle a title match is - or rather, since it’s my first one, I felt again the strength of my senpais.”

Incidentally, kinda funny detail is the transcript replaced 壁 with ハードル for some reason, so feel free to swap back in the ol’ ‘wall’ everyone seems to be talking about all the time.

For the 23年組、同期たちは今日挑戦の日だったので I would say rather that she’s saying it was a “challenge day” for everyone. As in all of the class of '23 had something they had to push themselves for today. (and then she goes on to describe those things for each of them)

For 凍雅はもちろん相手したから負けちゃったけど、
She’s listing out her classmates and gets to Toga and is saying that of course since she was just describing how Shino won, and Toga was the opponent in that match, Toga lost, but (here’s how Toga pushed herself - it was a good match).
So I would do more in the English to get that clear - the ‘she lost’ right now is ambiguous in an awkward way.
I would tweak it to something like “As for Toga, well, of course since she was the opponent in that match she lost, but”

For ハルも琉那も先輩たちと笑って, I don’t know what verb she said in the video (she says it really fast) but I don’t really think it was 笑って :sweat_smile:. I would personally just change it to “Haru and Runa faced amazing senpais” (she says すごい先輩たち in the video which seems like it’s a bit relevant in this case since to me since it was particularly special occasion senpais).

Minor tweak you can ignore also, but the “on earth” in “there was no way on earth they’d win” seems like it’s slight overkill :sweat_smile:


I think this one could just use some smoothing:

“I respect Nakajima-san so much for… bodily expressing? embodying? for embodying the fact that hard work leads to results.”

Does she do this all the time outside of promos too?


I would just move the ‘but’ from the start to replace the ‘And’
”Of course the people who’ve held the title before… Mizuki-san, Rika-san, I’d like to face them, too. But actually I think the opponent that’ll enable me to grow more might be someone I’ve never even imagined.”

She doesn’t have a clear answer because of course she wants to face former champions also, but if she were to have a clear answer it would probably be more in the direction of a new challenger surprising her.

Hmmmm… Googling around, it seems like ウェルカム系 would mean like, stuff for welcoming guests etc., particularly the most common seems to be like to refer to the decorations and stuff put out at a wedding for guests to sign or be told where to go or whatever as they arrive.

It does seem like an amusing Miu-ism… maybe “I’m a welcoming party.” ?

Looks like It’s a song!

are all lyrics from this song,
「ここにいるぜぇ!」by モーニング娘

So she’s drawing a connection from the title of the show to the song and quoting lyrics to compliment Shoko and the rest of the roster.

Also for
I would say that that she’s saying, roughly, “We see each other every day in the dojo and it was a way of fighting grown out of that. Nakajima-san forever amazes with her innovating new moves.”

(with the latter part literally I think being like, “the 中島さん that elicits ‘こんなまだ新しい動きあるんだ’ spends her whole life (that way)”)

Haha, not a translation comment but Shoko always talking about how she plans to keep wrestling for decades to come gives me similar pleasure to hearing Asa Tanuma always talking about Iyahaya, Atami-kun as though she plans it to last a long time and chart the character’s lives well past high school.

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Here’s the extremely short translation for the May 11 VOD!

First off, I thought I’d translate Mahiro’s apology if they had a transcript for it, and sure enough, they did! I actually managed to catch this one pretty well on my own when I watched the show, so I was proud of myself for that.

Here was my translation attempt:


Mahiro: “I am very sorry for putting Chika, who is from Osaka, in such a state even though she came all the way back to her hometown.”

Something else I really enjoyed in this show was Itoh tagging with Haru (and Runa) after their singles match. It made for an especially compelling dynamic, I thought. No comments after that match (or any match), though!

The main event of this one was a reprise of one of the teams from the last Osaka show, except this time with the three wrestlers in the position of champions instead of challengers: Miu, Suzume, and Arisu faced Mizuki, Moka, and Kaya. I don’t remember much from the match itself, but the post-match was really funny, haha. I was following along with the shupro transcript (since it was a VOD show), so my comprehension was a lot better than normal, but shupro left out the funniest part, hahahaha.

It started out normal enough:

Miu: “We got the win in Osaka as an all-champion team! We all became champions in March, and I’m so happy to be able to appear in Osaka as a champion.”

I think what happened here was Miu tried speaking Kansai-ben and ended up totally stumbling over her words, much to the crowd’s (and my) amusement, hahaha.

“I think everyone in Osaka can’t help but love TJPW, so I hope y’all enjoyed yourselves today. Daisy Monkey wants to bring the belts to all 47 prefectures, right?”

(I let myself use “y’all” in this one because she was trying to speak a different dialect of Japanese, so it felt like if I were ever to get away with putting y’all in one of these, it would be now.)

For this next part, shupro actually did have the joke:

Arisu: “Yes, I want to go to all 47 prefectures, all country? All country, yeah. And I’m glad we were able to come to Osaka.”

Gonna include a translator’s note for this one, too :sweat_smile:. It was a bit of struggle trying to decide on a translation for Arisu’s 全国(ぜんくに). I realized that it almost sounded more like “all countries” to me, though I’m not sure if it would come across that way to a native speaker or not. I went with “all country” because it sounds weird in English, too (albeit in a different way than it sounds weird in Japanese).

Suzume: “The three of us teamed up as a team of challengers at the last Osaka show. I’m so glad that we could all see everyone in Osaka again, this time holding belts. Please keep watching us so that you can see us become champions who are even better suited for these belts!”

Miu: “Osaka, please keep your eyes on TJPW, and love us forever and ever. Thank you again for today!”

And that’s it!

A surprisingly fun one for me just from a language victory standpoint, because it’s always rewarding catching stuff that’s not in the transcript, and understanding language jokes and all of that.

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Haha, I dunno if she stumbled over her words exactly, so much as she just did it in an amusingly wrong (and Miu-ish) sort of way. She says 仕方がないへん、ないへん but that’s wrong for a number of reasons - for one the へん she’s trying to use would replace ない in a verb conjugation, so ないへん is very silly, and also I feel like it probably wouldn’t work for a ない alone like this, and a yahoo answers suggests しゃーない.

I thought to open Iyahaya, Atami-kun to look for a model of actual Osaka dialect, and funnily enough found a へん on the first panel I looked at where the bookwalker bookmark happened to be:

Adachi-san’s word balloon at the end there would be (I believe): “え?使えないの、人呼ぶ時” roughly “What, you can’t use ‘hey’ when greeting someone?”, lit. “eh? it’s unusable (when calling out to someone)?”

And I did find a case of a 仕方がない equivalent, and it matches what the yahoo answer said:
(This is from a hard to summarize conversation, but Adachi-san is responding to Atami-kun saying he was thinking a lot about different future scenarios - roughly I think saying that you don’t know what’ll happen, no matter if you think about it or not)

Incidentally it took a long time to find the しゃあない so here’s another へん I found on the way - Adachi’s mom making a little joke about how (canonically) pretty Atami is when he passes along some flowers he happened to have and didn’t need.

Oh, and of course looking through I saw like 100 cases of ほんまに, but that’s straightforward - it’s just like 本当に
(Here in this example, Atami has been previously told by Adachi that his family only talks about food at home)

… Sooooo all of that is to say that I suppose an attempt at localizing the funny part using the ol’ southern dialect strategy… my attempt would I guess be: “I know in Osaka there ain’t isn’t anyone who doesn’t love TJPW! There ain’t isnt, right y’all??”
Miu doesn’t always get it right but she does try her best huh…

I think a more accurate (but I imagine equally embarrassing) gratuitously Osaka way of saying it would have been ほんまに大好きでしゃあないねん!

Here I think she may well be going for 国(くに)as in the divisions of Japan that predate the 都道府県. I guess in English they’re called the provinces of Japan. These are all (or mostly all, I forget) completely different names to the modern day prefectures, and there are a lot more of them and they all are appended with 国(くに)as the place suffix.
They still come up fairly frequently as colloquial names for the region in question, even though the system was replaced with the 都道府県 during the Meiji Restoration I believe. (The various 国 distinctions are critical pre-restoration of course, because it’s the basis for the feudal system - lords were in charge of the different 国 and often you might not be allowed to even leave your 国 without special permission, and various conflicts between the 国 is a lot of what made the shogunate system weak leading to its being overturned and replaced in the restoration).
A while back I put all the 都道府県 in my anki deck and that was definitely useful, and I forget if I later put all the 国 in my deck ever, or if I just added them as I encountered them, but definitely most of them are in there I think, and they’re definitely useful too, albeit less so of course. A couple of examples of ones that come up relatively frequently would be Satsuma for Kagoshima, or Omi for Shiga.

Off the top of my head, if I were trying to say “all of the (former) provinces of Japan” I would probably say ぜんくに, although that appears to not be a word! So I guess I have no idea how you would say it! It would feel wrong somehow to use こく for 国 in this sense since it’s always くに. But who knows.
And anyway - that’s why I think she’s probably trying to say that, along with how she was just talking about the 都道府県. I think she wants to take the tag belts to not just all the modern day divisions of Japan, but all the historical regions as well.

Edit a little later: I am second-guessing myself a little bit because I realized my point about not knowing how to say it would apply to ‘all countries of the world’ as well, and that could be くに too. It does look at least like there is a word for that though, 万国 - I don’t know that that would apply to the provinces or not, because of the くに reading being so strong for those. Hmmm I guess I’m not sure if for a native audience hearing ぜんくに in this context, くに as in the countries of the world would be the natural assumption, or if くに as in the historical provinces of Japan would be. I suppose the audience laugh is either at just the questionale language wrangling of ぜんくに and Arisu’s uncertainty about it, or maybe also at the improbability of taking it to every country in the world if that’s the interpretation.
I think probably I would personally go with the historical provinces, since it was my first instinct, and looking at the sentence itself, it seems to make more sense for her to conclude that she was glad to bring it to Osaka that way.

Edit from even later: Ah ha! I think I was right!
In the quotes on Arisu’s tweet about it, someone says


Clearly interpreting くに as in historical province. I don’t see anyone definitely interpreting it internationally.

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Here’s some notes on assorted wrestling shows, including new Stardom, old Stardom, new TJPW, and old TJPW!
Stardom Yokohama 07.04.2015
Stardom CINDERELLA TOURNAMENT 2024 ~優勝決定戦~
TJPW 旗揚げ戦
TJPW Tokyo Circuit Round.1


And, anyway, it was just really super jarring considering I don’t think I can remember anything remotely like that stuff in all the time I’ve been watching TJPW currently.

Oh yeah, you came in after Mina and Unagi left TJPW, didn’t you? Their gimmicks had a bit of that element to them, which if I recall correctly, they brought with them to Stardom (and other companies). But ever since they left, I don’t think anyone in TJPW has had a particularly sexual gimmick, besides some of the subtext with Kamiyu, I suppose. Certainly a lot less weaponized breasts, haha.

It would be nice if it were possible to look at people’s feeds while logged out, so as to not feel completely cut off from news about my interests, but oh well. It does seem like it’s probably still best to minimize time there.

My recommendation is to create a list on twitter with all the accounts you want to browse and then browse your feed nearly exclusively via that list. I’ve been using lists for years as my primary method of checking my feed because 1) the posts will be in chronological order, and 2) you won’t see ads. You can also add accounts to your list that you don’t personally follow.

I actually quite liked the atmosphere of the venue for this one. It’s very very small, of course, but the vibe gives a bit less ‘cramped and packed’ and a little more ‘cozy and intimate.’

I don’t know if you’ve bothered to catch these shows, but they’ve done a few no audience one day tournament PPVs in recent years at this very venue! It’s an interesting experience. Kind of reminds me of Prominence’s first few shows, haha!

I was thinking though that it might be interesting to watch some DDT from around this ballpark of time to get a better sense for what was happening there, to understand this side project stage more. (but I’m really risking daisy chaining different old 2010s wrestling to watch at that stage…)

What’s funny is 2008-2014-ish DDT is actually my first experience watching any pro wrestling, hahaha! That’s what got me into this whole weird world! Though I confess, basically all I’ve seen is old Golden Lovers stuff, and I watched it pretty out of context with the rest of the company! One of my friends who is a longtime fan (and who is fluent in Japanese) has filled in some of the gaps for me, but there’s still quite a bit missing.

Unfortunately a lot of DDT classics from this era are also gone from the internet… Many infamous Golden Lovers matches I was only able to see because my friend has bootleg copies of them.

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