The 🤼 プロレス thread! Learning Japanese through pro wrestling

一筋縄では行かない is an expression about a problem being hard to deal with, where you have to go outside your normal means to figure out a solution. (I’d describe it literally like, “just a rope won’t do the trick”).
So it’s the 後輩たち that are becoming progressively more 一筋縄では行かない with each match, and so Shoko is saying she’s having to be more and more creative to deal with them, in a way that’s spurring her own growth.

Nah seems fine!

(I actually just looked up the logo out of curiosity… the uh, umlaut will take a little getting used to huh)

Seems alright!

I thought maybe she was talking about Up Up Girls so I looked it up to check, and no, she is talking about herself, but there’s another mistake here: if this is her 六年目, then she’s been an idol for 5 years, hasn’t she? :slightly_smiling_face: Wikipedia says she debuted as an idol in August of 2017, and debuted as a pro wrestler in January of 2018. So it’s now her sixth year as an idol but still her fifth as a wrestler.

Try taking out the ッ in that kind of situation. It’s onomatopoeia for something sturdy being torn, and also it would seem, a term for having big tense muscles, so it’s conveniently like “ripped” :grin:

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It has been a busy, uh, day or so in wrestling :sweat_smile:.

That plus my brother visiting last week made me fall a bit further behind on the TJPW translations, but I’m working on catching up! At least it doesn’t look like the two shows from this past weekend had nearly as much going on as the August Korakuen shows.

Haha yeah, apparently the intent was to make it sort of look like a tiara? I’m not sure if they exactly succeeded :sweat_smile:.

I did like the storytelling in this promotional image, though. I feel like this sums up their entire dynamic really well:

I’m going to split the post for Go Girl 3 into two again, because it’s another long one (and I’m still not done with it it). This was the August 28 Korakuen Hall show with an all-women audience.

This show was fairly light on plot because it was designed to be an entry point for a new audience who might not be familiar with the wrestlers. It was interesting to watch as a regular viewer of the promotion because some wrestlers, like Pom, Neko, and Raku, played rather heelish roles and didn’t come across as the scrappy underdogs that they usually are.

It was really fun to see how delighted the wrestlers were to experience a show of this size with an all-women crowd that was allowed to cheer. Namba heard the crowd cheer at the beginning of the show and immediately started crying, haha. I believe Utami Hayashishita apparently attended this show actually? It’d be neat to see Stardom attempt to do something like this as well.

Daisy Monkey faced off against Pom and Neko in the opener, getting the victory against their senpais.

Suzume and Arisu start off by commenting on the new backdrop:

Suzume: (directed at the interview backdrop) “It’s so cute!”

Endo: “It’s so colorful!”

Then Suzume says: “女の子たちがめちゃくちゃいて、しかも『かわいい』って言ってくれるから『かわいい』をお返ししたい.” I wasn’t quite sure about this line. Here was my attempt at translating it, plus the rest of their exchange:

Suzume: “There were so many girls, and they called me ‘cute’, so I want to return the sentiment and call them ‘cute’, too.”

Endo: “They were so cute!”

Suzume: “And everyone was waving at me so much.”

Endo: “I got so excited! That was so much fun!”

Suzume: “I hope everyone else had a good time, too.”

And here are Pom and Neko’s comments (I’m not sure that I would exactly describe Pom as マジメ haha):

Pom: “I wanted to get a victory as their senpai, but… I usually wrestle very seriously, but all of the girls surrounding me were so cute… I might have gotten a bit carried away. I’m always very serious.”

Neko: “Pom was very cute, too.”

Then Pom says, “ホント? でも頑張ったうちら.” The last part tripped me up. Here’s what I had for the rest:

Pom: “Really? Well, we did our best.”

Neko: “We did our best, but…”

Pom: “I felt like we worked well together. Let’s raise our tag team strength, okay?”

In the next match, Nao and Mahiro team up against the karate rookie duo of Juria and Moka, adding to Mahiro’s rare winning streak.

After the match, Mahiro starts off by saying:

Kiryu: “This was a women-only show. Yay, we won! Thank you!”

Then Nao says, “とんでもない。一緒に、ね.” Another phrase I just wasn’t quite sure about :sweat_smile:. Here’s what I had for the rest of the exchange:

Kakuta: “Don’t mention it. It was a team effort, right?”

Kiryu: “How do I put this… I was empowered by feminine strength.”

Kakuta: “For the first time, I was surrounded by women as far as the eye could see. They called my name and clapped for me. At the end, they applauded all the way back through the gate. I was so happy, and this new backdrop is so cute, huh? After this show, I hope we can bring in more women, and make TJPW even more fun!”

Kiryu: “Let’s have some fun!”

In Moka and Juria’s comments, Moka starts out with:

Miyamoto: “Today is my third time tagging with Juria-san. We lost in her debut match, and we lost in today’s match as well, so I’m really disappointed. But working with Juria-san is really fun, and I hope we can keep teaming together in the future.”

Then Juria says, “私は3回目のタッグですごく心強くて、今回こそ勝ってやろうって思ってたんですけど、私の力不足で返せなかったので。このタッグで勝ちたいなって気持ちが芽生えました。あとは女子興行、声援がすごくて.” The last bit of the first sentence there was hard for me. Here’s what I had for the rest of the exchange:

Juria: “I felt very encouraged in our third tag match, and I was determined to win this time, but I was out of my depth and couldn’t retaliate. The desire to win with this tag team sprouted within me. Also, at this women-only show, the cheers were so amazing.”

Miyamoto: “Hearing the cheers from all of those girls, it was so fresh and fun, it made me so happy.”

Juria: “We will try again.”

Misao had a fun match with Raku where the plot mostly centered around Misao doing everything possible in order to avoid falling asleep when she gets subjected to Raku’s sorcery. She brought an alarm clock, clothes pins, and caffeine shots into the ring, but ultimately the thing that kept her going was when she asked the crowd to keep her awake with their voices. It was one of those wrestling moments that’s weirdly touching, hearing all of those women cheer for her.

I think I actually understood her entire comment alright? She said:

Misao: “Thank you so much. That was splendid. I was about to fall asleep in the middle of the match, but thanks to the voices of the female crowd, I didn’t fall asleep and was able to get the victory. Thank you so, so much. I always refer to myself as a hero, but people often tell me that since I’m a girl, doesn’t that make me a heroine?.. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I think I was able to prove today that all women can become heroes, too. Please keep supporting me, everyone, and thank you!”

Then Raku said, “ミサヲさんを今日は眠らせようと思って来て、いろんなもの持ってきて…これ(洗濯バサミ)拾ったんですけど、凶器じゃないですか? ひどーい。ミサヲさんに夜中に連絡いっぱいして、電話して、次のシングル決まったらそうしたいと思います.”

I got most of this, I think except I wasn’t quite sure about “ひどーい” or what Raku was referring to with “そうしたい”, though from context it seems like she’s talking about specifically wanting to put Misao to sleep? Here’s what I had:

Raku: “I came here today with the intent of putting Misao-san to sleep, but she brought all these things… I found these (clothespins), aren’t they a dangerous weapon? Inhumane. I’m going to call Misao in the middle of the night over and over again, and when our next singles match is set, I want to make her sleep.”

Next, Maki Itoh faced Yuki Aino in a match that featured a lot of classic Itoh spots, including her usual “Who’s the cutest in the world?” spot. It was such a delight to hear an entirely female crowd yell out “Itoh-chan!” in response to that one, haha.

After the match, Itoh said, “やっぱり予想通り伊藤は女受け抜群でしたね。みなさんの応援のおかげもあって、伊藤は勝つことができました。愛野ユキ、ちゃーんとシングルやったのはたぶん初めてかな。あの人めっちゃ強いし負けず嫌いでとっても面白かったです。また何かあったら再戦してあげても全然いいので。またやりましょう。以上です.”

The tricky part of this one for me was untangling what specifically she was referring to with 面白かった. At first I thought she was describing Aino, but then it seemed to make more sense as an adjective applied to the match? Here’s what I had:

Itoh: “As expected, Itoh was really popular with women. Thanks to everyone’s support, I was able to win. This might’ve been my first proper singles match with Yuki Aino. She’s very strong and hates to lose, and it was really fun. If there is another opportunity, I’d be more than happy to give you a rematch. Let’s do it again! That’s all.”

Aino commented: “あー…悔しー…。なんか、すごい色々、負けたことももちろん悔しいんですけど、なんかもうめっちゃ試合が楽しくて。環境もそうだし、対戦相手もそうだし、すっごい楽しかったんですよ。だからもっと闘っていたかったので、ホントに試合を私の弱さで終わらせてしまったことがホント悔しかったです。もっと闘いたかったです。悔しいな~。でも、また次につなげたいと思います.”

The first couple real sentences in this one confused me :sweat_smile:. Here’s what I had:

Aino: “Ah… I’m so frustrated… With something like that, there was so much going on. Of course I was disappointed to lose, but that match was so much fun. With an environment like that, and with an opponent like that, it was just really fun. Because of that, I wanted the fight to last longer, and I’m really disappointed that my own weakness caused the match to end. I wanted to keep fighting. It’s so frustrating! But I’m looking forward to our next match.”

The next singles match was Saki Akai vs Hikari Noa.

Saki started out by saying, “たぶん、乃蒼ヒカリ選手と最後に当たったのって名古屋のシングルで。技こそそんなに増えてないんですけど、プロレスは技を増やすことが大事じゃないんで。前に感じなかったことは、感じました.”

The second sentence here was confusing to me, and I wasn’t fully confident I understood :sweat_smile:. Here’s how I translated the beginning portion of her comments:

Akai: “The last time I fought Hikari Noa might’ve been our singles match at Nagoya. She hasn’t really added any new moves, but in pro wrestling, adding new moves isn’t that important. I felt something that I hadn’t felt before. But now being an idol and wrestling has become relatively common, so when she goes to the UK, I think it would be good for her to pick up something new there and bring it back to TJPW.”

(It was a women-only show)

“There were a lot of high-pitched voices, and it felt like I was popular. There were also a lot of small children, and I wanted to be the kind of wrestler who would make those children want to become wrestlers themselves in the future.”

Then the interviewer asked her about her title match coming up in Nagoya, and she said, “相手の上福選手も真弥選手もいままでやったことがあって、彼女は彼女たちなりに東京女子を守ってきたと思うので。そこはお互い負けられないので。楽しみにしてます.”

The first sentence there was tricky. I think this is what she said?

“My opponents Kamifuku and Mahiro have both done this before, and I think that they’ve defended TJPW in their own way. Neither of us can afford to lose. I’m looking forward to it.”

Hikari’s comment was more confusing to me than not, haha.

I think I got the first few sentences and the very end, but here’s what she said: “今日は女性限定興行ってことで、女の子にいっぱい乃蒼ヒカリを知ってもらいたいなって思ったんですけど…まず対戦相手が手が長くてエステサロンを経営してて。普段から美容にも気を使ってて、プロレスも上手で強くて。これはどうしようって思った時に、自分はそこまでかっこいいとかかわいいとか、あんまり気にせず闘ってきたので。それを何も変わりなく闘って、そして何か勝てるってなった時に、結果として勝てればいいかなって思ったんですけど…めちゃくちゃ強くて。イギリス遠征を控えている中での負けですごく悔しいんですけど、この負けを持ったままイギリスに行って、負けた自分が言うのも何ですけど、IPのベルトを絶対に日本に持って帰ってきます.”

Here’s what I had:

Hikari: “Today was the women-only show, and I wanted all those girls to learn all about Hikari Noa, but… First of all, my opponent has really long hands and runs a beauty salon. She routinely takes care of her looks, and is a strong and skilled wrestler. When I thought about what to do here, I had been fighting without worrying too much about being cool or cute. I thought it would be good if I could fight without changing anything and somehow win, but… she was so strong! I’m really disappointed that I lost while preparing for my UK excursion, but I will go to the UK with this loss, and even though I’m the one who lost, I’m definitely bringing the International Princess belt back to Japan.”

The last of the four singles matches was Kamiyu vs Yuki Arai, which served as a nice preview for their upcoming tag title match. One thing I liked about this feud is that they did a good job making Arai look super beatable by both Kamiyu and Mahiro going into that title match, despite the fact that logically there’s no way Arai is going to lose the belt on her first defense in her hometown on a show featuring a mini SKE48 concert.

I think just about every other line of Kamiyu’s comment had something I was unsure about, haha.

Here’s what she said, and my best attempt at translating the whole thing:

上福「荒井ちゃんと初めてシングルして。ホントは去年の夏にシングルする予定だったんですけど、いろいろあって流れちゃって。1年越しにシングルするってなったら、まさかタイトルマッチの前哨戦みたいなかんじにもなってて。去年の荒井ちゃんはデビューしたばっかのスーパー新人みたいなかんじだったのに、いまやしっかりベルトまで取って。沙希さんの横にいて、東京女子ってアイドル路線というか、アイドル受けのいい団体だから。荒井ちゃんが入ってきた時と私が入ってきた時なんて、雲泥の差っていうのも感じてて。正直、ジェラシーも感じてたのかなって思うし、反面、最近東京女子も荒井ちゃんをダシにいろいろPRしすぎじゃないの?って思ってたので。それは荒井ちゃんの方の事務所にも申し訳ないので、この辺で自分が出てって、客寄せパンダにでもなれたらいいなって思ってるところで。次、名古屋でタイトルマッチあるけど、これは真弥が引っ張り出してくれたことなので。自分の気持ちだけで前に進もうとするんじゃなくて、真弥と足並み揃えてしっかり勝ちにいこうかなって思ってます。全国の東京女子のファンのみんな、アイドルだけじゃなくてケバイ女もたまには濃い味いいでしょー! OK、バイバーイ!」

Kamifuku: “This was my first singles match with Arai-chan. There were actually plans for us to have a singles match last summer, but for a number of reasons, that fell through. When this singles match happened a year later, it felt like it unexpectedly became something like a preview for our title match. Last year, Arai-chan felt like a super green rookie who’d just debuted, but now she’s made it far enough to win a belt. She’s at Saki-san’s side, and TJPW is an idol-oriented company, or maybe I should say it’s a company where idols are well-received. It felt like there was a world of difference between when I joined the company and when Arai-chan joined. To be honest, I think I felt jealous, and on the other hand, I wondered if TJPW had been using Arai-chan too much lately as an excuse for some PR. I felt bad for Arai-chan’s office, so I’m hoping that by performing here, I can also become a star attraction. Next is the title match in Nagoya, but this is something that Mahiro pulled off. I’m not trying to move forward with just my own feelings, and I intend on winning by walking in step with Mahiro. All of you fans of TJPW all over the country, glamorous girls also have a strong appeal every now and then, not just idols, right? OK, bye bye!”

The main thing I want to double-check with Kamiyu’s comment is her “東京女子ってアイドル路線というか、アイドル受けのいい団体だから” line, and the line about TJPW using Arai for PR, haha. Just want to make sure I’m extra accurate there so that no one on twitter gets the wrong idea about things :sweat_smile:.

I did find her mentioning her jealousy of Arai to be interesting, especially considering the parallels drawn between Saki Akai and Yuki Arai, and between Saki and Kamiyu earlier this year. And her continued insistence basically that she’s doing this in some way for Mahiro. I realized that they remind me a bit of Emma and Harriet from Jane Austen’s Emma, where Emma basically befriends Harriet at first as a “project” because she wants to “improve” her, but ultimately ends up doing more harm than good to her in some ways…

Arai’s comment is thankfully a lot easier to translate! I only felt like I had some trouble with one line.

She starts off by saying: “今日は9月4日の防衛戦前の最後の試合で、対戦相手の上福さんとシングルマッチだったんですけど。やっぱり、差をすごい感じさせられてものすごく悔しかったですし。赤井さんがいないとダメなんじゃないかって思われるかなって思うとものすごく悔しいんですけど…自分も今日この試合ができたことは大きいことだと思うので。しっかりこの試合を経て、強くなった姿でチャンピオンとして試合に行きたいと思いました.”

The line that was hard for me was “赤井さんがいないとダメなんじゃないかって思われるかなって思うとものすごく悔しいんですけど” right in the middle there. Here’s what I had for this part and the rest of her comments:

Arai: “This was the last match before my title defense on September 4, and it was a singles match with my opponent, Kamifuku-san. As expected, I could really feel the difference between us, and I was really frustrated. It’s extremely frustrating to think that people might assume that I’m useless when Arai-san isn’t there, but… I also think that it was a big deal that I was able to have this match today. I wanted to get through this match and go into my match as the champion looking strong.”

(It was a women-only show)

“It was also the first time in a long time that they could use their voices. There were lots of girls, and they cheered for me so much, but I’m frustrated that I wasn’t able to show my best side in front of people who haven’t been watching me, people who were watching for the first time. I hope everyone comes back to watch us again.”

After that, the only match left is the main! But there’s a fair amount said in-ring, and then backstage from all six of the wrestlers, so I’ll save that for another post, once I finish translating it, haha.

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Seems fine to me!

Her tone of voice for that line’s really fun, haha. She’s being very knowingly sarcastic and laying it on thick to underline the joke.

Seems fine! If it’s not clear in the transcript, the でも here comes across like a topic change, like “well - anyway” (rather than a more direct link between the preceding and following topics)

Seems fine! Here’s a source for example talking about とんでもない in this sort of context (humbly cutting back in response to someone’s praise).

To use a non-Japanese wrestling comparison, literal meaning-wise I’d say to me とんでもない feels kinda like Gorilla Monsoon’s “will you stop?” response when Heenan said something outrageous as a heel commentator - like “don’t be absurd”/“oh cut it out” but in a friendly sort of way. (and heel commentators in general seem like a good example of people who regularly say とんでもない things)

返す is the term used in pro wrestling for kicking out (for an example as proof, I didn’t find it in the wrestling dictionary but I did find this wikipedia page define a “ニアフォール” as “「カウント2.9」など、ピンフォール寸前でカバーを返すこと。”) - so anyway, she was probably saying she was unable to kickout here.
This is probably a particularly easy one to listen out for on commentary, by the way! “かえした!!” frequently follows exciting nearfalls, for example.

Looks fine to me!

凶器 comes across to me like wrestling lingo - pretty much the equivalent of say, “foreign object” so to clarify just in case I would say she’s complaining about the rules violation moreso than any actual dangerousness of the clothespin.
As for ひどーい, ひどい is super common as a like, colloquialish, feminine, like, way of telling someone off sort of. Definitely one where you’ll pick up the sense and vibe more from hearing it, but to try to give a sense, the quintessential ひどい so-to-speak would be like, along the lines of, friend A is eating her ice cream and saves the cherry until the end, then friend B grabs it and eats it right before she gets to it. “ひどいわ!” would be an easy fit for something to say in that situation, and so an English rough equivalent to me would be like, “wow, rude!” That same mix of like, not super serious about it but nonetheless shocked and appalled. (and the ー is just extending it a little if that wasn’t clear).
Which is all to say the use here is like that, not super serious but apalled (and with more than a hint of sarcasm from the context of it being a clothespin and vowel lengthening) - “Isn’t this a foreign object? Wow! Unbelievable.” is maybe the best shot I can give it.
As for what she wants to do, I believe she’s saying if 次のシングル決まったら, then she wants to do those things she said. So she’s saying if/when their next singles match is set, she wants to start calling Misao in the middle of the night a lot (so as to increase the chances of Misao succumbing to sleep come matchtime, and therefore Raku’s chances of victory).
(p.s. this is super nitpicky but she does hold one up when she’s saying これ so I’d say ‘this’ rather than ‘these’ – Misao brought various / a bunch of different things, and Raku picked this one thing up, so the promo at least, doesn’t grammatically imply multiple clothespins)

Not a huge problem or anything, but this part could be… zhuzhed up more I think. She’s really talking up how popular she is with women and with the もあって, it’s like yes, it was thanks to everyone’s support that she won, but there were other reasons too (like her incredible popularity). The sense (not really trying to be super literal here or decide things like how to translate how she refers to herself) is something like “I killed it out there with the women! Like we all knew I would! Thanks to that, and everyone’s cheers, I was able to win.” to me.

Yeah, I would say “あの人めっちゃ強いし負けず嫌いで” are reasons that the match was 面白かった. She was talking about the match just before, and the し signals that that bit is like, a reason among others leading up the main point (rather than the main subject of what she’s going to say).

One thing I’d point out unnecessarily by the way, is that 負けず嫌い appears to be sort of like “I could care less” in English, in the sense that it’s a phrase that grammatically, looks like its opposite, since “負けず” is “without losing” so there’s an explainer or two in Japanese about what exactly it means (and why it’s not “hates not losing”) – it sounds like, “competitive,” roughly. So anyway, “hates losing” works but in maybe a more roundabout way than it may appear, is I guess what I mean!

Here there’s a long pause and thought-forming after すごい色々, and the 負けたことももちろん悔しいんですけど is an interjection.
It’s like - she’s forming the thought “there were so many things about the match that were fun” and it ends up like, “there were so many things… – It was frustrating to lose of course, but – so many things that were fun about the match.” The し clauses I would say are filling in some of the 色々 elements that led to the match being fun. The environment was fun, the opponent was fun, etc.

I’m not super sure either, and the transcripts make me wonder a little if maybe the transcribers weren’t 100% either thanks to her talking fast and the pounding background noise, but maybe that’s wishful thinking. I think yours is generally right as best I can tell, and the idea with the part about learning new moves not being important is like, “learning new moves isn’t important, so I felt something I hadn’t felt before from her (and that’s the real important growth)” - like she’s saying I think Noa grew even though there weren’t obvious new moves on display showing that, and it just came through a little hard to follow.

I think the original is more literally like “they’ve both done stuff” (lit. there is stuff they’ve done) than “they’ve both done this before.” There’s a middle clause after やったことがあって that the transcript just dropped (supporting my hypothesis they weren’t fully succeeding at making out what she was saying either), it sounds like she says something about they/her having their own experiences in 他団体, so I think she’s talking up their experience and accomplishments just in a very vague and general way.

I think you’re pretty much right with what you have, but you maybe haven’t keyed into the train of thought.
The idea I would say, is,
(before the match), Noa knows 今日は女性限定興行, so, she thinks “女の子にいっぱい乃蒼ヒカリを知ってもらいたいな”
But, to that end, from the start, 対戦相手が手が長くてエステサロンを経営してて。普段から美容にも気を使ってて、プロレスも上手で強くて。
Uh oh, どうしよう. How will she be able to compete in impressing the female fans against someone so put together and beautiful and good at wrestling?
She ended up fighting without worrying about 自分はそこまでかっこいいとかかわいいとか to much, and just being herself, and so it seemed like in a sense she was winning because of that (presumably the crowd was responding to her like she wanted), and at that point she thought wouldn’t it be great if she even won the match too, but… her opponent really was strong.

I don’t think this part is right - a スーパールーキー is like, Shinsuke Nakamura when he won the IWGP heavyweight championship as the youngest and quickest since debut to ever do it. Like, an extremely promising rookie that will likely rise quickly to the top. I’m almost positive I’ve seen スーパールーキー used like that to describe Arai previously before, even. So it stands to reason to me that a スーパー新人 would mean the same, like スーパー as in “Superman” rather than スーパー as in “super delicious!”
Looking for extra confirmationHere’s a source for example of someone blogging about a work machine they bought and are excited about by calling it a “今日は 新しく入った 期待大 の スーパー新人くん” :grin:

Otherwise I think it’s fine! I would only have minor hard-to-phrase comments like tweaking the tense on stuff like “It felt like there was a world of difference between when I joined the company and when Arai-chan joined” or adding a “so” before “I’m not trying to move forward with just my own feelings”

I think this is fine!
The one really minor nitpick I have about the hard sentence (that you parsed well!) is more about English phrasing - I would go with, I think, “conclude from it” rather than “assume” - just because… she’s implying she lost the match, and that because of that, people might think (based on the evidence of the loss) that she’s useless without Akai. Which seems to me more of a conclusion than an assumption.
I would also quibble very slightly with “I wanted to get through this match and go into my match as the champion looking strong” just because “looking strong” in American pro wrestling terminology seems to generally mean “winning.” The sense to me of the original (e.g. with 強くなった姿) is more about growth - she wanted to have this match and come through it stronger, and show as champion that she’s done that.


Got pretty derailed by the wildest/most stressful three days in AEW’s existence, but I finally finished the translation for TJPW’s August 28 show! (If anyone hasn’t, uh, heard about what happened at AEW this weekend, I can try to sum up the situation as clearly as possible. It’s a mess! :grimacing:)

Gotta say, it’s kind of nice to get back to TJPW after all of that :sweat_smile:.

The main event for the women-only Korakuen show was billed as basically their best six wrestlers, and it certainly delivered! Everyone got their spots in, and it was a really fun match.

After the match, Shoko… said a long sentence that confused me a bit, haha. I think I figured it out, but I’m still not completely sure with these :sweat_smile:.

Here was what she said, and what I had:


Nakajima: “This was a women-only show at Korakuen Hall, and there were people watching pro wrestling for the first time, and people watching TJPW for the first time, and people who have always supported us, and the fact that everyone was cheering for us dispelled my anxiety and fear and made me feel full of energy. Thank you so much! My two tag partners are also really reassuring. Since all of these people have gone through the trouble to see us, I want to hear a bit from each of you.”

I was a bit confused by Rika’s first sentence here: “今日はこんなにたくさんの一面の女の子、ありがとうございます! 画面のむこうのみんなも見えてるよ~”

I ended up filling it in with a little context from that second sentence, assuming I was right. Here was her whole statement:

Tatsumi: “To see the faces of so many girls today, thank you very much! I can see everyone on the other side of the screen, too! I want to keep doing so many more. Wasn’t today a huge success?”

Then Miu said, “すごい女性の方の声が新鮮で嬉しかったんですけど、今日でまたドップリ沼に浸かって、また会いにきてくれたら嬉しいなって思いました。ありがとうございました.”

That second part of her first sentence had some vocab that Yomichan/ struggled a bit to parse, but my fandom vocab book was more helpful, haha. Here was what I had for her lines and then the next few from the others:

Miu: “Hearing so many women’s voices was something new and it made me happy, but if you become totally obsessed after today and come to see us again, I would be overjoyed. Thank you so much.”

Nakajima: “Since the three of you are here, how about you also give a few words."

Sakazaki: “Actually, I did want to talk a little.”

Miyu started off with: “私から。ありがとー! 今日ね、勝てなかったのは悔しいですけど、こうして月日が経って、後楽園で女性限定ってことができてすごく嬉しいし.” The part that confused me was “こうして月日が経って”, but I think I was able to figure out the rest. Here’s what I had:

Yamashita: “From me: Thank you! I’m disappointed that I didn’t win today, but after so much time has passed, I’m so happy that we were able to have a women-only event at Korakuen. I’m also so happy that I could have a match with these members. TJPW will continue to push forward from here, so please give us your support. Thank you so much for today.”

Then Yuka said: “ちょっと女性限定だからカッコつけてんじゃないの? 浮かれんな。でも、いつもと違う風景でいつもと違うかんじに見えて、来てくださってるみなさんが東京女子プロレスになってくれたらすごい団体になるので。みなさん是非、東京女子の練習生になってください(笑)”

The longest sentence was confusing because I couldn’t make sense of what she was trying to say with 違う風景 :sweat_smile:. Here’s what I had:

Sakazaki: “Are you showing off a little because it’s only women? Don’t get carried away. But, if we can show different scenery and a different impression from usual, everyone who comes will become part of TJPW, and it’ll become an amazing organization. I want everyone to become a TJPW trainee (laughs).”

Mizuki said, “今日はいっぱい女の子がいるから、勝ってかっこいいねって言ってもらいたかったんですけど…リカさんのせいで、あんまうまいこといかんくて。でもやっぱり東京女子のチャンピオンは強いなってあらためて思ったし、私は翔子さんはもちろん、ユカッチももちろん。ここの誰よりも強くなるので。これからも東京女子、たくさんたくさん見てもらって、満員の中で試合ができるように一緒に頑張っていきたいので。これからもまた遊びに来てください!”

Lots of things tripped me up here, but the most confusing part was “私は翔子さんはもちろん、ユカッチももちろん”. Then I couldn’t quite figure out the subject of the next sentence, haha. Here was my attempt:

Mizuki: “There are lots of girls here today, so I wanted to win so that they’d say I was cool, but thanks to Rika-san, things didn’t go so well. But in any case, I was reminded that TJPW has a strong champion—Shoko-san of course, but also Yuka-chi. They’re becoming stronger than anyone else here. I hope lots and lots of you keep watching TJPW, and we’re all going to work hard so that we can have a match with a sold-out crowd. Please keep coming back again and again and have fun with us!

Shoko’s last comments in-ring were the only ones I felt decently confident about. She said:

Nakajima: “We all enter the ring with various feelings, but we want TJPW to be the kind of company where people can watch us work hard and do the best that we can and feel energized by it. So I’m going to keep doing my best so that people will want to go watch our matches when they want to feel invigorated again! Whether you’re here for the first time or a long-time supporter, I hope you keep watching TJPW. Thank you so much for coming today!”

Backstage, Shoko said, “まさか女性限定っていままでそんなに大きいところでやったことがなかったので、後楽園ホールでやることにちょっとだけ怖さがあったんですけど。そんなことは忘れるくらいにみなさんの目線と声援がホントに温かくて…こんな言い方をするとアレなんですけど、かわいい!”

That last line was really tricky! Here was my best attempt at that comment and then the next few:

Nakajima: “We hadn’t had a women-only show in such a large venue before, so I was a bit intimidated at the thought of doing it at Korakuen Hall. But everyone’s gaze and voices were so warm, I almost forgot about that… I don’t know how to say it, but they were cute!”

Tatsumi: “Yes they were (laughs). They brought such a cozy feeling, and I’m happy. They cheered so loudly for us.”

Nakajima: “I said it in the ring, but what makes me the happiest is when the people who watch me wrestle say that it energizes them. I want to keep doing my best so that when people want energy, they can come watch my matches.”

Tatsumi: “Yeah! When you watch TJPW, it activates your brain cells. It produces so many happy hormones. I hope people come and see us again and again!”

Then the interviewer talked about this also being a preview match for Shoko vs Yuka. Shoko said, “今日はそこだけじゃないと思って。うーん…私とユカッチは前哨戦当たれて、この続きが見て欲しいなって思ったし。ユカッチはどんな状況でも強いから、私は少し身構えるんです。そんな風に固くならないように、余裕を持っていけるように頑張ります.”

I was confused by most of this, but especially the first and the last sentences :sweat_smile:. Here’s what I had:

Nakajima: “That wasn’t the only point today. Well… Yuka-chi and I faced off in a preview match, and I was hoping people would want to see a continuation of that. Yuka-chi is strong no matter the situation, so that puts me on guard a little bit. I’ll try my best to be flexible so that I don’t get too rigid.”

For the other side’s comments, Yuka started out with:

Sakazaki: “Ah, the venue smelled so nice.”

Then Miyu said, “たしかにね。でもホントに勝てなかったのは悔しいし…でもやっぱり、入場してみんな女の子で。後楽園でこの景色が見られたっていうのは、東京女子の成長をすごく感じました。新しいロゴも発表されて、これからまた東京女子がどう進んでいくかって気になってくれたかなって、今日来れなかった男性のお客さんもね。今日楽しかったよね?”

I think I managed to puzzle out the sentences that confused me here, but not confidently haha. Here’s what I had:

Yamashita: “It did. But it was really frustrating that we lost… Even so, entering and seeing all of those girls there, being able to see that view at Korakuen, I really felt how much TJPW has grown. The new logo was unveiled, and I think it made people wonder about how TJPW is going to move forward from here, even the male fans who couldn’t come today. Today was fun, wasn’t it?”

Then Yuka said, “今日来れない男の方たちは最初から来てるもいて、でもこの場にいれないっていうのはちょっと置いてけぼりみたいなかんじで思われがちですが。でも違うんだよって、みんなに届けてるんだよっていうのが伝わってたらいいなって。拗ねてたら次甘やかしますんで.”

Once again, I was confused by the point she was making with 違う, and a bit confused by that long first sentence again. Here’s what I had:

Sakazaki: “Some of the guys who couldn’t come today have been coming to shows since the beginning, and not being able to come today probably makes them feel a little left out. But I hope that they understand that this is something different, and it’s being delivered to everyone. If they are sulking, I will spoil them next time.”

Every line of Mizuki’s comment confused me, but ironically by the end of it I felt like it clicked and I understood the point she was making, and felt more confident that maybe I had managed to translate it after all? :sweat_smile:


Mizuki: “I think we’re only able to do this daunting Korakuen show because of everyone who faithfully comes to our shows. It’s truly thanks to everyone who’s always here that more women are seeing us. If the venue fills up with both girls and boys, that would be a blessing.”

For Yuka’s final comment, I think I understood the first part of her response, but was a bit confused by everything that followed after the question from the interviewer:


Sakazaki: “I would be so happy if everyone follows TJPW as it’s brilliantly transforming like this.”

(It was also a preview match)

“I’m still aware of Shoko Nakajima. But enjoying the women-only audience was the most important thing for me today. But even though I’m not as focused on her, Shoko Nakajima being present gives me a sense of excitement, as always. We’re not there yet. From this point, I want to keep kicking things into a higher gear.”

And that’s it for that show!

Looks like things are winding down for a bit from here. The two shows from last weekend combined have substantially less to translate than this one did, haha, and the next big show is in October. Phew!

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Only nitpicks here:
I think with ということで, “so” might be closer to the original meaning than “and.”
I think the いろんな方がいる中で part got a bit dropped, and that it’s presence emphasizes that even in such a diverse crowd, everyone was cheering (and that’s what was reassuring) - like, “in the midst of (the circumstances of) いろんな方がいる, みなさんが声援を送ってくださる.”
And she said 私たち, so it’s our anxiety and fear that was dispelled!

I think this is maybe more confusing in the transcript - she says in the video more like “たくさんの、女の子、一面の女の子” and I would say the 一面 is referring to the expanse of girls (rather than one or each woman’s face). Googling “一面の” came up with a lot of pictures of “一面の花” like this:

(so, like that but with girls instead of flowers)

She’s talking directly to Yamashita here, with a sharp な at the end of her sentence, so I would say it’s more like – she wanted to talk and knew Yamashita wanted to too, and so she’s confirming that (and then gesturing for Yamashita to go ahead and take a mic).

So I’d put it more in the ballpark of like, “truth be told we did have something to say, right [Yamashita]?”

Given that context above, and the way she says it in the video (it’s before a marked switch to addressing the crowd mode) this part is definitely more like “I’ll start.” We’ve established and confirmed multiple people want to talk, and the order will proceed from Yamashita on.

Does the sweeping hand gesture accompanying 風景 clear it up?

The いつもと違う風景 is the 女性限定 audience everyone’s been commenting on - the scenery is different than usual (because of the 一面の女の子), and that gave the show a different feeling than usual.

They key to that part is the 私は earlier floating around still wanting for a predicate. The structure is: 私は… ここの誰よりも強くなるので - she’s resolving to grow stronger than anyone here.
The joke being – (and this is never going to quite play in the transcript, unfortunately!) when she lists off people here: 翔子さんはもちろん、ユカッチももちろん, she turns next to Yamashita and then abruptly turns away pointedly not adding her to the list (which gets a laugh from the audience).

She further emphasizes the joke in an aside that doesn’t look like it made into the transcript: ここの誰よりも, (みっちゃんは置いといて), 強くなるので. She’s going to become stronger than everybody here (putting aside Miyu)

Looks good to me! I googled around for a bit and it sounds to me like the use of アレ here is like “I’m not finding the right words, so this is just a vague approximation of what I mean, but…”
Like, “if I say it this way it’ll be アレ, but” with アレ being the prime example of a vague thing someone says while searching for the right word. :grin:

One really small nitpick is I would probably remove the almost in “I almost forgot” - everyone’s 目線と声援 were so warm that she did forget those negative feelings.

Here the transcriber appears to have cut through some roundaboutness brought on by Shoko’s tendency to especially often qualify statements with stuff like 思った
( to_omotteimasu )

I would say as written here, Shoko wants hypothetical audience members to watch the continuation of the feud.
見て欲しい means you want someone else to 見る, so Shoko wants the audience members to watch - there’s not actually an element of the audience wanting anything there.

However – what I hear quickly in the video is:
which is a bit of a wonderful logjam, and so this time around, Shoko wants hypothetical audience members to want to watch the continuation of the feud.
思って欲しい by the same token as before, means you want someone else to think, so she tought she wanted other people to think they wanted to watch the continuation.

… So anyway! Yours is right, but in a roundabout way! :grin: Perhaps you sensed the sentiment even though the transcript simplified it!

Structurally looks fine!
Only a couple minor nitpicks – “all of those girls” in the original is more literally like “everyone was girls” I would say - the みんな is 女の子.
And I would say “even the male fans” is more literally like “the male fans too.” (not sure if I could exactly phrase out what distinction I’m making with either of these though)

For bonus points I would maybe figure out a way to gracefully sprinkle in the equivalent of, like, “(in a good way)” after “make people wonder” to get the sense of くれた more fully, but that’s not really a big deal at all!

違う is a very common way of saying “you’re wrong! / incorrect! / that’s not how it is” - so she’s saying she hopes it’s conveyed to them that they’re wrong about feeling like they’ve been left out. (as in, they haven’t been left out). It’s not the show that’s different in this case, it’s these hypothetical male audience members’ frustrated/hurt perception that’s different from the reality of TJPW’s intent.
違うんだよ → we’re not leaving you out.
みんなに届けてるんだよ → it’s reaching everyone. (i.e. this show is being broadcast/streamed to everyone)

looks ok to me!
The last chunk looks pretty alright too!


So I got a question. Today I just learned the vocab reading for stone which is Ishi. Is this why Tomohiro Ishii is called the Stone Pitbull?



His name is 石いし 井い 智とも宏ひろ

so “stone” is quite literally in his name! (in addition to strangely suiting him)

The first in a surprisingly long line of wrestler names where I experienced “hey this kanji reading sounds like this wrestler’s name, so I’ll use them as a mnemonic” … … “oh that is the kanji reading in their name!”


Nice! I just thought that it was because he’s built like a rock haha

I’m way behind you guys on this translating stuff but I’m glad I can start to pick certain stuff up. The only things I can usually read on Japanese wrestling broadcasts are the katakana for English words


As soon as I learned the kanji and realized it was in his name, I assumed that he’d chosen the name/spelling for his ring name intentionally haha, but it just occurred to me to google his 本名.

…Which is in fact 石井智宏, as it turns out! So yeah, the name suiting him so well is in fact a complete coincidence!

Recognizing that kanji in Ishii’s name was actually one of the first things that clicked for me as well, haha! I commented on it in my second ever post in my study log:

And the katakana in wrestling broadcasts was also one of the first things I could read :blush:. I was a little late to start kanji after learning hiragana and katakana, because I hadn’t yet committed to properly learning the language (and it took me a couple months after starting kanji to truly commit and start actually learning grammar :sweat_smile:), so there were a few months where all I could really do was read the katakana wrestler names and the katakana words in the Abema ratings for the NOAH wrestlers.

So if you stick with it, @GoldenAzazel, you will definitely get to the point I’m at now where you’re actually capable of translating stuff. It will happen sooner than you think!


I started my journey about 3 and a half months ago when it comes to learning any form of Japanese. Got through Hiragana and Katakana, then I looked through a few different Japanese learning apps on my mobile and Duolingo was the one I got on with the most. After a little while I seen someone post on Twitter that although they were doing well with Duolingo they weren’t really learning much Kanji, and they recommended this as the place to go.

I don’t know what a good pace to be learning at is, but I’m happy that I can read what I can so far and I’ve almost finished Unit 2 on Duolingo, making sure I get fluent at each section before I move on to the next.

I’m in the UK so we get a lot of Japanese wrestlers on excursion. I’d love to be able to walk up to one and have a conversation in Japanese one day.

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Finished the September 3 TJPW show!

I didn’t notice when I was watching originally, but Mahiro and Kamiyu debuted a new tag team move in this show! It’s a shame the VOD came out after the title match the next day :sweat_smile:.

After their match, Mahiro and Kamiyu have this exchange:

Kiryu: “I won!”

Kamifuku: “Mahiro-chan is in Full Power Mahiro Mode these days, aren’t you?”

Kiryu: “I am in Full Power Mahiro Mode. We have a title match tomorrow, so there was absolutely no way we could lose today. I gave it my all.”

Kamifuku: “Good for you!”

Kiryu: “We also have a new move…”

Kamifuku: “That move we won with at the end, what did you name it?”

Then Mahiro says, “技の名前ですか? いいんですか、それで?” I think I understood the meaning, but I guess my question here was more concerning tone, haha. Does this work?

Kiryu: “The move name? You’re cool with it?”

Kamifuku: “Yes, I’ve adopted it.”

Kiryu: “Well, okay then.” (after Kamifuku’s drum roll) “Enryo!”

Kamifuku: “Yeah! The name of the tag move we did at the end is Enryo!”

Kiryu: “It’s named ‘Enryo’ after Enryo Inoue, who is the man who founded Toyo University. It’s written in katakana.”

Then Kamiyu said a line that made me laugh and then immediately go to wikipedia to look something up: “井上円了はバケモノ学に特化した人なので、あの技でバケモノ狩りをするってイメージで.” I think I understand what she’s saying here, especially considering Inoue’s background, but I wasn’t quite sure how to translate バケモノ学. DeepL’s suggestion was “monsterology”, which maybe works? It’s certainly snappy. Here’s what I went with:

Kamifuku: “Enryo Inoue was a man who specialized in monsterology*, so I have an image in my head of us hunting monsters with that move.”

Then Mahiro says, “そういうことです。それを携えて、明日もこの勢いで勝ってベルトを取って。うわぁーって、やりたいですね.” I wasn’t quite sure what she’s saying in her last sentence? This was just my best guess:

Kiryu: “Yes, exactly. We’re going into tomorrow with that in hand, and we’re going to ride this momentum and win the belts. We want to wow them, right?”

Then Kamiyu says, “そうです。明日頑張るので、井上円了に恥じぬ試合をして、ベルトを2人で取ったら大学に行って、卒業後の進路を迷ってるやつらに全員アドバイスしてやる。待っとけ.” I think I got the meaning, but couldn’t quite figure out a great way to translate 待っとけ :sweat_smile:. Here’s what I had:

Kamifuku: “Right. We’re going to do our best tomorrow, and we’re gonna have a match that will not embarrass Enryo Inoue, and when we win the belts, I will go to the university and give advice to everyone who’s struggling to figure out what to do after graduation. Be ready for it.”

Finally, Mahiro says, “全員プロレスラーにしてやる.” I wasn’t quite sure if Mahiro was being included in all of this, or if she was just talking about Kamiyu? Here was my guess:

Kiryu: “You’re going to make them all become wrestlers.”

The show also featured a special singles match between Misao and Nao, which Misao decided to spice up by adding a rule where you had to drink a shot of lemon juice after every one count or rope break. It ended with Nao basically dumping shot after shot of lemon juice in Misao’s mouth hahaha.

After the match, Nao said, “ミサヲさんとのシングルマッチ、まぁ酸いも甘いも経験してきた同期の我々なので。やられたらやり返すって精神でいるので、ミサヲさんにはやられたことを倍にして返したいなと思ってるんですけど。特に何の因縁もないので、これからも同期として、時に今後頭のおかしい絡み合いをして、切磋琢磨して。同期として息長くやっていければいいなと思います。以上です.”

The second and third sentences in particular threw me off a little. Here was my attempt:

Kakuta: “This singles match with Misao-san, well, we’re from the same generation and have both experienced sweet and sour. There’s a spirit of ‘when you suffer damage, pay it back in kind’, so I want to repay double what Misao-san did to me. We don’t have any particular connection, so from now on, as wrestlers from the same generation, we’re going to occasionally get mixed up in crazy matches and have a friendly rivalry. I hope we can keep doing this for a long time as classmates. That’s all.”

I think I got all of Misao’s comment, more or less?

Misao: “Unthinkable… It was my own sweet and sour citric acid rule, but that was hell. Hey, Pokka-lemon-san, I’m fully awake now, but there’s a terrible sour taste in my mouth…” (holding up the plastic water bottle) “It’s gone. I’m disappointed that I lost, but let’s roll this one back under the same rules again so that I can get another chance for revenge. Thank you very much.”

The main event had the small but noteworthy plot development of Raku’s first main event win! She teamed with Itoh and Miyu.

A fun Raku fact is that her first ever win in wrestling happened when she was teaming with Itoh, in pre-pandemic 2020. She was a wrestler for two and a half years before she managed to pin someone. It was a neat little story, and it led to Itoh and Raku challenging for Miu and Rika’s tag titles (since Raku had pinned Miu, who was tag champion at the time). Alas, Raku has still yet to win a title in wrestling. Maybe someday…

Her win here is a good start, at least! She won with the Doctor Yellow, which is named after a rarely seen tester train that is said to bring good luck to anyone who sees it.

After the match, here’s what everyone said (to the best of my understanding!):

Raku: “I won…” (to MagiRabbi, who are on their way out) “Scary!”

Itoh: “I’m not scared. We’re pro wrestlers; we’re going to win!”

Raku: “We’re going to win! I was with two really strong people in the main event today… and they pulled my weight? I was able to win in the main event for the first time today. I always think of the two wrestlers in 121000000 as a limited express train, whereas I’m always a local train, leisurely stopping at each station. But today I feel like I could temporarily become a limited express train. I’m going to try my best to win more matches, and I’m not just going to trail after these two people whom I like very much. I’d like to close with a salute pose from everyone, so please give me your best wishes!”

Everyone: “Oyasumi Express!”

Still two shows behind, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to slowly make up ground, haha.


Hey fellow wrestling fans. I’m still very green when it comes to Japanese, so I’m only able to pick up a few words here and there during commentary. I can also read a bit and attempt reading a lot of Tweets from Japanese wrestlers and fans. I’m coming here to see if anyone had a bit of guidance regarding the word 選手 (senshu), which I see and hear a lot. To me it looks like a title or address that you would add to the end of a wrestler’s name to distinguish him/her as a pro wrestler. Kind of like in the same way you might use 先生 (sensei). Am I on the right track?


This might because of the transcription (or your quotes) truncating things a bit, but the video was clearer to me that Kamifuku was asking about a possible name Mahiro had previously raised with her. She uses っけ as in like, “what was that move name again?” and there some more verbage in there clarifying like, “you know, that name you came up with”

I think the tone is fine with “you’re cool with it?” – “you’re ok with it?” or somesuch might emphasize Mahiro’s general diffidence more but I don’t think she’s being all that overtly obsequious here.
“I’ve adopted it” sounds maybe a little odd? In that it sounds a little over-literal but I’m not connecting the dots exactly to the original based on the video, which sounds like “いいよ、さよう!” which I would describe more as like “Yep, go for it!” or “yep, I approve!” (via the 然様 kind of さよう).

funny they didn’t 遠慮する adopting that move name har har har har

Yeah, it seems like a little bit of a Kamiyu-ism, since the more proper-sounding terminology would appear to be 妖怪学 (and Mahiro mutters 妖怪 under her breath after Kamifuku says it)

It’s her miming holding the belt up in victory:
(the うわぁー is like, a little “raaah” kind of victory noise)

In Kamifuku’s bit here you switched from “we” to “I” I think with not much cause – I would say throughout here they are both talking about things they will do as a unit if they win.

A couple small things here. First, Itoh isn’t talking up her own courage, she’s contradicting Raku saying こわい as in saying like, to have more courage - I would say more like "No, it’s not scary - we’re pro wrestlers! " or “No, be brave! We’re pro wrestlers!” that kind of thing.
Secondly, “we’re going to win” just sounds weird in English in this context since they just finished a match where they won. :sweat_smile: I would say also, with 勝ちに行くんだよ, she’s not reassuring her by saying they’ll win, she’s more saying like – get your head in the game, we’re pro wrestlers, we go out there to try to win, that kind of thing. Like, it’s not こわい, it’s a challenge to step up to. It’s like a coach pep talk. Not sure how best to phrase that though. (and Raku’s 勝ちに行きます is affirming that she will strive to win)

Not sure about the transcript but in the video I think there’s a joke here – first she says (I think) she pulled their weight and the audience laughs and she swaps it around to they pulled her weight (or maybe everyone pulled each others’).

選手 is commonly used as a suffix for an athlete’s name similar to the way 先生 is used for teachers, doctors and the like. I’d say it would be the default respectful suffix (like さん) to use for a wrestler (or any athlete I assume), in directly sports-related contexts, anyway. You’ll hear commentators use it frequently, for example. Or as a fan I think something like “デスペラード選手はカッコイイですね。” would be a natural phrasing.

One specific instance you can listen out for by the way is before a wrestler’s entrance the ring announcer will sometimes say over the microphone “X選手の入場です!” to announce whose entrance it is.
(Although – now that I mention it… it might just be Stardom that does that?)


I wanted to share a couple things!

Firstly, I added a link to my blog/twitter account into the TJPW section in the opening posts of this thread so that people can use it as a reference, and I also credited our combined hard work in this thread for those translations existing at all. I still want to add some more, uh, actual matches into the match recommendations section, haha, but that’ll probably have to wait :sweat_smile:.

Secondly, I saw this video on twitter with this tagline: “Depressed? Do you like Phantom of the Opera, the Japanese Language and pro wrestling? Well, let those three things kill the first by watching this gem.”

I think this might be the most specifically tailored content I have ever seen. I cringed a lot at his pronunciation, haha, but I feel like it’s part of the charm:

And thirdly… the Golden Lovers reunited!!! :sob:

feelstana unbridled_joy

Here’s the tweet Kota Ibushi made about it!! Here are a few additional tweets from him about it that are very sweet and actually have easy enough Japanese that I didn’t have any trouble reading them :pleading_face:.

Kenny is in Japan right now (and apparently is getting his wish to be in a Yakuza game!) for the first time in years, and I guess he and Kota got tired of keeping kayfabe (can’t say I blame them, considering the year they’ve both had, and the pandemic, too…).

It’s some extreme mood whiplash after last week, and they’re both probably dealing with unrelated lawsuits in both AEW and NJPW right now, but I’m so happy they were at least able to have this and reunite on their own terms :smiling_face_with_tear:. I hope we’re able to see them together in the ring somewhere in the near future.


Kenny’s just taking this time to have a vacation it seems lol I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing stuff behind the scenes for the AEW game at the Tokyo Game Show despite being suspended.

They’ve got a decent line up of wrestlers there actually

I also think we’ll see Kota in AEW at some point

Kenny also tweeted about their reunion!! :sob:

Thanks to his tweet, I learned the phrase “温故知新”, which is apparently a proverb about developing new ideas based on study of the past. Based on the context (the photo is staged pretty clearly like it’s meant to imply a date, with the candle on the table and the two straws in the drink), it seems like he’s saying that the Golden Lovers are giving their relationship another try, with the intent of not repeating the mistakes they made in the past.

Michael Nakazawa lightly poked fun at Kenny’s tweet when quote-retweeting a reunion of his own, fulfilling the time-honored tradition that there must always be a DDT parody of any Golden Lovers reunion.


For those who don’t know the deep Golden Lovers lore, they’ve been having dinner dates like this for fourteen years, and Michael Nakazawa has been third-wheeling them for fourteen years. He served as their translator at first, but he has said (many times, but here’s a recent one) that his translations were unnecessary, haha, because even when Kenny couldn’t speak Japanese, the Golden Lovers were still able to somehow understand each other.

This exchange is also the first time that Kenny has interacted directly with any of Kota’s tweets since maybe early 2019. The last time they exchanged tweets (January 2021), Kenny actually replied to Nak’s translation of Kota’s tweet, not the tweet itself. So he was still using Nak as a mediator, almost like he was afraid to speak directly to Kota.

Part of the reason why I love the Golden Lovers story so much is that there are so many small, deliberate details put into it. They’ve built up a really complex and nuanced canon over the past fourteen years. I’m excited to see where they go with it from here!


Kota actually recently outright said that there are plans for him to make at least a few appearances at AEW (including tagging as the Golden Lovers). It seems largely dependent on the state of his injury (which was not healing well as of a few months ago, but his more recent posts seemed more optimistic about it), plus I imagine that things are a bit messy with his NJPW contract and all, especially considering that NJPW and AEW have a relationship.

(Putting the rest of my reply to this and some additional discussion under a cut because it's a double dose of industry negativity).

It’s tricky because Kota has made it very clear that he no longer wants to work at NJPW even if he was healthy, and he’s threatened to expose the company for exploitative business practices, but NJPW is trying very hard to make it look like things are all good from their end, and obviously they value their relationship with AEW, and not to mention Kenny is sort of a key player in that whole thing, and Kenny is clearly very close to Kota.

And now it’s tricky from the AEW end as well, since Kenny is currently involved in a completely separate investigation, and his future in AEW is a bit unclear. It seems likely the company will want to keep him, especially since from all of the accounts, he wasn’t an instigator of any of the violence, just a victim of it, but we don’t know how long the investigation will take, or what changes might come as a result of it, and also it’s possible that the whole thing could make him no longer thrilled to be part of the company.

For what it’s worth, I do think that Tony Khan would love to have the Golden Lovers in AEW (he has been a fan of them for years, since their DDT era, even), and I think it’s likely that both companies would give Kenny and Kota more leeway with that story specifically because it’s quite simply a huge money-maker for them and they know it, plus I bet that both of them have an interest in keeping Kenny happy so that he’s willing to work with them.

But also, companies can be very petty, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll make the wisest choices even if that loses them money, and also Kota and Kenny have both gotten hurt in very real ways because of backstage stuff at NJPW and AEW, so I would not blame them as individuals if they didn’t want to work with one or both companies anymore.

I will say, something that did stand out to me about the entire Golden Lovers twitter interaction is that it happened very much on their own terms, outside of any company. It felt sort of like the equivalent of them eloping, honestly, haha :sweat_smile:.

They’ve always been very adamant about the Golden Lovers story being theirs, not belonging to any particular company. It’s clearly something that is very personal and important to them as individuals, and that comes before what it could do for any company’s live gate.

But I do get the sense that this is not exactly how they planned this reunion storyline would go. It might be this was just their best remaining option for it, considering their injuries and all of the backstage stuff at both of their companies. Or maybe things have just been so rough for them lately, they just couldn’t handle the thought of keeping kayfabe any longer, so they decided to just move the story forward on their own so that they could do stuff like go out to dinner together and be seen in public together again.

So, yeah, it’s complicated! I would say that there is a strong chance we see Kota in AEW at least a few times, assuming Kenny stays, but I’m not sure what the timeline looks like for that, or how extensive his participation will actually be.

Maybe in 2023, the Golden Lovers will start an entirely new company together, haha, and get to wrestle in that star-shaped ring that Kota talked about building, and train up new talent and run things under their own terms. Kota wants to do something to change the industry for the better in Japan, and Kenny has plenty of experience (both success and failure) with doing this in America.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things go!


In other news, I finished translating TJPW’s September 4 show in Nagoya!

This show was pretty heavily built around Yuki Arai, and it included a live SKE concert part of the way through it. I never watch idol stuff outside of wrestling, haha, but it’s cool to see Arai perform as an idol because it always strikes me how charismatic she is. I can see why she has so many fans.

The tag title match was pretty fun, too, though I was admittedly rooting for Mahiro and Kamiyu, haha! I wanted to see them bring down some monsters with the Enryo :triumph:. But alas, it was not to be…

After the match, Saki Akai said, “優希ちゃん、初の防衛戦おめでとう。優希ちゃん、最近の試合で直接負けちゃうことが多くて、赤井さんの足引っ張ってるんじゃないかとか、いないとダメなんじゃないかって言ってたけど、今日私自身が優希ちゃんに助けられたし。ネガティブになる時もあると思うけど、こんないっぱいお客さんが優希ちゃんと一緒に闘ってくれてるんやから。優希ちゃんは一人じゃないし、何人タッグマッチぐらいね、みんなこんなに味方ついてくれてるから。一人じゃないから。みんな優希ちゃんの言葉待ってるから、声かけて安心させてあげて.”

Most of this was at least a little confusing to me, haha. Here’s what I had:

Akai: “Yuki-chan, congratulations on your first defense. You’ve lost directly in a lot of matches recently, and you said that you were dragging me down, and that you’re useless without me, but today you saved me. I think there are times to be negative, but this packed crowd is fighting alongside you. Yuki-chan, you aren’t alone, it’s just like being in a tag match; everyone is giving you support. You are not alone. Everyone is waiting to hear what you have to say, so please talk to them and reassure them.”

I think I understood the beginning of Arai’s response just fine:

Arai: “I defended my belt! I’m so happy, first of all, that I’m able to bring the belt back to Nagoya like this, and that I could defend it in the main event. It was all thanks to your support. Truly, thank you so much!"

Then she said, “きょうはベルトを守れたということで、まだまだいろんなことがあるかもしれないですが、私は赤井さんと一緒にこの令和のAA砲で…ちょっと気に入ってきました(笑)。なので、(AA砲!とコールが起きそうになると)ちょっとそれはまだ恥ずかしいですけど(笑)、このベルトは令和のAA砲のものだと、みんなに思ってもらえるように、これからも荒井も荒井の力でもっともっとチャンピオンらしくなりたいと思うので、これからも見ててくださると嬉しいです.”

Here was my attempt:

“Today, we were able to defend our belts, and there will probably be a lot more things to come, but being with Akai-san as Reiwa no AA Cannon… I’ve taken a bit of a liking to it (laughs). So, AA Cannon sounding like a wake-up call, that’s still a bit embarrassing (laughs), but I want everyone to think that these belts belong to Reiwa no AA Cannon, so I want my name and my ability to seem more and more befitting of a champion, and I hope you will continue to watch me.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what she was talking about with the name, which made me doubt my translation, though I think I remember reading something about it at some point, haha.

She finished with:

"So, to everyone who came to the venue today, and everyone watching on the stream as well, thank you so, so much. Please keep supporting us, Reiwa no AA Cannon, and TJPW! Thank you so much for today!”

Their backstage comments were a bit easier:

Akai: “Today was our first defense after launching Reiwa no AA Cannon, and we were able to have our first defense in Nagoya, which is a place that Arai-chan has a strong connection to. Before the match, she didn’t seem confident, but from my perspective, Arai-chan is a reliable partner. I also think that today, a lot of people gave her their strength, which gave her confidence. She’s a really strong and reliable partner for me, so I hope she holds onto the confidence she gained today.”

Arai: “This was my first title defense, and I was so scared that I’d lose my wonderful belt in my first match after winning it. Having the belt gives me a little confidence, and I’ve been on a losing streak recently, so I was thinking ‘what if it continues and I drop the title?’. But I managed to defend it somehow, and I feel like I’ve become a little stronger, too. In my next defense and onward, I want to be even more confident.”

Akai: “The more times you defend it, the stronger you will become as champion. As far as I’m concerned, any challenger is fine.”

Then the interviewer mentions that Rhia O’Reily and Nightshade from EVE recently issued a challenge for the titles, and at that moment, Arai’s stomach growls.

Saki says, “聞こえました? まだまだお腹空いたよって言ってましたよ、優希ちゃんが。まだまだ私たちAA砲に欲のあるレスラーをどんどんくれよって。私はパートナーとしてそれを感じました。優希ちゃんは英語喋れる?”

I think I understood this, but wasn’t quite sure, haha. Here’s how I translated the above and some of the exchange that followed:

Akai: “Did you hear that? Yuki-chan said that she’s still hungry. She said give us more wrestlers who want what AA Cannon has. I felt that as her partner. Yuki-chan, can you say something in English?”

Arai: (in English) “Yes!”

Akai: “I’ve never had such a reliable partner. We are asking for more and more wrestlers who can satisfy our appetite, whether they’re from across the ocean or extraterrestrial!”

Something that confused me was that the transcript summed up the interviewer’s remark as “(挑戦は受けると)”. I wasn’t exactly sure how to translate this? :sweat_smile:

(You accept the challenge?)

Arai: “OK.”

The next portion of their comments is mostly in this video.

The interviewer mentions that Arai said that their tag team name was fitting, and she says, “最初はちょっと恥ずかしくて、自分から口に出さなかったんですけど。AA砲って呼んでくださることが増えて、逆に…?”

The second sentence, particularly the end where she trails off, is where I got a bit confused.

Arai: “I was a little bit embarrassed at first, so I wouldn’t say it out loud myself. But now that more people are calling us AA Cannon, it’s the opposite…?”

Saki elaborates a bit, and I do not understand any better, haha, “そうそうそう、逆にね。私たち違うお仕事もしてるのもあって、今風じゃないって思われがちなんですけど、やってる試合内容とかはバリバリ昭和なスタイルで。だから名前もしっくりしてきたよね。なので遡ってくれたら分かると思うんですけど、いつからか私たちがAA砲って自分たちで名乗るようになってきたと思うので.”

Akai: “Yes, yes, it’s the opposite. The work that we do is different, so people aren’t inclined to think of it as trendy, but the matches that we do crackle with the Showa style. So therefore the name is fitting, isn’t it? If you go back to its origin, I think you’ll understand, but we’ve been calling ourselves AA Cannon since who knows when, so…”

The interviewer mentions that this was the first SKE concert with crowd vocalization (I think?) in a while. Arai said, “ホントに2年以上ぶりだったので。まさかそれがここになると思わなくて、ホントにめぐり合わせってすごいなって思いました。でもファンの方もちょっと忘れちゃってるかなって思ったんですけど、全然しっかりコールしてくださって、めちゃめちゃ元気を貰いました.”

Here’s what I had for that part, and then for the next few lines:

Arai: “It has really been over two years. I didn’t think we’d be able to do this here, so it really feels fortuitous. I thought the fans might have forgotten about me, but their cheers were tremendous, and they gave me so much energy.”

(Do you think after today’s match, you’re no longer considered as like a younger sister?)

Arai: “Well… no, not yet (laughs). It’s still not enough. But I no longer feel like I’m the youngest sister. I feel like approximately the third daughter now. So I’m going to keep working harder.”

Then the interviewer asks, “新コスチュームのポイントは?”. I wasn’t quite sure how to translate “ポイント” haha. I have it as “point” currently, but it doesn’t feel like the right word to use in English.

(What is the point of your new gear?)

Arai: “The point is… Well, the buttons are the same as before. The costume designer thought of everything and made it, but I really liked the star buttons on my previous costume, so the designer added a lot of those, and I’m really happy with it.”

Kamiyu and Mahiro’s comments were also fun! One thing that I enjoyed about listening along is that I think I heard the people behind the camera trying not to laugh at some of the things the wrestlers were saying.

Mahiro starts off by saying, “I lost…”

Then Kamiyu says, “負けた。いや、ホントにマヒロのいままでにないくらいの強くてたくましい姿が見れて嬉しかったけど…ゆきが最後マヒロのこと助けにいけなくて。なんかいつも引っ張るって言ってるのに、最後は引っ張れられなくて。こんなんマヒロの親にも井上円了先生にも何て言っていいか分からない。…ごめん.”

I think I got most of that (and definitely laughed at the last part), except I wasn’t fully confident about my translation for her first real sentence:

Kamifuku: “We lost. Well, I was really happy to see Mahiro’s pretty much unprecedented strength and boldness, but… in the end I couldn’t save her. I was always saying that I’m going to pull her along, but I couldn’t do it in the end. I don’t know what to say to Mahiro’s parents, or to Enryo Inoue-sensei. I’m sorry.”

Kiryu: “I don’t think Enryo Inoue-san is very familiar with pro wrestling, so I don’t think he’ll mind. But, you came to my aid throughout the match, from the very beginning. And when you were caught, I wanted to help Kamifuku-san, and I jumped in to save you. But then at that crucial moment at the end, I lost directly to Arai-chan… it’s so frustrating.”

In the next part of the interview, Kamiyu goes off on a long, emotional ramble.

The first part was a bit tricky for me: “マヒロはそうやって『支えてくれてる』って言ってるけど、私の中では正直、おもてではこんなかんじですけど、すごく人が見えないところで私のことをとってもお友達として支えてくれて。最近もちょっとプライベートで凹む出来事があったんですけど、その時もマヒロちゃんがすごく支えてくれて、助けてくれて…私は感謝の気持ちとか大好きだよとか.”

I wasn’t sure about the first half of it or that very last part after the ellipsis :sweat_smile:. I think maybe I got the rest, though?

Kamifuku: “Mahiro says, ‘you’re propping me up’, but honestly, although that’s how it looks on the surface, she supports me as a really good friend in ways that aren’t really visible. Recently I had some depressing things happen in my personal life, and during that time, Mahiro-chan was really supportive, and she helped me through it… I told her how grateful I was, and that I loved her, and all that. I’m embarrassed to say this sort of thing in front of everyone, but the truth is that the person who was really, really supported was me. This time, I’m really disappointed, because to be blunt, I had always wanted to tag with Akai-san, who is more stylish, beautiful, and cooler than Mahiro. When I was told that we had to team as Toyo University, I totally thought, ‘Why not Akai-san?’… Akai-san is strong, beautiful, and stylish, and I thought that teaming up with her would get me more work and I’d be more successful… But now I’m happy to be teaming up with Mahiro. Thank you.”

Kiryu: “…Thank you. I guess your true feelings really, really came out.” (laughs)

Kamifuku: “Close the interview.”

Kiryu: “I lost, but…”

Kamifuku: “You’re aiming for the next shot?”

Kiryu: “…I’m going to conserve my strength, and I’m going to do my best!”

Kamifuku: “Thank you very much!”

That one very long paragraph of Kamiyu’s is packed with really good character detail. I thought her admitting that she initially really wished she could tag with Saki instead adds some extra layers to her jealousy of Arai.

There was actually a point last year when my friends and I were wondering if Kamiyu was basically going to dump Mahiro. She seemed extra detached from their team, and extra mean to Mahiro, who herself had started to become a bit more assertive and had developed her in-ring personality a little more, getting closer to being that stickler for rules in TJPW’s world of chaos whom we all know and love.

So I think Kamiyu actually has grown quite a bit here, realizing that Mahiro has special value to her despite falling short of Saki Akai in every way and having one of the worst win/loss ratios in the company.

And that’s all that I have to say for that show!


The first chunk seems fine and the only part crossing the “comment something about it” threshold about it for me would be this part, although honestly what you’ve gone with is probably a fine rendering of the idea in english since it seems kind of hard to express in that same space. – But I think what’s she’s saying is like, it’s like a tag match where the whole audience is teaming with Yuki. Like, an not a 4-man tag or a 6-man tag, but an X-man tag (were X is some large number). I would tweak the translation a little to make it more clear she’s comparing it to the audience participating on Yuki’s side in a tag match, since as-is, well of course it was like being in a tag match, it was a tag match. :sweat_smile:

Haha, you’ve misinterpreted the parentheses here a little! What’s happening is one guy in the audience tries to start a AA砲 chant but no one really joins in – so, for a moment, AA砲!とコールが起きそう – it looks like an “AA砲!” chant might start. And Arai markedly reacts directly to it when she hears it:

So while she’s taken to the name, having it chanted is what’s still a bit embarrassing.

There isn’t anybody I can understand less than the reporters at backstage comments, but I think, yeah, he’s saying like, “so we can consider the challenge accepted?” or something like that…

Yeah, I would say more like, if you were to phrase this similarly in English – “it’s the reverse.” She’s saying that rather than embarass her further, the more they’re called it by other people, the more confidence she has about it.

A couple points here – I don’t think the じゃない here is negative.
And more generally, I think what she’s saying is like, pro wrestling is a weird job? Like because pro wrestling is such an odd job in general, and maybe their specific place in that industry is particularly unusual, it would be understandable to think of it as modern or current. But there’s a Showa-ness to the contents of their matches.
About the name – I suppose one Showa-ness of it is just that that naming convention in pro wrestling seems extremely Showa, in the sense that the team of Giant Baba and Inoki was BI砲 and you don’t get more 20th-century pro wrestling than those two. But I also didn’t actually put together until now that an AA砲 would be an Anti-Aircraft gun, so, you know, that’s something else associated with the Showa era…

I would say here the first part is her qualifying the vagueness of the いつからか – like “I’m sure you could go back and check exactly when it was but at some point we just started calling ourselves AA Cannon”

I think there’s an element here of like – like, you know how nowadays when anyone is asked to reflect on recent events, how everyone will always remark on how post-2020 timespans are weird? Like more of a “I never thought it would end up happening like this, fate is truly wild huh” type of thing.
Comparing it more with the slightly different audio, I think there’s also the “it’s good that we were able to have it here” sense too like you have in yours, but I think the meaning is somewhere in the middle between those two ideas, if that makes sense.

“points of interest” would maybe be closer? I would say it’s the same sense of “ポイント” as in チャームポイント, which means like, one’s standout チャーム-ing feature (e.g. I’ve seen both Mayu Iwatani and MIRAI’s 八重歯 described as チャームポイント). So I would say in this case the reporter is asking her to comment on her new costume, if there’s anything particular about it she can highlight, that kind of thing.

I think it’s fine.
There’s some difference between the transcript and the audio that’s a bit confusing for me too - I think maybe the ゆきが最後マヒロのこと助けにいけなくて ended more like 助けに行かなきゃって or something, and she was saying like “even though I said I had to help Mahiro to the very end…” with a follow-up later that’s not in the transcript about how she wasn’t able to help in the end. But the meaning is the same anyway I suppose, just condensed.

I would say here, rather, based on the audio, it’s those kinds of things that she’s too embarrassed to say in front of everyone. The thought continues across what’s a period here (and I assume in the transcript)

Small thing, but どういたしまして is more like “you’re welcome” and it seems kind of an important distinction there given the context.

I would add something here to clarify that she’s talking to Kiryu, in an “All right, now close out the interview for me!” kind of way, while recomposing herself and putting to bed the section where she got emotional. In the translated transcript here it looks like maybe she’s being aggressive to the reporters :sweat_smile:


Finished translating the TJPW Inspiration show from September 11! I am approaching being caught up! Then it looks like there’ll be a break before Wrestle Princess, though I’m expecting a press conference to happen at some point haha.

This might be my favorite Inspiration yet? I feel like it was just a lot of fun.


At the beginning of the show, Namba briefly interviewed Suzume in the ring, which I actually have a transcript of, so I figured I’d translate it, too.

Suzume said, “この夏のトーナメントとかであらためて応援してくれるみんなの存在を大きく感じて、もっとかっこいい姿を見せたいって思ったし。他団体参戦とか女性限定興行とかで東京女子を知らなった人たちとの出会いもあって、そういう意味でも、もっと世界中に東京女子を届けたいなと思って。今回はめちゃくちゃチャンスだと思ってます!”

I think I figured it out, but was just unsure enough, I thought I’d give the transcript for it in case I’m off-base somehow :sweat_smile:.

(Looking ahead to the number one contender match for the International Princess Championship on September 16 in Shinjuku)

Suzume: “I really felt the presence of everyone who supported me in the tournament this summer, and I want people to think that I’m even cooler. Participating in other companies and the all-women show and things like that, it introduced me to people who had never seen TJPW before, and in that sense, I want to bring TJPW to the world. I think this is an incredible opportunity for me!”

The first match was Pom vs Neko. They’re both in the same class of wrestlers, and are both, well, constant pin-eaters, so the match actually had a lot of tension because this was a rare chance for them to win. Pom managed to pull off the victory.

After the match, she said, “勝ったぞぉーーー! はい、というわけで同期にはるにゃんと、たぶん久しぶりにシングルで闘いました。お互いに初勝利の相手なので、やっぱり絶対に勝ちたいなって思ったんですけど。ホントに、はるにゃんも闘ってないうちにメキメキと大きな猫に成長していって、手こずったりもしましたが勝ちました。でもやっぱ、ぽむもおにゃんぽしたかったんですよ。(トップロープに)上ってやるやつ。でも高いところ怖かった! 無理でしたー。今度は高いところを克服したいと思います。ばいばーい!”

The parts I were a little unsure about were “お互いに初勝利の相手なので” (is she saying that they were each other’s first win?) and “(トップロープに)上ってやるやつ”.

Pom: “I won! Yeah, so I fought my classmate Haru-nyan in our first singles match in what feels like ages. We both got our first wins against each other, so of course I absolutely had to win. Truly, in the meantime while we weren’t fighting, Haru-nyan had grown to be a great big cat, so I did NOT know how to handle her, even though I did win. But I wanted to do the Onyanpo, too! I want to be a top rope guy, too. But I’m scared of heights! I couldn’t do it. I want to conquer heights next time. Bye-bye!”

Haruna’s seemed straightforward enough?

Neko: “I lost to Pom… and I lost to Mahiro at the last Inspiration. I lost to two of my peers. Pom had a summer of trials this year, and Mahiro is challenging for the tag belts, so I’ve watched both of them grow. From now on, I’m going to grow some more, too.”

The next match was a really fun one because it featured Dalys and Stephanie Vaquer, visiting luchadoras from CMLL, vs Shoko and Moka. Shoko had done a very brief excursion to CMLL in 2019, so she and Dalys got to reconnect here.

It was also my most interesting translation experience thus far because Dalys and Stephanie did their comments in Spanish! So I had Spanish audio and a written Japanese translation of that audio, and I had to get it into English somehow haha.

I ended up transcribing the Spanish and translating directly from there, because I wanted my translations to be most accurate. As it turns out, I don’t think the Japanese translators actually did a very good job with it?

I actually got my transcription and then translation double-checked by a friend who's fluent in Spanish, so I feel pretty confident about it, but just for fun, I'm going to include the Japanese translation from shupro and my own transcription of the Spanish under a cut so that we can compare all three languages:



Dalys: “Pues, estoy muy contenta de haber regresado a Tokyo Joshi, encontrarme con una vieja rival como Shoko Nakajima, y que más que ahora vengo con mi pareja Stephanie Vaquer, y pues salimos victoriosa.”

Vaquer: “Asi es yo muy felíz la verdad de estar aquí, y hoy nos toco enfrentar a grandes luchadoras, pero este equipo es el mejor así que, vamos con todo!”

(This is your first time wrestling at TJPW)

“Si, es la primera vez. Shoko Nakajima había ido a México, pero no la había enfrentado. Es primera vez que vengo acá.”

Dalys: “Well, I’m very happy to be back at TJPW, to meet with an old rival like Shoko Nakajima, and I’m especially happy that I’m here now with my partner Stephanie Vaquer, and, well, we were victorious.”

Vaquer: Yes, I’m truly happy to be here, and today we had to face great wrestlers, but this team is the best, so let’s go all out!”

(This is your first time wrestling at TJPW)

“Yes, it’s the first time. Shoko Nakajima had been to Mexico, but I hadn’t faced her. It’s the first time that I’ve come here.”

Shoko’s comments were harder. She said, “ダリスとはコロナ前にメヒコで対戦して以来で。私がCMLLに出させていただいてた時期の後にステファニーさんがCMLLでルチャドーラになったので、ステファニーさんとは初めてで。メヒコで数試合やった時にずーっとダリスと試合をしてたので、やっぱり久々の対戦は燃えるものがあったので最初から熱くなれたなという気持ちがあります。2人はタッグチームなのでまた対戦したいし、私はやっぱりルチャが好きだなって言うのを思い出しましたので。もし機会があれば、またメヒコにも行きたいなと強く思いました。もかも、初めてで.”

The last half of her comments were a bit tricky for me. Here’s what I had for her comments (and then Moka’s, which were nice and easy in comparison):

Nakajima: “This was my first time facing Dalys since I fought her in Mexico before the coronavirus. Stephanie-san became a CMLL luchadora after my time in CMLL, so this was my first time facing her. I’d had matches with Dalys all throughout my time there, but it had been a long time since we fought, so I was fired up and it felt like the match was hot from the beginning. They’re a tag team, so I’d like to fight them again, and I remembered that I still like lucha, so… If I have the opportunity, I really want to go back to Mexico. Moka, it was also your first time.”

Miyamoto: “Yes. It was my first time facing foreign wrestlers. When I watched them fight, I felt that pro wrestling was truly universal, and the two of them are so strong. I would like to fight again if we get another chance.”

The third match was Mizuki and Yuka vs Demonio Uno and Pokotan (Yuka got the wish she’d expressed earlier in the year, which was that she wanted MagiRabbi to fight Pokotan!). A wonderful match full of pure nonsense in the best possible way. I love it when we get a taste of DDT in TJPW like this.

MagiRabbi managed to get the victory! Their comments afterward were predictably pretty entertaining.

We started off easy enough:

Sakazaki: “Three heads tall…”

Both: “We won!”

All of these lines had something I was unsure about :sweat_smile:.


Sakazaki: “It was a bad situation.”


Mizuki: “One of them was as strong as he appears, and the other one was not as strong as he appears.”


Sakazaki: “I don’t know how he could move so well, being three heads tall like that.”


Mizuki: “You mean, the foot flying through the air is about this big, and in the moment, it’s like, wow!”

I think I did okay on this part:

Sakazaki: “Uh-huh. But it was a great experience.”

Mizuki: “With this, we’re invincible.”

Sakazaki: “Mascots all over the country, feel free to take on the challenge!”

Mizuki: “We’ve come all the way to Shinkiba, so we can get to Maihama in just a few more stops, right?”

Sakazaki: “Hey. It’s just a few more. We’re almost there!”

(The next part of their comments are in this video. I’m pretty sure the part that gets bleeped is the interviewer asking (according to shupro): “「ディズニー」コールをしてから”)

(You called out Disney before)


(Do you want to invite characters from the land of dreams to come here and fight?)

“No, I want to do it over there. After all, the setting is also important.”

Mizuki: “I want to jump off the top of the castle!”

Sakazaki: “That’s a suicidal person” (laughs).

Then Mizuki said, “じゃあ、お城の上から飛んでもらう…?” and I was a bit confused over the もらう :sweat_smile:.

Mizuki: “So, you don’t want me to fly from the top of the castle?”

Sakazaki: “You’re just going to die!”

Mizuki: “Okay. I’ll rethink it.”

The interviewer then asked, “ゆるキャラたちの強みはどう感じた?” This took me a bit to wrap my brain around it, but I think this is essentially the question being asked?

(In your experience, what makes mascots tough?)

Sakazaki: “You don’t know what they’re going to do in the first place.”

Mizuki: “But their power is way too strong, and as soon as you realize it, up is down and down is up. When I realized it, I was flying through the air.”

Then Yuka said, “途中なんか、どつかれて…あれ?みたいなのとか.” I think maybe she’s referring to Pokotan’s head coming partially off during the match (this is a running gag in Pokotan matches)? But I wasn’t quite sure.

Sakazaki: “Part of the way through it, he got hit, and it was like… what?”

Mizuki: “He also has a hard head.”

Sakazaki: “The mystery just deepens. But he was strong.”

(Was it a useful experience going into your title match?)

“Hahaha” (laughs)

Mizuki: “I think it’s very useful!”

Sakazaki: “It’s a bit difficult to say, but unlike Pokotan and Demonio, I’m familiar with Shoko Nakajima. We were brought up as wrestlers together, and I think we’re able to communicate our intentions to each other a bit more. So I think our title match is going to be great!”

The main event was Arisu vs Miyu! It was Arisu’s first singles main event. She, uh, does not win, lol, but she puts up a good effort.

Afterward, Miyu starts by saying,“ありがとうございました。有栖、一緒に締めよう。大丈夫? ひどい? ひどくないよ、闘いだから。一緒に締めよう。頑張ったからね.” The part that tripped me up was what exactly to do with “ひどい?” :sweat_smile:

Here’s how I translated the first chunk of her comment:

Yamashita: “Thank you so much. Arisu, let’s close the show together. Are you okay? Do you feel terrible? It’s not awful; it’s a fight. Let’s close together. You did your best. Today is Arisu’s first time in a (singles) main event. This is my first time doing this with Arisu in the ring, but she’s actually the junior who has caught my attention the most, so I was really glad to face her in a singles match today… But she still has a long way to go."

Then Miyu says, “でも、すごい伸びしろを感じたし、気持ちがすごく強い子だから、闘っててあらためて自分ももっともっと頑張らなきゃっていけないなって言う風に思いました。みなさんも思いましたよね? 伸びしろを感じましたよね?(遠藤に)なんか喋ることありますか? せっかくなんで.”

The first sentence there was the hard one for me. Here’s what I had:

"However, I felt her amazing potential, and she has a strong spirit, so as we fought, again and again, I felt like I had to work harder and harder. You all felt that, too, didn’t you? You can see her potential, right? (To Arisu) do you have anything to say? You’ve made it this far.”

Endo: “My head is spinning, it’s hard to speak…”

Then Miyu said, “そうだよね。でも負けて悔しいでしょ? でも、ホントに有栖の気持ちだったり強さだったりって言うのは、見てて自分も強くならなきゃって奮い立たされるものがあるから、あらためて今日闘えてうれしかったです。ありがとう.”

Once again, it was the long sentence that threw me off (though I do think I’m getting a lot better with these!) :sweat_smile:. I felt decently confident about the rest, though.

Yamashita: “Okay. But you must be frustrated to lose, right? But, truly, seeing Arisu’s strength and her spirit encouraged me because I also had to be strong, so I was really happy to fight her today. Thank you. Today was a special show, with MagiRabbi fighting some strange foes, and some wrestlers from CMLL facing Nakajima and Moka, and Pom and Neko were also there. I think it was a different kind of show from normal TJPW. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I hope we can keep holding different types of shows in the future, and thank you for your continued support as we all work to make our regular shows exciting, too. (To Arisu) Can I ask you to join me for the last part?”

Yamashita: “Limits…?”

Endo: “Don’t set them!”

(I did laugh at the “ぽむと猫もいたりとか” tacked on at the end of Miyu’s list of special things that had happened at this show, haha)

Backstage, Miyu said, “通常興行とは違う珍しい興行で。私は有栖とシングルということで、リングでシングルするのは初めてで。若手の中でもけっこう勢いを感じるというか、強くなろうという気持ちを感じる子なので、闘ってみたいなと言う風には思ってて。でも今回シングルやってみて、やっぱり気持ちの強い子だと思うし、何より進化を求めてるというか。強くなりたい、強くなろうという気持ちがすごくあって。試合の中で倒してやるぞっていう気持ちもありましたし、そういうのが技からも伝わってきて。ホントこれからどんどん強くなっていくだろうなって思うし、そこでパーンと弾けたらけっこうすぐ上に行っちゃうんじゃないかなと私は思いました。なので今日は闘えてすごく良かったですし、もっと強くなってほしいなと思いました.”

I wasn’t sure about the third sentence, or the “パーンと弾けたら” part. I think I understood the metaphor in Japanese, but wasn’t sure what to do with it in English :sweat_smile:. Here’s my attempt:

Yamashita: “This was an unusual event, different from our normal shows. This singles match with Arisu was our first singles match in the ring. Out of all of the young wrestlers, I feel like she has a lot of momentum, or rather she’s someone who’s determined to become stronger, so I wanted to fight her. But after this singles match, I still think she’s someone with strong feelings, but above all else, she wants to grow and evolve. I really felt her desire to get stronger and stronger. In the match, she was determined to beat me, and I could feel that in her moves. I think she’s going to get steadily stronger from here, and if she could just burst out of her potential, she would move up the ranks quite swiftly. I was really happy to fight her today, and I hope she gets even stronger.”

Then the interviewer asks “今日の厳しさは期待感のあらわれ?”, and Miyu’s answer is… more confusing to me than not! Lots of 自分s that I assume were referring to Arisu, but maybe I’m wrong?

She said, “そうですね。跳ね返してくれるんじゃないかなと思ってたので。そこも有栖自身が…分かんないですけど、私から見て自分自身の強さにまだ気付いてないんじゃないかなって思ってて。自分が思ってる以上に自分は強いんだよって言うのを、闘いで、技で引き出すっていったらあれですけど。自分が仕掛けた上で出るか出ないか…実際は本人次第なんですけど、そういうところはちょっと意識しましたね。そういう面で厳しい攻撃になったのかなと思います。(そこに気付いたらシングル初勝利も近い?)それも不思議で。練習をどれだけしてても、勝ちにつなげるっていうのは難しいと思うので。だから、ホントに弾けた時、初勝利できた時、その後がすごく私は楽しみです.”

(Was your intensity today an indication of your high expectations?)

“Yes, it was. I expected her to bounce back. Arisu… doesn’t know this herself, but from my point of view, I don’t think she has realized her own strength yet. I would say that she’s stronger than she thinks she is, and that she can bring that out in her matches and techniques. Whether or not she moves up after that… well, it’s up to her, but I think she’s becoming aware of it. I think that aspect made it a hard-hitting fight.”

(If you noticed that in this match, do you think her first singles victory is also near?)

“That’s still up in the air. No matter how much you practice, securing a victory is difficult. So when she truly bursts out, when she gets that first victory, I’m really looking forward to what comes after that.”

Arisu’s comments were easy! The only thing that really gave me pause was “山下さんの蹴りは頭にくるので、ちょっとヤバいです…” because 頭にくる apparently means to get mad, but I’m pretty sure she’s talking about Miyu literally kicking her head with the Skull Kick, haha.

Endo: (sitting down) “This was my first main event singles match… And my opponent was Yamashita-san, whom I fought right after my debut last year. I think I was able to show that I’ve grown a bit since then. Yamashita-san’s kicks come at your head, so they’re really scary…”

(Yamashita said that you are the young wrestler who has caught her interest the most?)

“To live up to her expectations… I still have a long way to go, but I’m going to keep working hard!”

And that’s it for that show!


I assume the rearrangement here is from trying to fit it into English, but “I want people to think that I’m even cooler” seems like it subtly doesn’t have the same feeling as “I want to show them a cooler 姿” - like in the original it sounds to me like she wants to step up and become cooler/more serious as a contender to show the audience who supports her that growth and spectacle, whereas in the English rendition here it sounds a little oddly selfish - like the burden is on the fans to think she’s cooler regardless of what she does.
Maybe a different rearrangement like “I want to step up and show them how cool I can be” would preserve the sense better?

Surely you could throw some extra o’s or exclamation points in there! She completes a full 720 degree rotation while saying it. :sweat_smile:

Not a translation note but it’s a pity the transcript didn’t include the cheeky isolated " ね! " around here… Always love a good " ね! "


The 上ってやるやつ here is the move itself - she’s defining the move she named, as in like “that one where you climb up, like (gesturing)”



that’s awfully cool! You’re in good company with Miki Motoi in being (some level of) trilingual in pro-wrestling!

I think here something like “I remembered how much I like lucha” would be better – I don’t get a sense that like, she actively fell off of or started to dislike lucha which the “still” would imply a little bit. More like – “oh right – I love lucha!”

A bit of a nitpick, but I would bump up the conditialness here. I would say it’s more like “if I were to have the opportunity, I’d like to go to Mexico” than “If I have the opportunity, I want to go to Mexico”

This part here is together a sentence, and the に is marking who they beat.
As an example, ウルトラ怪獣がウルトラマンに勝つ方法 would be “methods for Ultra Kaiju to defeat Ultraman” (in this case from a speculative forum topic I found wondering how the monster of the week might win for a change instead of getting blown up at the end of the episode like usual).
And this article describes Pokotan as a “三頭身キャラ”, with 三頭身 presumably meaning like, chibi/デフォルメ proportions, so if it wasn’t clear, they’re saying “we beat Pokotan!” but in a hard to translate exactly sort of way…

I would say やばつよ is a case of the い part getting dropped in i-adjectives to intensify them, and she’s saying Pokotan/their opponents in the match was crazy strong / strong AF, that kind of thing.
(found a fun palindrome while doublechecking - よつばやばつよ!)

I don’t think that’s right – I think one was 見かけ通り 強い, and one was 見かけによらず 強い, as-in, they were both 強い, it’s just that for one of them it matched their appearance, and for the other it didn’t.

I would say the うわぁーっ she makes here is more like uh, an overwhelmed sort of “waugh!” than a “wow!”
I’d say maybe something like “yeah, when a foot comes flying at you and it’s as big as your face, all that goes through your head is ‘auugh!’”

I think the parentheses are causing trouble again!

What happens here is they do a Disney cheer thing, so it goes:
Yuka (starting to yell): ディー*ビーーーーーーーーーーーー*
with the bleeping out happening while they are doing a 「ディズニー」コール:

Then at the end if unbleeps and Yuka salutes with a sharp ハイ:

So, in other words, 「ディズニー」コールをしてから (after doing a Disney cheer), Yuka said “はい.”

Presumably it’s bleeped out because Disney isn’t an official sponsor… but mainly just because it’s funnier that way.

Well, “お城の上から飛んでもらった” would be like, “(someone) jumped off the castle for me”
and so “お城の上から飛んでもらう…?” would be like a leading sort of like, “(someone’s) going to jump off the castle for me…?”
And she’s talking to Yuka:

So in other words, she’s asking if well then, would Yuka jump from the top of the castle (at Disneyland) for her. And Yuka’s saying no, she would die!

Yeah, the transcript already smooths over the reporter’s question, which seems like it’s along the lines of like, you know, “you were talking about the match you just had with a ゆるキャラ and how they were strong, can you comment on that? In what way did you feel the ゆるキャラ’s strength?” that kind of thing, in that way follow-up questions might not make a ton of sense as a question on their own since they’re just raising a general topic for the wrestlers to talk about.

I dunno about the transcript, but I hear 逆さま, 中, and 落ちてる along with hand gestures suggesting to me the specific spot she’s describing:



No, I don’t think so – similarly, the hand gestures clarify the specific spot:



I believe she she’s describing that first part as jabs (that she received) and then just relying on gesture to get across the rest.
Mizuki comments something that’s hard to hear since Yuka’s still talking but I hear 張り手 and I think she’s saying like “yeah you got hit with sumo-style slaps”

Yuka’s “あれ?” is very performative, showing the befuddlement resulting from this happening to you

And then it doesn’t look like it’s in the transcript, but she also mimes the Kamigoye-style setup:

And says she was expecting “神の右膝”, and when that didn’t happen…
(the costume denting and reforming after this part is weirdly satisfying)

… it was another “あれ?” moment

So that’s why Mizuki says “頭も固いし” – it’s one of life’s mysteries that that move hurt…

I would say what’s happening here is Endo is still on the ground (and shakes her head a little after 大丈夫?) and Yamashita feels momentarily guilty about it.

My impression (although I could be wrong) is the ひどい is directed at herself (Yamashita), and it’s immediately followed up by ひどくないよ、闘いだから。 also at herself, as in, like “geez I really beat you up – well, not really beat up, it was a fight”

I don’t think あらためて is repeatedly / “again and again” like this. I would say more like “afresh” or “anew.” Fighting Endo made Yamashita feel anew / once again / more than ever, that she needs to work harder and harder her own self (to improve and keep up).

This is very picky, but I don’t think “I still think… but” is quite right for “やっぱり… 思うし.” In the original her impression of Endo as 気持ちの強い子 was confirmed (やっぱり) and that contributed (し) to further elaborated impressions on the same idea that she describes .
“I still think… but” makes it sound more like that initial impression was overshadowed by different impressions, which I don’t think is the case.

I would say that Yamashita is talking about trying to express “自分が思ってる以上に自分は強いんだよ” through her moves in the fight.

I think here Yamashita is saying that at that point in the match she’s set it up to see if Endo will respond to the challenge or not, and ultimately it’s really up to Endo, but that moment waiting for the response captures Yamashita’s attention. And maybe that’s why her attacks may have gotten more agressive.

Like – if your moves are calculated to draw out someone’s potential, and now you’re just waiting to see whether or not, or how they’ll respond to them, then your attacks might dial up more and more in intensity while waiting in the antsiness of will-they-or-won’t-they.
(I think, anyway)


Hmmm… I guess this is a minor English/cultural question, but maybe “sitting on her knees” would be clearer? “sitting down” makes me think butt planted…

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