That Level That Sh*t Got Real For You?


maybe now (lvl 15)? Starting to burn things, reviews are averaging 150-200 a day.


I don’t remember. The shit has been pretty real all along :fearful:


Nice, thanks!


So maybe there are levels of しつ getting real, lol. The first one for me was definitely Level 6. Had 170+ reviews this AM. Seems like it hits the fan again when you reach your first burnable. Looking forward to it!


Same here, I’ve been on level 19 for almost a month now.




It still hasn’t happened for me yet! I’m seeing a LOT of people saying it’s level 19, so I guess I’ll see in a couple of weeks…


For some reason, I remember really hating level 8, I think it was. Sounds like 19 is unpleasant. Guess I’ll find out in about a month and a half.

Also echoing the importance of scripts. They’re extremely helpful. If I had to get set back for days every time I made a typo, or didn’t notice it was asking for reading/meaning vs meaning/reading, I’d have gotten so irritated I may have quit by now. More than half the time I see the red bar of death, it was actually just a typo.

If you’ve got the patience and self-control to get anywhere at all with WK, you’ve absolutely got the self-control to not use scripts in a self-defeating way.


This the best gif!

The sh*t has no gotten real for me yet…


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