That feeling when you learn a new word

and then hear it used in actual conversation the next day and you’re like “wait… what… omg I literally felt that synapse connect in my brain”

damn thats a good feeling.

edit: the word in question was 解雇(する) luckily it wasn’t in regards to me ^_^;


I love it when two words that don’t seem to make any sense (“Why on earth am I learning THAT?”) suddenly show up together to make a really useful and common word. Case in point: I had no idea why “lodge” would be an important word to learn. How often am I going to use THAT? Then, all of a sudden, I’m learning “New lodge”…SHINJUKU!!! HOLY CATS! Now I totally get it!


Y e s ! – this has happened to me so many times along the way and it always surprises/excites me

Just a couple weeks ago I learned 朱印 (red seal) and I couldn’t help but think, “When am I ever going to need this word”, and not even 20 minutes later I came across 朱印 in an anime and I was just like
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Never underestimate the power of a word to pop up at any moment :eyes::sparkles:


When I watch anime I like it when I feel like I need to pause because I know the whole sentence. I was watching DB Super and heard Vegata say (of Jiren) "全力じゃない”
and thought “oh crap I know that”


I love those moments. Or reading the song subtitles and recognizing full words of kanji :smiley: I always pause it and annoy my husband with “I KNEW WHAT THAT SAID! IT WAS xzy” and he’s like… I know. I can read xD


LOL! Yes, my poor wife goes through the same thing with me. “That says bookstore! THAT SAYS BOOKSTORE!!!” I’m going to be really annoying the next time we go to Japan…


I’m annoying my husband who doesn’t speak Japanese so much every time we are there. If we ever get a divorce, it was either because some discussion about how to load a dishwasher or because I couldn’t stop talking about Japanese. But it is just so exciting!

One thing this thread made me realize: there’s something nice about still having so much to learn, it’s not all bad (we usually focus on how much we still don’t know and how annoying that is). You have a lot of exciting success moments and very clearly see when you are making progress. I can’t remember the last time I ever felt excited about learning some new English word – “cleat”? ok, yeah, whatever. I guess the novelty will wear off after reaching an advance level in Japanese.


Before my first N3 test, I was sitting outside the exam room playing 二ノ国 on my DS, when I encountered the word 生える, a reading for 生 that I’d never seen before.

Guess what was literally question number one on the test.


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