Small wins like this make learning so fun!

Just cracked open level 6 and working through level 5 vocab and '当たる’ and '当たり’ is making it’s debut. Hmm… Atari sounds so familiar where have I heard or seen this before? It’s bugs me, but I’ve got to make through this long vocab list, no time to ponder and then shortly after… Aha…! But of course!

Atari 2600 game console (release year: 1977)

To make this simple connection made me so incredibly happy and this unexpected small discovery oh-so rewarding!
Bonus points is that this vocab is forever ingrained into my memory.
Some where down the line I may not know who I am or where I am, but you mention ‘Atari’, and you’re gonna get a “Success, Hit, Guess” knee-jerk response.

Also, I can no longer pronounce this with the same pronunciation as before. This now has 3 separate, distinct, and equal syllables "あーたーりー”.

Keep learning fun.
Happy discoveries y’all!


I feel you, here!

I’ve been using bunpro to brush up on grammar structures I already know, but I have it set to hide ふりがな based on my WaniKani level. Realizing that I can read half a sentence without pausing to think about how some of the vocab should be pronounced is just amazing!

Also, the words すな (sand) and 何(なに)will forever be ingrained in my mind due to having made similar connections like that one.

This is what makes language learning worth it at the start!


Yeah, the creator of the game console looked at terms from the game go, and picked atari, the situation where a stone can be captured on the next move potentially. This atari is indeed spelled 当たり.


I’ve been japanifying a lot of my pronunciations as well… I’m currently reading Akira and it feels wrong to pronounce it as a-KEE-ra like I used to (when talking about it in languages other than Japanese), but at the same time I do feel a bit pretentious pronouncing it AH-ki-ra…

Some pronunciations definitely fit better into Swedish/English than others though… I’m never going to start saying su-MOH over SUU-mo outside of Japanese conversation for instance! :slight_smile:

Also, on topic, the sense of gratification is real! Channel it to push forward! :slight_smile:


You’re referring to Nolan Bushnell. He gave a keynote speech at a Go event several years back. I’ll post it here in case anyone is interested.

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I remember someone pointing out before that because of the horizontal lines on the Atari console, it actually looks a bit like the 当 kanji. Especially if you put three joysticks on top!

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