Thanks for the laugh koichi

So i was doing some lessons and came across the word 全く. I was reading the context sentences as usual and came across this sentence

Condoms aren’t completely safe. My friend was wearing one and got hit by a pick-up truck.

Wait a second…
Did that just say what I think it said?

After I read it I did a double take not believing I had actually just read that. After I realized that the sentence actually said what it did, it had me laughing for a good while. Thanks for the laugh koichi.


Alas, twas Koichi who was hit by the truck, so there’s no way he could have written that sentence.


Yeah, they are funny people. You should listen to their podcast. I was just listening to it this morning, and their opening is fire :fire:

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@Iwasneverhere were is their podcast? is it on tofugu?

I just searched it on the podcast app on my iphone, But the name was tofugu yes.

A. I don’t have an IPhone. I’ll google it and see if I can find it on android

They’re on Soundcloud as well, that’s maybe the easiest

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just found it thx!

Here’s another.

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I ate my wife’s placenta after she gave birth.

And by far my absolute FAVORITE mnemonic of all time:
虐げる (しいたげる) - To Oppress

The best way to oppress someone is to make it so they can’t use the shtter (しいた). Just imagine any kind of oppressive monarch from history. They know your weakness. They know you need to poop at some point. What would it be like 48 hours from now if you didn’t have a place to poop. If you didn’t have your "shtter."

To help you to remember that there’s an い in there, think about an eagle, as we often do for い. This eagle represents “American Freedom.” If you had this freedom you’d be pooping all you want and nobody would take your sh*tter away from you.


That one is amazing! :joy:

Did you know that people actually eat placenta? That’s a thing people actually do! It’s crazy!

Haha, that’s amazing!

Almost always I think I get the meaning wrong just after reading the context sentence in Japanese because it’s unbelievable hilarious. Then, I read the translation and confirm I was right.

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I’m gonna need a source on that before I bite. Human placenta? No way!

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