Get RSS feed for reviews?


Hello all!
I am trying to get notifications on when I have new reviews. Neither of the iOS apps work because I am on the newest iOS 11 beta. I know that there are ways to get rss feeds for things you have to log in for. Is there a way I can be updated on when I have new reviews through RSS? Or other options.
Thank you for reading this!


There’s no RSS that I’m aware of, but there is a REST API that will list your reviews for the next 24 hours, including what is to be reviewed, by hour. The /summary endpoint looks like it could do part of what you need.


Thank you, I’ll check that out!
I was also able to find this post:

I haven’t gotten it set up successfully as of yet, but I did everything listed so it’s just a matter of emailing the guy.
Both are viable options, I’m grateful for your reply!!


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