Text editor with adding furigana automatically

Hi, I need help. I’ve searched and can’t find a good solution to my situation.

I’m not interested in knowing how to write kanji but I still want to do my Genki exercises, so I thought of doing them on my PC. Is there a way for me to type Japanese, and when I type a Kanji, it automatically adds the furigana?

Currently on lesson 7 of Genki. Thank you a bunch!

On Word for example, you can select text and press a button to add furigana.


For me i still write out the answers but I just write it all in kana

You type in Kana anyway, so I would convert to Kanji, what you can read in Kanji without the Furigana.

Not the answer to your exact question, but here is a site that allows to do Genki exercises online:

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