[Telegram] WaniKani Unofficial Bot

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

Hi everyone!

I’ve developed a little bot for Telegram to improve my WaniKani experience, I noticed that I tended to forget a lot about doing my lessons and reviews, I wanted something to notify me each time new lessons or reviews were available.

History of why I felt the need to develop it

I have an android phone so I downloaded Flaming Durtles, the app is really good but the notifications weren’t really on point, maybe it was my phone’s fault or something else but they weren’t sent right on time.

Also I really like the WaniKani web app and having a whole app installed just to get some notifications was bothering me, so I decided to develop this bot since I’m very familiar in the development of Telegram bots!

Known issues
  • Telegram has a limit of 100 entities per message, this means that I can hyperlink a maximum of 100 subjects per message, I can circumvent this by splitting up the content into multiple messages but this isn’t done yet.
  • Notifications are sent indiscriminately, this means that if you are sleeping with your phone online you will get notifications even in the middle of the night, I plan to add a “sleep” time customisable by every user.
  • The hyperlinks bring you to the WaniKani page of that subject, this wasn’t the intended behaviour at first, I’d like to keep users inside the bot at all times to avoid friction and improve the UX, but Telegram sucks in this regard and I’ve opened an issue about this matter here: https://bugs.telegram.org/c/13941

This bot still doesn’t do much but these are its main features at the moment.

Notifications :bell:
It will notify you when there are new lessons and reviews available!

Lessons & Reviews :scroll:
It can give you information on your available lessons and reviews if there are any.

Forecast :date:
No, it can’t predict the weather yet but it can give you a total overview of the lessons and reviews that you have scheduled.

User :ninja:
It’ll tell you a little about your settings and progression.

You can try it out here: https://t.me/WanikanisBot

I’m very open to feedback so if you’d like to propose something don’t be shy, even if it’s a critique or something not entirely positive, feedback is always good as long as it is constructive.

Thank you!


You should add this to the big list of apps!


Done, thanks for the tip!


Thanks for creating the bot.

Feature request: being able to choose which reminders/notifications you get. I personally find the reminders about reviews really helpful as they make it easier to do my reviews in smallers chunks throughout the day. However, getting hourly reminders about lessons is rather annoying as I do ~20 lessons per day and I’d like to be able to disable them completely.

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Thanks a lot for using my bot!
Your feature request was good, so I have already implemented it!

Since today, by default lessons notifications are disabled, they can be enabled back again from the /settings command.


Woah, that was fast. Thank you so much!

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Hello! I’ve released a little update today that addresses the lack of kana vocabulary support in the bot, now they’re shown and handled correctly, enjoy!

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