Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 1

Finally purchased a copy! Way harder than it should have been. Kobo didn’t like my card number, no matter what I tried. I gave up and bought from Amazon.

I found that I do not need a VPN for Amazon JP. I entered some random address in Tokyo on my account. For anyone else trying this, I had to set that address as the “default address” before it showed the book as available. Even though it was the only address, Amazon assumed (correctly) I was in the US until I changed the default address.

Thanks to everyone who had tips and info about purchasing!


Just as a heads up, that might only work for the first couple of purchases. I did the address thing too and after a few books I got a “there’s a problem with your location please contact support if you’re actually in Japan something something” kind of message. After using a VPN once for a purchase it started working again (even without the vpn)
I’ve seen a few other people say that the same thing happened to them.


Thank you!!

Thanks for the suggestions! I agree, I think it’s better to go through the dictionary tool. I also like having more definitions, I think it helps to understand the nuance of a word. I’ll probably pare down some of the definitions since the list can get pretty long and often include redundant definitions but I’ll keep most of them.

I can’t wait for deck collaboration. I know it’s not high on the priority list but it would be awesome to work on decks with other kitsun users, especially for the book clubs.

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When I follow the link I see this.

Edit: I just had to search through the community decks to find it. I guess your link took me to the deck creation page.

Would it be too much work to add English-Japanese layouts to the cards? I find vocab sticks much better for me when I’m tested on production too. I believe users who don’t want to be tested on production can disable those layouts in deck settings though I don’t know if that applies to the person who created the deck.

Edit 2: I checked with a deck I’ve been working on and it looks like you can mass edit layouts. I think you need to have “kana only” checked on the kana words or it will test you twice. But like I said, idk if you can filter out layouts as the creator of the deck so if you don’t want to do it, I understand.

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This sounds really fun and the perfect motivation to actually start reading native material! It helps that the anime/manga have been sitting on my watch/read list for a while :laughing:

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Hi guys, new to Wanikani. Will be my first time participating in a book club, and am looking forward to trying to keep up with what will inevitably be a mountain of vocab I won’t recognize.



Don’t worry! You aren’t the only one! But all of us newbies can band together and finish this manga! I’m trying to progress in Genki before it starts so I have a little more grammar under my belt.

So I checked the replies but couldn’t seem to find a vocabulary deck? has anyone made any prior to reading? So ı can study beforehand as a newbie :smiley:
unrelated general question: Kitsun or anki, which one people usually use with the book clubs? (I do have anki and ı dont wanna use another platform but a lot of people have complimented about kitsun. Should ı make an account?)

I’m new as well, 皆(み)んなで頑張(がんば)れましょう! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Kitsun is a paid service. There’s a month long free trial if you’d like to try it out. If I liked Anki I might not have subscribed but I’ve never managed to make Anki work for me and Kitsun is far more user friendly. I’m enjoying it a lot, personally. Not sure what is usually used for book clubs but lots of people use Anki, I’m sure it’s not uncommon to see Anki decks for book clubs.


Oops, thanks for pointing that out. I’ll use the link from that page next time I share a deck in the future.

I went ahead and added this layout. This is my first time making/publishing a deck, so let me know if there are other issues you find along the way.

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It is really up to personal preference. I prefer Anki, and the other person replying prefers Kitsun. Perhaps trying both is the best approach.


If you’re really interested in this book I would recommend slowly learning the vocab as you go through Genki (I think people are making an anki and kitsue deck), so that when you finish Genki you’ll know most of the vocab and can then just focus on putting the grammar to use when reading!

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Thanks for adding the English->Japanese layout! I proposed a few changes through the feedback feature. Looks good to me, apart from those few things but I’ll let you know if I run into anything else. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your deck.

Just downloaded the book, can’t wait to start! This will be my first time reading with everyone.


I had taken quite the break from Japanese, but I’m back on the horse now. Just got the book from Bookwalker. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick with it this time.


I’m in, lets do it.


ok, confessions of a silent lurker: I just bought the ebook :grin: I’m more the 独学 type of learner (aren’t we all in here) and totally not a group person, that’s why I pretty sure won’t be in sync with you all. plus: total lack of discipline, utter laziness, and zero knowledge of grammar won’t help. but you guys inspired me so much to read this, the book really seems to be fun. so I’ll be sneakily lurking about this thread, parasiting on everyone else’s hard work… sorry.

but: I’ll seriously be super happy to come back here once in a while to read up and learn from your discussions! I really mean this, thanks in advance, everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

yah… just thought I’d let you know that I’m around too. I’ll be creeping back under my lurker’s invisible coat now.
Happy reading, everyone!


Nah, I like class. :eyes: