Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 1

This manga looks great! I’m really looking forward to this :smile:


I bought it on Kindle yesterday and read chapter 1 to get a feel for it.

Overall, I found it easier than Dragon Ball SD and 10 minutes biography. It also helps that the vocabulary seemed mostly “useful”. In the sense that is every day life situations. I also enjoyed the lighthearted humor!

The only small challenge is that it has casual language (like most mangas), which can be a little difficult in the beginning, but gets easier as you progress.

I think this is a great a pick for the club and for people who are on the fence about getting started reading, this seems like a great first book to get started.


Just downloaded from Bookwalker. Absolutely first book in Japanese for me😊


I just started Genki, and I’m only level 3.
Would joining the bookclub be of any use?
I find the sites intimidating, since it’s all in Japanese :s

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2nd time to start with a japanese book. Looking forward to it!


WaniKani level won’t matter, because the manga uses furigana (kana readings beside the kanji).

The biggest consideration then is how far you are in Genki. Having just started it, you’ll find reading a manga to be extremely difficult, as you won’t know any of the grammar (not to mention if you don’t know much vocabulary).

For me, reading manga and looking up all unknown grammar worked very well. But I also knew a lot of random grammar before going into my first manga in Japanese.

For you, it’ll come down to which of these options sounds better (and viable) to you:

  • Wait until you complete Genki I and have started Genki II before you attempt reading a manga.

  • Start reading a manga soon, and invest one to two hours every day, seven days a week, into learning the grammar used in it. After about three months of this, you may be able to reduce this to five days a week. (Note that this manga will span two months of reading.)

If you don’t know a lot of vocabulary, you’ll feel like you’re struggling regardless of whether you know the grammar already or not. You simply have to accept that when trying to read a manga early on. (The alternative is to look into graded readers.)


It doesn’t matter to me if it’s manga or something else, since I have no particular interest in manga, but it might be easier, since it has drawings :slight_smile:
I just started in Genki, so not a lot of vocab or grammar that I already know.
It just seems a nice one to start with;

I am interested in this book club. My vocab and kanji reading skills are getting better but I need to practice grammar more than I do now.


I really want to read this! Looks like a great book. But sadly I think I should get further in Genki first. Now I have a goal: get close to the end of Genki for the book after this so I can join in! Can’t wait. :grin:

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First attempt at a book club. hopefully will be fun.


Since you’re interested, give it a shot! You don’t have much to lose except for what you spend on the book, and you can always revisit it later if you’re not able to get through it now. I can almost guarantee that most of us have books lurking around that we tried to read at some point but couldn’t, and so every once in awhile we pull them out (or open an app :sob:) to see if we can FINALLY read them.


I’ll be reading along! :smile: I hope I can get a physical copy in time.


Hello, please get out of my house and away from my bookshelves thanks!


Hey now, it only took me about 20 years between first buying Japanese volumes of Sailormoon and actually reading through the series.


I just made a jp amazon account with my real address, things get here pdq. Postage is eyewatering though.

Suppose it depends where you are, I am in England


This book is also available for purchase in the U.S. through Kinokuniya! Here’s the link:


I understand, I have the full harry potter series in Japanese, bought them 8 years or so ago, when I was there.

I checked, postage would be more expensive than the book.
I tried the digital version but that appears to be ‘not available’

Amazon account log ins don’t travel across to the international stores- you have to create a new account. For physical books/products you can use your real address, it just gets tricky if you want digital access. If you want an ebook you do have to put in a Japanese address due to some kind of restrictions.

Bookwalker is a good digital option where you can use your actual address though.

Do you have a Japanese address attached to your J Amazon account?