Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 5 Discussion Thread [Volume Complete!]

I take the critical hit here to be that he landed a powerful blow by him saying exactly what Takagi wanted to hear (and tried to get him to repeat), even if he did try to walk it back afterward.
She knows he embarrasses easily (that’s half the fun for her, after all) and he doesn’t typically speak his feelings, but she wasn’t ready for it when he accidentally said he wanted to be with her.

As for the final line, I read that as Takagi saying the critical (hit) is こわい/scary, because of how powerful it was. Essentially, “Critical is scary, isn’t it?” (It doesn’t help that she dropped the particle, but I’d say you can imagine either は or が after クリティカル.


I agree with this interpretation. Poor Nishikata actually got her, and he’ll never know it :sob: :stuck_out_tongue:

That sigh

I feel like it was a sigh of relief that she didn’t show her weakness in front of him.
This would all go a lot smoother if they would express their feelings, but we wouldn’t have any manga then hahaha

You say that, and yet...

Then again, it’s possible they still haven’t expressed their feelings yet in this series :wink:


I caught up! Just in time for the end of the volume lol

Some random thoughts

In ホラー it just ending with Takagi and Nishikata having a phone conversation was cute - also feels like the mangaka wanted to flex some different creative muscles with that horror drawing haha

Also Nishikata really just blurted out his feelings for Takagi without realising huh


Happy to see you caught up! I do hope you’ll be joining us for Volume 6! :grin:

On that note, for those who might not be following the Home Thread, I wanted to post here that Volume 6’s discussion thread is now up and ready to go!


Here we go with chapter 5!

I’m not sure I picked up the right volume, could this be the 元 or how’s it called?


:exploding_head::exploding_head: is that grown Takagi-san!?


It’s the correct volume =D


I didn’t expect that :exploding_head: is it something not shown in the anime? Don’t remember


yeah it’s a sorta sneak peak :wink: but it’s correct!!!


Phew, I thought I had made myself a giant spoiler for a second… nice surprise!


Not sure of this sentence
ピーマン→ green pepper
いっぱい → a lot
出てくる → not sure what it does in context, does this means that Takagi-chan (don’t know her name :joy:) will get a lot of green peppers? (As for “to come out” of the box)

“A lot of green peppers may also かも come out 出てくる (of the package)”
I also have no idea what this means

Edit: apparently おじいちゃん had shipped greens so the presence of ピーマン makes more sense now

Don’t get what this sentence mean, what verb is いったら here? I’d hazard 言う

What does 中学生っていったら mean?
I guess the second part is “… already not less that 10 years before” but I’m not sure about something. Junior high school starts at 14 years if I’m not wrong, but this speech bubble points to the young Takagi, how is this possible that she says this talking about the past (10年前)

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So with your edit, you understand it now?

(former) Takagi-san was trying to tell her daughter that opening the box is dangerous (it requires the box cutter), but since the girl wasn’t deterred, (former) Takagi-san tells her that a bunch of peppers may come out. It’s pretty notorious for young kids to not like peppers at all, so it was just done to try and scare the girl from wanting to open the box, basically. Parenting trick. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the other panel:

The speech bubble is just shaped in a misleading way. It’s the older Takagi-san speaking and reminiscing still. I think the reasoning for it being pointed to a younger Takagi-san in the panel is because it’s supposed to be like her picturing herself as that young still, but I’m not 100% on that. Either way, it’s not like an actual memory or anything. It’s the modern-day (former) Takagi-san speaking.

The first part is:

“When (たら) we were called “middle school students” (中学生っていう (but obviously in て form to connect to たら),”

More naturally, “When we were middle school students,”

Full sentence reads to me as, “It’s already (been) more than 10 years ago when we were called middle school students.”

Or, natural English phrasing, “It’s already been ten years since we were in middle school.”


I ignored this, I came to this conclusion by continuing the read :joy:

Well, this sounds like a good explanation, and also I can’t really imagine anything else :thinking:

I got misled since I keep forgetting that japanese uses a lot of “x called y” just to imply what we in english would say “x is y”

All clear now, thanks for the help :grin:

Also I think someone took from the father :joy:


What’s the chapter number for the first chapter of this volume? I think I read around 90 or so back in the day, but I don’t remember this.


36, according to Wikipedia’s listing.


It’s treason, then…


Did you read already takagi-san?

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92 chapters, apparently. In English, though.


Wow, it’s the first 10 volumes, it’s a lot

I wonder if the おまけ chapters goe into the total chapter count

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