Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 4 Discussion Thread [Volume Complete]

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I agree that this is volitional form ておこう (well, でおこう in this case).

My understanding is that おこっかな is simply representing the particular way in which Takagi-san is pronouncing it. My impression is that she’s not extending the お sound of こ and instead cutting it short - that’s what the っ represents. The っ also places more emphasis on the starting K sound of かな, which makes sense she’s starting a new word (well, a particle), otherwise it’d look like おこかな that would be pronounced differently as far as I understand.

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I’ve seen these pronounced two different ways, simply いち さん or sometimes いち から さん (with optionally まで at the end), not sure which one is more common. いち さん is in general used for moments where the number is vague (e.g., "I think I have 3 or 4 japanese dictionaries in my room) instead of a range (e.g., “A japanese dictionary can cost between $25 and $200”).

More info: readings - How to read: the "~" (tilde) in "3~4 行" - Japanese Language Stack Exchange


feel like this is a lame question but eh… been insanely busy and have a brief pause so gonna post it up…

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Our group is small now so probably I’m the only one with this question but…

Think I finally figured this out, but I did get stuck for a moment…think it’s tied to the number of pushups…parsed this as:

高木と何か勝負して = play something with Takagi and
勝ったら半分の回数 if (“I”) win half the times
this is where it’s a bit of a mess (maybe some grammar I’m missing)
でいいというルールにしよう = I’ll make a rule that is good

Basically, it boils down to “If I play something with Takagi and I win half the games, I only have to do push ups half as much”…

but can’t get this mess into a literal translation to ensure I fully grasp the grammar. maybe a lame question but I know someone can probably break this into a more literal form which would make sense.

Pg. 3

My breakdown went as follows:

高木さんと何か勝負して勝ったら = “If (I) do some kind of match with Takagi-san and (I) win”

半分の回数でいい = “may do half the amount” (implied “of push-ups”, and more literally “half the amount is good”)

という = quoting, since this is describing a rule

ルールにしよう = “rule, volitional let’s do/let’s decide on”

Overall interpretation (adjusting for some better-sounding English):

“Let’s make a rule that says: ‘If I do some kind of match with Takagi-san and I win, I may do half the amount of push-ups!’”

At least, that was my reading of it through some brandy and eggnog haze, so maybe I’m incorrect. :wink:


no wonder I could understand it but couldn’t figure it out…didn’t parse it quite the same when trying to get back to English haha…


I can definitely relate! It took me a moment to parse out when I ran into it too. :sweat_smile:

Also, happy cake day? The small piece of cake indicates an anniversary of joining the forums, yes?


should save this :smiley:

that means it’s been about 3 years since I started on this insane path… only level 36 almost 37 but never reset and never stopped doing reviews…just slow … evil WK leechy hell


yeah finally finished this chapter…populated the vocab also…not that there are many of us :slight_smile:


Still appreciated! I would have done it, but not as much time right now! Thanks, friend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I actually kind of enjoy filling it out…though the number of times I’ve looked up the same stupid words going I know I’ve looked this up 5 or 10 x before but it doesn’t stick… haha all in all it’s probably a good thing


I really enjoyed this chapter!


My husband actually tricked me with a variation of this same game a few weeks ago. :sweat_smile:
But instead of saying the numbers aloud, you had to take turns of taking 1-3 stones from a pile of stones, and the person who took the last one was the loser.

Also, happy Cake Day @shuly !


Those words that don’t stick on their own are great for an anki deck, help your memory with some SRS!


h8 anki… death by leeches on wk and then have bp …got overwhelmed with too many srs systems…and anki bored me to death…at the moment tinkering with kitsun…might end up using it for this sort of thing…If I can make some stuff work how I want.


Yeah, that’s the good thing of studying now, there are so many different ways to approach learning japanese that one of them you’re bound to like haha


It’s a bit early yet, but:


I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the upcoming year. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ah, that first page of this week’s chapter. I’ve seen that scene somewhere before.

It's from 「恋に恋するユカリちゃん」 volume one, chapter two.


is there any manga you can’t recognize and cross reference :laughing:

Only if they're from the trifecta.

Edit: Actually, I suppose there are times where multiple unrelated manga I’m reading coincidentally have the same kind of event or plot elements at the same time (like moving desks around), but I usually don’t mention those 'cause I’m sure everyone experiences that if they read a bunch of manga at the same time.


did you miss one? 元


Probably events from that one won’t happen in what we’re reading right now :wink:

(Unless the series has flashbacks.)

I haven’t started that one yet, so I didn’t even think about it.


I only have it because it was purchased by accident when this book club was going to start…really easy to miss that 小さい元!!! haven’t started it yet though…