Teasing Master Takagi-san 😝 ・ Volume 4 Discussion Thread [Volume Complete]

I also associated またね with being in the same space with each other. For a second I thought she was going to go over to his house! (Has she done that before? I can’t remember :thinking:)


She has! They had a study date in Nishikata’s room in chapter 2 of this volume: 部屋! :grin:


That’s right! Holy cow, it was this very volume. I’m not old enough for my memory to be doing this already :joy:


There has been a number of times that I’ve forgotten the page I just read entirely and have had to go back and re-read it because my mind apparently decided to take a vacation, so I totally relate. :laughing:

Thoughts on the chapter

Nishikata’s ability to clown himself is almost as impressive as Takagi’s omnipotence


It’s the final week of Volume 4! I had a bit too much going on today to get the Volume 5 thread and vocabulary sheet made, but I will have both up by this weekend. As always, thank you to everyone reading along! :grin:

Are you planning on reading with us this week?
  • I will be reading along!
  • I will catch up later!
  • I won’t be reading (anymore)

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My friend brought my copy of Volume 5 over for me, so I’ll be able to start Volume 5 on time :tada:


That’s great! I’m glad to hear it! :grin:


No matter how much of this manga I read, I’m always amazed at how expressive the facial expressions are! This week, Nishikata’s flushed face on the final page of chapter 9 was just perfect.

Reaching the end of another volume always feels good :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone for keeping this club active, I’m looking forward to starting the next volume together too!


I just wrapped up my reading of Chapter 9 and the おまけ! As always, the chapters were endearing. I had one hang-up, but it was due to the font and misreading シャッター as シャツター and being totally confused as to what that could possibly be (the end result of that being, I added the full phrase to the vocabulary sheet in case anybody else was as silly as me! :laughing:)

I look forward to reading Volume 5 with everyone! I’ll get the thread and vocabulary sheet made up and posted sometime this evening or tomorrow! :grin:

Story Comments/Standout Panels

That’s a deal with the devil if I’ve ever seen one. :joy:


Aww, she’s so pleased with the picture(s) she took. :grin:

Gotta be quicker than that, Nishikata. She’s always a step ahead of you.

For the おまけ, I sure hope everyone’s been paying attention to all the kanji that the series has been using up to this point, because now your knowledge is being put to the test! No furigana, and it’s in a handwritten font. Thankfully, it was all pretty straightforward, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


I really do enjoy this series…I can honestly say I have a Japanese manga that I enjoy reading and can wind down and get some joy from all this hard work put in.

The current beginner book club…Death Note … omg not so much…hahaha

Story comment

Yes Takagi, I also enjoyed the way Nishikata’s face changed in those burst mode photos :joy:


The おまけ was the final test of the volume, luckily it was all easy kanji so there wasn’t much trouble.
I gotta agree with shuly, after death note’s word vomit and vocabulary complexity, this manga turns out to be such a chill time


Oh, I forgot to post in here, in case anybody missed it in the home thread! Volume 5’s discussion thread is up and ready for when we start next week! :grin:


this just made my whole day worthwhile!


Just a reminder that we are now moving to the Volume 5 thread, and I wanted to make sure everybody sets that thread to watching from here on! The participation poll is now up in that thread! Don’t mind the deleted post, I’m just forgetful!


Here we go, first question

Not sure about this sentence, but here’s a free interpretation
“However, why, despite I renounced playing during the day (renounced from ガマンする, self restraint on jisho) and begun helping at home, I’m an errand messenger…”
This last part feels wrong, I didn’t really know how to translate おつかいまで

Fun fact: I saw more keigo in Takagi-san that in AoT till now :rofl: (don’t really know if it’s keigo but classical old nuanced terms and sometimes it appears keigo on jisho)

Edit: oh we are just 5 months away, I came closer :nerd_face:

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In the first chapter I saw a couple times Nishikata saying he’s gonna write something into the 一言日記 (ひとことにっき)
What is it?


Small curiosity on page 16 of chapter 1

What that てや!! means?

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Lol, yeah maybe It’s the meaning of おつかい in some cases, but by large usually おつかい is just an errand. When you send you kids to go buy something at the combini, they are doing an おつかい.

But other than that, I think you got the meaning! To help a little bit wit the last part, I guess the unstated part could be something like this: