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Middle school students Nishikata and Takagi sit next to each other in class. Takagi, who is in love with Nishikata, enjoys teasing him with embarrassing pranks and jokes. In response, Nishikata creates plans to get his revenge, but they always fail when she identifies his weaknesses and capitalizes on them.


Week Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
Week 1 February 25th Chapter 1 (90) - 衣替え 3 - 20 16
Week 2 March 4th Chapter 2 (91) - 持ちもの検査 21 - 36 16
Week 3 March 11th Chapter 3 (92) - あっちむいてほい 37 - 52 16
Week 4 March 18th Chapter 4 (93) - 日焼け 53 - 68 16
Week 5 March 25th Chapter 5 (94) - うちわ 69 - 84 16
Week 6 April 1st Chapter 6 (95) - アメ 85 - 102 16
Week 7 April 8th Chapter 7 (96) - 図書委員 103 - 118 16
Week 8 April 15th Chapter 8 (97) - 編み物 119 - 134 16
Week 9 April 22nd Chapter 9 (98) - 嫉妬 135 - 150 16
Week 9 April 22nd Bonus - おまけ 152 - 155 4

As before, given how short the bonus chapter is, we will be reading Chapter 9 and the Bonus Chapter in the same week.

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Ended up Thursday instead of Monday, but hey, it’s up before the weekend!

Our first chapter is 衣替え to match our 本替え! :wink:

Are you planning on reading with us this week?
  • I will be reading along!
  • I’ve already read it!
  • I will catch up later!
  • I won’t be reading (anymore)

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technically we started early with the poll so I can change my answer :smiley:

that chapter was adorable!

Not sure if I should admit I wasn’t looking at the picture with the text on ch pg 9 and was like why is he talking about a bob haircut haha


Thought I’d be a good boy and wait until the 25th, but seeing as the seal has been broken :smiling_imp:

Fun chapter as always, last two panels were especially great ^^


I tend to read today or tomorrow myself each week, so I’m just as bad. :joy:


But you never click I already read it haha… I’ll read ahead and fill in the next vocab soon too… Muhahaha


officially 1 chapter ahead!!! and with that some new vocab (or if it’s old it was forgotten so it’s new today)

抜き打ち! fun… that’s how I’ll read the chapters … 抜き打ち的


All students, please prepare your bags for 持ちもの検査 before we begin this week’s chapter.

Look, I got nothin’ for this one; I’m not clever enough to sneak that one in casually. :joy:

Are you planning on reading with us this week?
  • I will be reading along!
  • I’ve already read it!
  • I will catch up later!
  • I won’t be reading (anymore)

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Gotta check those bags to make sure no one’s read ahead and is already on volume 12.


not yet I swear… I am almost done with this one though…


Fun chapter as always ^^ Learned about 予行演習 (dry run; rehearsal)

Favourite panel


finished 恋文 today… that actually might be a good ABBC book … if people like this author…with the exception of one story that is a bit odd (personally found it a bit creepy in a gross way)… but the rest of them are right in line of what we would expect from this mangaka…

Also read ahead cuz I have to be able to click that button… the next chapter… hmm.

maybe I don’t understand the game well but didn’t thrill me…but the one after that looks good!


The cat one?

The “cat” one?


yeah wth was that??? the rest were cute and interesting that one didn’t sit well with me… did I miss something important… with or w/o MP shees… hella creepy

I went to try to see if this mangaka actually did this as an offshoot as the others seemed like they were tests or offshoots but never found anything… (which I guess is a good thing)

but if there was an offshoot… then you’d know :wink:


Fine… Y’all have me intrigued with the “cat” stuff…


I think overall you’ll like it…but it’s not a cat … but you’ll see it’s only 1 of 7 stories… :wink:


Man, first story was brilliant, second one was interesting, but indeed the third (“cat”) one was quite the trip :joy_cat: I’m gonna need some time to process that one for sure :stuck_out_tongue: Still, thanks for the rec, it’s interesting to say the least ^^


I just have to laugh at the absurdity of it. I did like how it ended.

For anyone wondering, 「恋文 -山本崇一朗短編集-」 is a collection of one-chapter stories by Takagi’s mangaka.

One chapter involves a "cat" that...

…only the male lead character can see the true form of as an オッサン, while everyone else sees a ネコ.



I feel like there was either a slew of sleepless nights followed by a visit with a sleep paralysis demon or some drugs involved in that one. :joy:

Let’s keep this one a one-shot, 山本先生. :laughing:


Yeah I do wonder where it came from and why…the other ones I can see how some other stuff has developed…I’m sure if it went somewhere it probably would have been interesting and cute…but that one…maybe if the char was drawn differently…

oh well…I’ve probably fully derailed our thread…
but it’s the same mangaka so probably not too bad :smiley: