🐌🏖 Team Snails on Vacation 🐌🏖

I do find the level up counter is a bit weird though. For example, I only started level 7 content recently but unlocked it a long time ago. It represents more my level 6 time than my time on level 7.

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Haha, yes I have. After over 6 months of absence, I decided to reset. And I don’t regret it (yet)!


I leveled up last night am now at lv. 16! Level 15 was unusually fast for me - only 8 days.

However, I think 16 will be much slower. There are a lot of kanji that I either just don’t know or don’t know their pronunciation (ie. I can only recognize and pronounce the kanji when they’re part of a vocabulary word). Oh well - I’ve just got to keep plugging along. Maybe I’ll make some paper flashcards for additional kanji practice in between reviews.


Did wonder if you were doing ok - glad to see our 一番 snail back on deck!!!


Feeling frustrated today. I don’t think I should be all that busy, but somehow it is so hard to find the time to even keep up with reviews, much less do new lessons. I started the year hoping to make it to level 30 by year end, but that is currently looking unlikely, unless I can manage to get back to the 11 or so days per level I was managing at the start of the year. And the thought constantly looming over me is that I’m not doing anything else to keep up my Japanese studies. I started a book club, but stopped reading after only a couple of weeks. I can’t even find any anime I want to watch (if I could even make the time for that). I wonder sometimes what the point is, since it seems unlikely I’ll ever reach any meaningful proficiency in Japanese. I just need to remind myself that at least I am ticking through WK, even if progress is slow, and I can already see results in a much greater number of kanji that I recognize “in the wild”.
Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get that off my chest


There will always be a place here for getting things off chests. Would you mind sharing your routine with us? Maybe we can help you there.

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I don’t have much of a routine, which is a big part of the problem. For better or worse, my life is fairly unstructured. I always intend to spend some time studying in the morning, but too often that time is either lost to dealing with other things that come up, or just spent in the many distractions provided by electronic devices, and then I’m left to eke some time out in the evenings, like now, when I am tired and should be heading to bed soon. Adding to the chaos is that I’m currently fostering kittens, and while they are adorable, they also take up a lot of time, and have been disruptive to any attempt at a schedule.


Reached level 17 after 20 days, 0 hours :snail: :partying_face:
I will stay on this level for a looong time, WK is a companion for the rest of my Japanese studies and since I’ve now reached a point where I’m familiar with the N4 and N5 Kanji, I’m stopping WK until I’ve catched up with grammar and vocab. I’ll be only doing reviews in the next months, but no new lessons
Happy snailing to my fellow snails, slow and steady wins the race :snail: :snail:


Level 26, 20 days 21 hours. My reviews were spiraling out of control once more so I started doing them on multiple occasions throughout the day.


Made it to level 21 in 26 days, 15 hours. :partying_face:
Next level will probably take much longer, I’m easing back on WaniKani while I brush up on my coding. Nice to see all of the recent level ups, go Team :snail: :snail: :snail: !


I guess I’m capable of going faster. Wasn’t stressful at all. However, I’m happy to not activate lessons too much, as my kanji and vocab levels are currently higher than my grammar level. Happy to re-snail.


Level 27! 11 days 21 hours. I removed the level badge so you’ll just have to take my word for it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: