Team: Taking it Slow (Little progress is better than no progress!)

Since the old thread is in the archive ( and i cant reply anymore i hope its ok to start a new thread were we can brag about how slow we are and that we will stay at wanikani till the end of time :smiley:
Little progress is better than no progress! Its no shame to be slow! :loudspeaker:

At the moment im really struggeling of progress: the painfull levels are really a pain for me and since 80 days im level 11. But hey, im still doing regulary reviews. Just the lessons i have to keep up.


I was in team Gotta Go Fast, for the first 16 levels, then team slow for level 11 and 12, then team fast for levels 3-9, now off to do some of my 400 reviews


I’ve no idea how fast or how slow I am, but seeing the progress on people in the forum I do feel very slow at times. I was going much faster before, but then I realised there was stuff (especially vocab) I was definitely not learning well enough. I’m taking it slower now, but feel I’m learning more for sure :slight_smile:


I guess I’m in team ultra-slow now…I was doing pretty okay for the first 17 levels, but then took 107 days for level 18 (my first break, after which I had to work down from 1000+ reviews) and 206 for level 19 (I’m still working on the ~1200 reviews I accumulated in that time, being at about 700 right now).

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I’ve been stuck on level 22 for like 4 months, no joke. I hit a rough patch with feeling down late last year, then when I got motivation back I put that towards grammar, and only now am I starting to get back up to speed with Wanikani again. Hoping to get back to about 15 days or less per level from here on, though. :slight_smile:


The danger with going too slow is that you lose motivation at some point because you don’t feel like you’re progressing. If there is an analysis of people who give up on WK I bet most belong to the group who are going too slow.


My average level up is about 12-13 days but level 13 took me 22, which was the longest by far. I knew about 100 kanji when I started.


Slow and steady is the motto of Team Taking It Slow. I try to keep my apprentice and guru items between 600 and 700 items–with no more than 200 in apprentice.

It’s a decent pace for me. I think as long as the work is steady, it’s good. The problem is when the work becomes overwhelming. The work load has never been underwhelming for me but I can also see that being a problem.

Wanikani needs to be balanced with other resources–otherwise no real progress in Japanese will be made.


I’ve really slowed to all but a grinding halt these last few months (well…not quite that bad), but I’ll blame that one on this semester being busy. I can feel the occasional frustration as I keep getting older things I’ve forgotten without the same influx of newer things, resulting in my grade goning from 80-85% to like 65-75%, which is discouraging. But hey, just gotta tank for another couple months, then things’ll be normal again.

Which is why I said “most” people, not “all” people who go slow will give up. There are always exceptions and anecdotal examples.

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I hope I’m not an exception of team taking it slow and most people are dropping out. :’(

i think the key is to find a pace were you see enough progress and can handle the income for the time you need for finishing. Too slow is not good for motivation but too fast can break the neck too.
But the main goal of this thread is to keep the head up even if you are slower, couse normaly people only talk about how fast they are and not that they are slower than others.


I think that the higher your level is, the less important it becomes to level up quickly; especially if you supplement WK with Japanese course, reading NHK Web Easy, conversing with native speakers, reading Tae Kim, etc. To some degree, the most frequently used kanji are handled in the lower levels, so you need to know them well.


I’m taking it slow. I like to make sure I actually know the kanji and vocab well enough before moving on to more lessons. If level 5 takes a month or more, oh well. At least I know I am comfortable with the readings and meanings.

Slow and steady wins the race.


same problem here, just for me its the work and planning a wedding… i changed to only one review session a day and i droped down to 55%… now i try to make 2 session a day or more beetween the day again, even if i cant finish all but since then the rate gets higher again couse of less reviews in a row.
But the main problem is maybe that couse of that long time many reviews from enlightend appear whome steal the time for new lessons. Ill keep on working that :smiley:

thats some good advice. I mix wanikani with learning from a text book once a week (where im alway proud if i already know all “new” kanjs from wanikani. Also speaking to my wife helps :slight_smile:

Definitely team Gotta Go Slow here. I was doing well until level 11, and then it came to a screeching halt. Level 12 had a couple breaks and false starts and took 135 days, and level 13 was slightly improved at 72 days. 14 was a nice 29 days, and fifteen so far is two weeks. I try to always do 5 lessons per day, but sometime I can’t even manage that :frowning:

I have a steady stream of burns so I still feel like I’m making progress!

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Slow and unsteady…doesn’t win the race.


I’m in the same boat. Going through a really rough patch in my life right now (although honestly this is the 4th year of it), and it just seems to keep getting rougher. It definitely makes it difficult to work on any Japanese grammar or kanji.

Probably a good idea to visit a urologist, though.


Burning will subside in 3-5 years.