9 Levels have passed and I am still wondering about my godlike speed in Lvl2

So as I was looking at the average time I dwell in a level. I was pretty surprised how I passed level 2 in just 4 days. I tried redoing it like being early with my reviews and finishing it as fast as I can but damn I can’t get that speed. I honestly don’t remember if I was really that fast or WK just had some kind of bug and my progress was recorded in a later date. Also, looked at the items in the level and it has 37 items on it and that’s a lot. I am now wondering if I even slept during that level. 笑

Have you guys had a level were you finished it extremely fast and made you wonder how you did it?


Since the SRS intervals for the first two levels are halved (at least for apprentice items, which is what affects level up speed the most), you can complete them a lot faster than an average level. So you clearing level 2 in just 4 days is certainly possible.


Oh this is news to me, lol you could clearly see I had no idea how the system worked on my first level.


You’ll also find, if you stick it out, that levels 43-44, 46-47 and 49-60 are also possible to complete in 3d 10hr instead of 6d 20h.

Well done on your consistency so far! I didn’t quite manage that, hehe…

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If you haven’t already, I recommend you to read my guide for Wanikani, mainly chapters 2 to 8. You might get quite some useful info out of it :slight_smile:


Seconded, this is basically the Hitcher Hikers’ Guide to WaniKani, definitely worth the read.


Such shameless self-promotion


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I’m going to be sure to quote you on that any time I link it now, outside of the usual place.


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Haha, that’s amazing. Four small payments is a steal for that thing!


I was trying to find a picture of those really old school, door to door sold language courses, but this was the best I could do :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the classiest way to put it and it deserves the comparison.

And he is sassy enough to pull it off with out a hitch. (It reminds me of the scene from the movie “Hitch” where Will Smith is a sassy flirt and a love coach.)



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