Sum up your recent WaniKani Review sessions with a short clip/gif

I totally know what you mean! I will disable my vacation mode on Saturday after three weeks…
I’m already scared o.O

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wrote “one strike” for 一打, got it wrong


There’s levels to the crabigator love, and I keep on going up.

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Well, there’s only one more left for you…


In the morning, the first 278 Reviews …

Then “Oh, boy …”


48 more. Thanks. I had not enough yet!


Feeling smug because I haven’t practiced in forever but I can still read pixiv fancomics
(ignoring all the stuff I forgot)

Only 1500 reviews to catch up on, no sweat, I’ve done worse
(it’s still bad send help)

I’ll level up in no time
(will I?)

In fact, I’ve probably improved after taking a small break and upping my listening skills
(I’ve been watching makeup hauls on youtube while procrastinating)

Who am I kidding, lifetime subscription it is, no way I’m finishing this anytime soon
(but I won’t give up!!!)


Coming back after a long time to a swarm of reviews:

So it begins…


Having just come back after a few months and whittling my reviews down from 780 to 150, only to check how many apprentice level kanji I have.


When the kanji from 4 months ago is up for burn


“reading pixiv comics” is absolutely one of my personal benchmarks I’m striving for. good luck.

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1300 reviews squashed in one sitting


What was your time?

If I had to guess, I’d say it probably took me 3 hours.


wow. That’s dedication. :tada:
BTW you can see total time on review page, but it shows elapsed time since starting your last session.

Considering that it takes me around 30 minutes for 100 reviews, that’s really fast o.o
Or I’m just slow… It would’ve taken me 6.5 hours to do 1300 D:

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Issue is, I did that review-fest on Sunday and I’ve obviously (because I’m scared of it happening again) done several reviews since then.

Could have been a little longer though, I wasn’t timing it. I really don’t think it was longer than 5 hours though.

My most recent review was about 50 and I did that in less than 15 mins for sure (I don’t see an elapsed time anywhere though?).

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it’s at the bottom of this page.

Even if it was longer then 5 hours, it only goes to show your hard work. Good job. :smiley:

I don’t see it:

Right under the items: “Your last session started about 2 hours ago.”

The problem is that it only tells you your last review session and how long ago it was, not how much it took. You’ll be able to see how much time it took only when you finish a review session (because you just finished it).

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Makes sense. I wonder if that information is available via the WK API…