Suggestion/request - Add forum link on WaniKani top menu

Quick quality of life suggestion - add a forum button/link to the top bar, probably beside “vocabulary” or “menu.” You could even use the speech bubble icon that’s at the bottom by the forums.

I’m not sure how popular the idea is…would this save everyone else a bit of time? I know some of us use the forums a lot.

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Well… I live in the forums, so I never close it personally.



Usually 2 or 3 different tabs of it open at once over here. But your idea couldn’t hurt. There’s certainly room for it. ^^

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Wait, do you not have the “Visit the community center” button on the bottom?

I do, thus my mention of the speech bubble icon on the community center feed at the bottom. I just think it’d be nice to have quick access on the top bar, since I have a large user script at the top and I don’t care much about the burned/unlocked/critical section enough to scroll to it. I could probably make a userstyle for it pretty easily, so if nobody else wants it I’ll do it for myself. It was just some general feedback since I thought others might find it useful.

I understand the convenience of it being at the top and I’m for it, but I feel like the speech bubble and the community center button are like, less than inch of screen apart. ;D

Clicking the menu drop down and then community doesn’t take that long. :wink:

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People close the forums??? Why would you ever do that?

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That…was not an option I had realized existed. Thank you. A pretty icon might be something I userstyle anyways, but that at least saves me from scrolling past the timeline mod and the standard statistics.

@Kumirei I literally have over 70 tabs open right now, and this is usually the case. If I leave it open it will get lost, haha.

Oh I like this idea. I have to click a specific thread to open the forums then go back to the forum main page to continue what I was trying to do. It is a bit annoying.

@Kumirei some of us are at work :stuck_out_tongue: I have to reopen all my tabs every day.

Edit: I realized I was being silly and the button does exist where the old forum button was lol. I don’t know why I wasn’t using this.

Damn, and I thought my 36 tabs were many

Or you can just time in the address bar… That option also exists, since it’s a work computer. ^_~

@Kumirei - I thought my 7-10 at any given time were many. O.o

@Kumirei I have to close all my tabs sometimes 'cause this is a 2005 laptop with several issues and frequently needs to be restarted or have multiple applications or tabs closed in order for others to work well (Netflix, Crunchyroll, /other anime sites, cough cough, VLC)

But I do prefer to keep it open 'cause yeah I’m lazy about scrolling and click and I would like a simple button at the top depending on how it’s done/looks.