Suddenly... Level 2!

I finally broke into my Level 1 vocabulary today, and I was steadfastly working towards 0/0 (like a good Wanikani’er).

Then suddenly, BAM!! 47 more lessons! I was like, uh, WAT?

Then I noticed I was level 2. Verrah nice!


Yeah, there’s insufficient celebration of leveling-up in WaniKani. That’s why I installed the Level Up Celebrator script. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I haven’t decided what I want to do about scripts yet, because at least half of my study is via iPad while I’m riding the bus…

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As long as you don’t do any new lessons (at least I think that that’s the determining factor; or maybe it is time? or maybe it will show the info once either way) you can still level up on another device, then go to your desktop browser later and see the message there.

Source: I always do that because levelling up without seeing the level up celebrator is just not the same :wink:

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Congrats that’s awesome

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Aye, it’ll show the popup for everything that’s happened since the last time you used that particular device, regardless of what you’ve done in between. Think your current status is stored in local cookies, and when you load up, it compares where you’re at now with what’s in the cookies. Or something.

As a fellow iPad reviewer, I recommend the AlliCrab app. It has a built in ignore button and review timeline.

I use a bluetooth keyboard, and AlliCrab is the only way I can review just by typing and pressing enter; if I review on Safari or Chrome, i have to tap on the answer field before entering each answer, which initially drove me half mad.

Safari lets me use the enter key on my Logitech keyboard. Hmmm.

Suddenly and very unexpectedly Level FOUR! Wow, if this is a gift I am thrilled, and if its a glitch, I’m making the most of it!

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