Leveling up - how bout a round of applause...?

One of the things I love best about wanikani is seeing that progression bar creep up after every review session…but I was thinking, actually it’s a little unsatisfying, isn’t it?

You watch it and watch it, and try to figure out how many days it’ll take to level up - and all that time it’s getting closer to 100%, and then…IT NEVER GETS TO 100! You never even see it get to the goal mark of 90% - it’s just straight back to 0 on the next level.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually see the progression bar get to the goal line? And maybe a “LEVEL UP!” sign or something…?

Then again, perhaps this is the crabigator’s way of keeping us enslaved - treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen, maybe.

What about when you hit level 60???

we have plans to make the progression bar feel more like you’re progressing.

But, uh, sure - in the meantime, if being bullied is your thing I guess we could just say it’s that, for now?


Until the Crabigator grants us a ‘vanilla’ solution, here’s a userscript that does just that:

It also celebrates some other achievements like Burns, Guru items etc… I like it a lot.


I love this script, every little celebration makes me happy :slight_smile:

Don’t kink shame.

There’s a pretty cool userscript I use called WaniKani LevelUP Celebrator. It’s pretty fun. I’ve got a gif from Psych of Shaun and Gus dancing whenever I level up. It’s customizeable.
OH! I see Karstux beat me to talking about it… 20 hours ago. That’s what I get for only reading the first post or two, before making a reply.
But I totally second the recommendation. : D

thank you for the mental image that will never get out of my head ever. Im really glad I will be thinking of kinks the next time I think of the almighty crabigator. Thank you, your contribution is appreciated.

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I live to please.

8/10 with rice

Serious suggestion:

What if instead of automatically levelling up that you get a big “Level up!” button on the dashboard? It would let you get to see your 100% but also help those people that like to finish off the current level before getting lessons for the next.

… and it would also give the user a good time to receive the celebratory fireworks.