Subscription question about recharge timing

How do I know when my subscription ends and a new one would begin? I’m currently on yearly and might want to switch on to monthly after this one ends

Dashboard menu 》Account 》Subscription 》Payment Information 》Expiry Date

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My expiration date is 3 / 2021??

How does that work. Can I atleast detect from that, that I should switch subscriptions in march? Although I could have sworn I subscribed in autumn lol

Yeah, never mind, I mistook that (that’s CC expiry) - I’ve got lifetime, so no expiration for me, but I would think it should be on that page, otherwise email and ask.

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Okay got it its on the billing page when you scroll down. Ends in december so I def think I should go to monthly but lets see… WK-stats tells me on this pace I should be done in march, so thats 4 months. Lets say 5 months if I want to guru all items. Yeah works out I guess

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You’ll also receive an email a few weeks before your subscription gets renewed.


Good to know thanks :slight_smile:

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